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References Process - Proposal


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References Process - Proposal

  1. 1. Reference Process ProposalMichal Zozulak
  2. 2. Agenda Facts to consider Important questions before start References Process – SIPOC approach Examples - where to integrate references
  3. 3. Facts to consider Limited resources/finances – no overspending policy ! Cooperation/management of local agencies in EMEA region Regular communication/cooperation & alignment with customer MK, Sales, RM, CEM, MarCom teams DIY tools (DTP, audio/video editors SW, etc.) available & necessary for in-house production of collaterals Balance customer usage with new sales needs
  4. 4. Important questions What is the goal / how to measure? (RP in CRM / native sales tool) ? What is the RP name? (name to attract) How to prepare? (structured interviews, short forms) Why should sales reps / KAM use RP? (explain / educate) Why should internal teams cooperate? (Ref. Employee Contest) Why should customers cooperate? (RP as a promo tool / Customer Loyalty Program) Where else to look besides internal CRM? (social networks, blogs, events, webminars, etc. – ask for quotes, testimonials…) What’s next? (conversion rate tracking, quarterly reviews, results Vs. goals, improvement)
  5. 5. References ProcessCustomer Lifecycle Marketing Stage Suppliers Inputs Process Outputs Customers Uses Sales Data from Eloqua, Gather data -> Analyze (deal-closing1. Prospective Cust. Market Dev. Radian6, sales/BD probability) -> Best-fit selection / new Note in CRM EMEA MK team related sources, business sales needs balance -> Proposal to roadshows, etc. prospect for creating part of sales negotiation -> Note in CRM2. New Cust. Sales / Partners Data from Gather data -> Analyze -> Best-fit selection / Sales References, Case Prospective Cust.(first-timers) EMEA RM team Salesforce CRM, new business sales needs -> Proposal for Studies, Success Sales EMEA CEM team Customer events, creating ref. -> Getting details of installed Stories, Quotes, Logo EMEA Marketing MarCom Webcasts, Partners products / implementation benefits -> uses, ROI CS Global MarCom Team reference production with local agency & EMEA CEM / RM MarCom considering customers inputs, & NA Customer MK inputs from suppliers -> sending draft to Customer Market Development MarCom, then customer for approval -> Reference Approval / corrections -> final version – Program, output Newsletters,3. Regular Cust. Sales / Partners Data from Gather data -> Analyze -> Best-fit selection / Sales References, Case Prospective Cust. MK Camp. EMEA RM Salesforce CRM, new business sales needs -> Proposal for Studies, Success New Cust.(first-timers) (part of EMEA CEM Customer events, creating ref. -> Getting details about original Stories, Quotes, Logo Sales collateral), MarCom Roadshows, product & the reason for upgrading / uses, ROI CS, Video EMEA Marketing MarCom, Webcasts, Fusion additional purchase (cross/up sell focus) plus testimonials, Name Global MarCom Team PR, Conference any other value-added implementation drops, PR articles EMEA CEM / RM Social benefits -> reference production with local NA Customer MK Media, agency & MarCom considering customers Market Development Intranet Web inputs, & inputs from suppliers -> sending draft to MarCom, then customer for approval - (all internal > Approval / corrections -> final version – resource output centers)4. Evangelists Sales / Partners Data from Gather data -> Analyze -> Proposal for Sales Ref, CS, Success Prospective Cust.(key influencers) EMEA RM Salesforce CRM, creating ref. -> Getting details about Stories, Quotes, Logo New Cust. (first-timers) EMEA CEM Webminars, products, focus on value - added features -> uses, ROI CS, Video Regular Cust. MarCom Roadshows, ref.creation directly with evangelist and testimonials, Name Sales Developers (3rdP) Customer events, aligned with suppliers inputs -> sending draft drops, Speaking eng., EMEA Marketing Concur Connect to MarCom, then evang.approval -> Approval PR articles, Global MarCom Team Platform, Fusion / Corrections -> final ver. - output infographics, video EMEA CEM / RM Conference tutorials, demos, NA Customer MK whitepapers, blogs, ppts Market Development
  6. 6. Integration Examples - Panasonic Marketing Campaign for Partners / Customers Reference as a part of Panasonic Loyalty Program (collect points for providing data about customer & get awarded with consumer electronics)
  7. 7. Integration Examples - Panasonic PR – Best Case Study Award 2009 – State & Public Sector Reference as a part of Contest for the best Case Study by CIO Business World Magazine in Czech Republic
  8. 8. Integration Examples - Oracle Integration of references in dedicated areas in monthly newsletters, direct e- mail campaigns, LP, social media, etc. Whitepapers, Case Studies, Success Stories Quotes, Name drops Speaking engagements Video tutorials, testimonials, demos, presentations PR articles, infographics, blogs
  9. 9. Integration Examples - OracleOther interesting projects to include Not only in online, social, mobilereferences in – Interactive ValueProposition 3D Video but also in physical form!
  10. 10. Questions Thank you!