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Wondernet Profile

  1. 1. ‫ין‬ WONDERNET - HANDWRITTEN SIGNATURE APPLICATIONS eWORLD FOR THE In today’s world, electronic forms and workflows are the standard, replacing traditional paper processes. Signing the original electronic document saves companies considerable costs resulting from paper handling. Our eSignature solutions endorse the paperless office, by enabling the common handwritten signature in electronic format, secured digitally and optionally biometrically. These signatures safeguard electronic documents and files by allowing the authentication of the signer, and verification of the original document content. WHAT IS AN eSIGNATURE? The eSignature is comprised of three layers of security: 1. 'Wet Signing' – capturing of the signature image and the action of hand-signing at real time. Digital Signature - the document is digitally signed with a certificate of the organization's choice and locked with a 2. private key according to the PKI standard. The signature will invalidate in case changes were introduced to the document after it was signed. Biometric Signature Authentication - Capturing the biometric attributes of the hand movements during the action 3. of signing, allowing the biometric authentication of the signer both in real time and on documents signed in the past. KEY ADVANTAGES OF THE HAND WRITTEN eSIGNATURES As Easy as Signing on Paper – Simply ‘Click to movements (i.e. pressure, acceleration, speed, Sign’ and use the digital pen to sign. Your signature angle and movement in the air) while signing. The authenticity of the signer can be verified online or will immediately appear on the document. at a later stage Accelerate eDocument Flows - without breaking Legally Binding – the signature generated is the eProcess just for signing: printing, indexing and added into the document the same way as signing scanning costs belong to the past. on paper, allowing for a legally binding approval Fully Secured Document – once the document process and compliancy with e-signature has been signed it cannot be forged. Editing or legislation. The various SIGNificant products comply adding information will result in invalidating the with EU Legislation, with UK Legislation, with the signature and repudiation will not be possible. Uniform Electronic Transactions Act - UETA (covers Therefore, the authenticity of the source and the US State Law) and many more. integrity of the content are guaranteed. Multiple Application Support – sign any Handwritten and Digital Signatures printable document, whether it is Word, Excel, PDF, Embedded into the Document – the document email application, or any other application that is is digitally signed with a private key and certificate used for producing business documents. according to the PKI standard. The graphical Paper Free Process - our solutions contribute to signature can be viewed on screen as well as in print, and is part of the complete document. making your office 100% paperless. Stop printing, faxing, scanning, shipping and shredding – finally go Biometric Authentication - of the handwritten green. signature, by capturing the attributes of the hand
  2. 2. ‫ין‬ eSIGNATURE USES WonderNet has a wide range of solutions for electronic signing:  Mass capturing of signatures - Points of sale capture eSignatures and electronically manage numerous customer contracts.  Personal biometric authentication – according to the personal biometric profile of the signer, biometric authentication is established. When applied in real-time, the system rejects a non authenticated signer, not allowing to access, view, change or sign certain documents.  Distant signing – the web based solution bridges physical distances, allowing signing from anywhere.  Instant signing – sign PDF’s on the go, or share with others to sign as well.  Signature flows – Automated business processes, featuring management of multilevel electronic fill & sign document flows, streamlined with no need for paper.  Self Service – application based on biometric recognition. APPLICATIONS FOR: Banks Oil, Gas and Energy I E NCREASING FFICIENCY Finance & Insurance Manufacturing WHIL R Government and Law Points of Sale E EDUCING Aerospace & Defense Wholesale & Retail PAPE -R W R ELATED ASTE Healthcare & Car Rentals Pharmaceuticals Business Enterprises WONDERNET'S OFFERING: SIGNificant™ Server Server solution supporting all document and signature formats for signing, sealing and verification. SIGNificant™ Online Client Web application for POS and Flow solutions with extensive API for integration. SIGNificant™ Offline Client Client application for PDF signing and signature design for PCs and PDAs. SIGNificant™ Biometric Server Biometric engine for real-time signature authentication with API for integration. PenCheck™ Static Signature Verification (SSV) engine mainly targeted for cheques or forms. Usually comes as part of a complete workflow solution enabling automated mass verification of static signatures.
  3. 3. ‫ין‬ ABOUT WONDERNET WonderNet Ltd. is a well established leading provider of electronic signature solutions. Over 5 million people sign on a daily basis using our range of signing solutions worldwide. We specialize in two main fields: 1. DSV - Dynamic Signature Verification - WonderNet has developed a unique technology upgrading the traditional handwritten signature to secured electronic format. The authenticity of a signature can be verified at real -time. 2. SSV - Static Signature Verification - replaces the traditional visual verification of written signatures through processing massive quantities of signatures per minute while determining if they are authentic or forged. WonderNet empowers organizations with a rapid, secure, and seamless transition to the electronic world. These state-of-the-art solutions can be easily integrated into organizations' legacy systems, and are compliable with the legal rulings of electronic signatures in the various vertical markets. WonderNet's DSV solutions are powered by xyzmo SIGNificant, Austria. WONDERNET'S ADDED VALUES Domain experts in both capturing and authentication of biometric handwritten signatures. Intimate know how – tailoring unique solutions to the specific needs of the customers. Design to deploy – project management expertise. Track record of extensive customer base in various verticals: banking, cellular, medical, military etc'… We have the best skilled team, and we've been doing this since '98. | WonderNet Ltd. | Givat Hashlosha, 48800, Israel | +972-3-9036860 | info@penflow.com| www.penflow.com|