Designing Multi-Device Experiences: An Ecosystem Approach


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The very first version of this presentation, created in 2011, was first presented at Interaction12, Dublin. That conference led to the birth of my first book - "Designing Multi Device Experiences", by O'Reilly Media (

Since 2011, this presentation went through multiple revisions and updates, and was presented in various events (including: UXPA Cleveland 2014, Tech Planet 2014, Seoul; SXSW V2V, 2014; Fluxible 2012, Waterloo; Smart Device & Mobile User Experience 2011, London).

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  • well, there are already memes on multi-devices. That has to give the final stamp of a true phenomenon.
  • Designing Multi-Device Experiences: An Ecosystem Approach

    1. Designing Multi-Device Experiences An Ecosystem Approach Michal Levin UX Designer
    2. Hi, I’m Michal Mar ‘12 Nov ‘09 Jul ‘08 Jan ‘05
    3. On the agenda
    4. Key line?
    5. “That tastes like feet”
    6. We have entered a multi-device world 1.75 Billion smartphones users worldwide in 2014 24 Billion wireless connected devices in 2020 225 billion app downloads worldwide in 2016 6 Connected devices owned on average by tablet owners 86% use mobile devices while watching TV & using other media 90% move between the 4 core devices to accomplish a goal
    7. To put these numbers in perspective Connected devices already exceed the number of people (and toothbrushes) in the world Mobile app revenue reached $26 Billion in 2013. $11.8 Billion would feed the world’s undernourished Monthly app downloads figure is > 9 times greater than McDonald’s sells burgers According to World Bank estimation
    8. Meet the core family (aka, ecosystem)
    9. Consistent Complementary Continuous
    10. Consistent Complementary Continuous
    11. Consistent Experience  Experience is replicated across different devices in terms of content, flow, structure & core feature set  Some adjustments are made to accommodate device-specific properties (Mainly – Screen size & Interaction model)
    12. Consistent Experience Trulia
    13. Consistent Experience Hulu Plus
    14. Can we go any further?
    15. Consistent experience provides access to everything, anywhere, anytime But overlooks: • Context • Multi-device relationships • Best (available) device • Scaling to a connected world (IoT)
    16. Consistent Complementary Continuous
    17. Continuous Experience  Experience is shifted between devices  Can be continuation of the same action, or progressing along a sequence of actions
    18. Continuous Experience Amazon Kindle
    19. Continuous Experience Google Chromecast
    20. Continuous Experience Allrecipes Dinner Spinner Pro Your Kitchen Inspiration
    21. Continuous Experience Tesco virtual supermarket
    22. Consistent Complementary Continuous
    23. Complementary Experience  Devices complement each other (info / functionality), creating a new type of experience as a connected group  2 main forms of relationship: collaboration, control
    24. Complementary Experience Real Racing 2
    25. Complementary Experience KL Dartboard
    26. Complementary Experience tvtag
    27. Complementary Experience Nest
    28. Consistent Complementary Continuous
    29. Consistent Continuous Complementary
    30. Complementary Experience Nest & Consistent
    31. To summarize…
    32. Size matters
    33. Family matters too
    34. Context matters most
    35. Consistent?
    36. Continuous?
    37. Complementary?
    38. Think big even if you start small
    39. Change the world
    40. Questions?