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  • We did not start with the "drop warranty".  We added this later.  PRINT OUT SOFTWARE LIST before day of presentation 
  • Success isn't necessarily on their netbooks every minute, every day.   Teachers soon realized that the classroom could be in the hallways or 'outside-the-physical-classroom'
  • Before:     > write notes, teacher gives information     > large focus on textbook     > worksheets? Shifting Focus:     > students interact with and       find their own information   > students use the netbook as      the 'textbook' and find current       news articles     > students develop more       'process skills' and       deeper thinking     > learning moves beyond      classroom walls
  • Process of technology changing education is ongoing and not always fast. The speed of change, the type of change will vary from school to school there is no sure fire way to become a 1-1 school and have it work. 
  • mention online apps and 'word processing suite' (ie Office)
  • realize that this is a long-term process, and that questions around 'how-to-use technology' will always be ongoing
  • It summit 2012

    1. 1. Saskatchewan iT Summit 2012 One to One Netbooks: Year Two
    2. 2. Who We Are Ryan Hackl - Spiritwood Micheal Hagel - Luseland Mavis Hoffman - Major
    3. 3. Technology in Our DivisionDivision goals: Give students access to technology1. Ubiquitous access to digital learning tools2. Strengthen 21st Century skills that engages students > Continuum of Skills
    4. 4. Cost of Netbooks (today)Netbook Cost: "Drop Warranty" (important)!> todays cost: $538 + tax for a > 3 year drop warranty is $48. 00 Dell Latitude 2120 (for a bulk 4 years is $68.00 order, closer to $500 taxes inc.) 5 years is $83.20Software Cost: List of Software:> Microsoft agreement covers just about every product in their line, and comes off our grant.> Adobe agreement was about $42 per student based on FTE.
    5. 5. "What Does Success Look Like?"> definition of the classroom changes> where students are getting information> how students are using information
    6. 6. Benefits of Being One-to-One> Portability> "Just-in-time learning"> Real-world learning in the 21st Century ex - Appropriate Uses of Technology 10 Tech Skills Every Student Should Have
    7. 7. Changes in 21st Century LearningBefore: Shifting Focus:
    8. 8. Process Year One - Teachers Only
    9. 9. Year Two Process> "Maintenance phase"> Resource sharing: > Yammer ( > blogs, Twitter > PLCs > informal sharing with staff> Supporting teachers as they develop skills > out-of-class (with teachers) > in-class (with teachers and students)
    10. 10. Implementation in Our Schools aka... "It doesnt have to look exactly the same everywhere"
    11. 11. Luseland and Major Implementation> Parent Meeting and User Agreement> Ubiquitous Access the Norm> Living Sky User Agreements and other documents> Charging at Home> Charging at School
    12. 12. Spiritwood: Stored in Carts Rationale: > more transient student population meant staff were unsure that taking netbooks home would be the best option > parents were happy that netbooks would stay in school
    13. 13. Spiritwood: Daily RoutinesSTART OF DAY:> 9 am homeroom class... students pick up netbooksEND OF DAY:> 3:05 pm homeroom class... students hand in netbookDURING THE DAY:> goes with students> keep in their lockers atnoon> hand in to library if gone earlier in the day
    14. 14. Daily Use of NetbooksNETBOOK USE: > daily classwork / research > less "paperwork" > digital textbooks > typing notes, create graphs > presenting to class > simple photo editingLAPTOP USE: > video editing > photo editingDESKTOP USE: > drafting software
    15. 15. Management of Netbooks > Organization is KEY!!! > Excel spreadsheet helps keep track of: > who has what netbook > passwords > which ones are away for repair
    16. 16. Future Directions? Shifting Focus: > students interact with and find their own information > students use the netbook as the textbook and find current news articles > students develop more process skills and deeper thinking > learning moves beyond classroom walls
    17. 17. Challenges:Broken Netbooks: > on warranty > drops and misuseTime Wasting: > "Youtube backgrounding" slows down Internet speedsBandwidth: > with more netbooks comes the need to monitor excessive use
    18. 18. Links that may help:1. Advice for Parents of 1:1 Programs Teaching With Netbooks Starting a Revolution One to One Netbooks Programs One to One Learning Cybrary Mans Educational Web Sites It is Not about the Gadgets
    19. 19.