Us high school


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Us high school

  2. 2. LCUSD Junior highSenior high LCHS LC Elementary Palm Crest Elementary Paradise Canyon Elementary
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  4. 4. That’s the school. These are Americans.That’s the Media Arts Class. Could you do this here?
  5. 5. In the school year 2011/2012 there were six classes offered under the ROP programm: Photography, Retail marketing, Sports medicine, Media arts, Graphic design and Culinary arts. The photos above are snapshots form the cooking and photography classes (right and middle top). Remaining two photos are form the career fair.
  6. 6. Warm-up quizzesHome assignments Projects Participation Surprise quizzes Finals
  7. 7. Classes on LCHS
  8. 8. Extra curriculars• Art Show • Bands in the • School quad• Assemblies theatre performances • Senior• Prom breakfast • Senior awards Senior day of• Blood Drive night •• Every 15 fun • Career fair ZOO field minutes •• Club Day • Science trip showcase
  9. 9. Extra curriculars • TACH• Senior • The Spartan • Blood drive awards night Newspaper• Devil’s damn • ASB • Soccer, Football field trip • Engineering baseball• Yosemite Club games intitute • Speech and • Water polo• Literary arts debate club • IEC Awards magazine • Star trek club • ...
  10. 10. After graduation• CalState - Northridge, SD, SF, LA• USC• UCLA• Caltech• PCC, GCC• ...