End-to-End M2M, Sixth Edition


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Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications is an emerging technology and industry sub-segment poised to change the way that business is conducted, impacting everything from traditional telephony and IT operations to ERP, SCM, public safety, homeland security, and more.

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End-to-End M2M, Sixth Edition

  1. 1. End-to-End M2M, Sixth EditionMachine-to-machine (M2M) communications is an emerging technology and industry sub-segment poised tochange the way that business is conducted, impacting everything from traditional telephony and IT operationsto ERP, SCM, public safety, homeland security, and more.Written by industry experts who have actually designed, implemented and operated M2M applications,End-to-End M2M Fifth Edition provides invaluable information for anyone seeking to better understand thetechnology, applications, business and regulatory issues. This research distinguishes itself from otherpublications on this topic by providing the reader with an understanding of M2M, the technologies involved inM2M, reasons to use M2M, key M2M applications, challenges in deploying M2M, and more.This latest version of our comprehensive M2M research includes:Analysis of M2M in the Cloud Global M2M solutions market analysis Global M2M market forecaststhrough 2020 Analysis of many current and emerging M2M applications across various industry verticalsM2M strategies for mobile network operators including AT&T, China Mobile, KPN, SingTel, Sprint,Telefonica, Verizon, and Vodafone Purchasers of this report at the Company-wide License level with alsoreceive the report Strategic Alliances in the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Ecosystem at no additional cost.Target Audience:Mobile network operators Systems integration companies Enterprise companies of all types Investment andM&A companies of all types M2M equipment and service providers of all types Companies in Report:Aeris.net Aether Wire AIRDESK Alien Technology Ambient Devices Augusta Systems Axeda CenterpointEnergy Cimetrics Comverge/6D controlGen Crossbow Technology Datasweep Dust Echelon eDevice EmberCorporation emWare Espial Industrial Objects Isochron Itron Jasper Wireless KORE Telematics LantronixMeshNetworks Millennial Net NetSilicon nPhase Numerex Oceana Sensor Opto 22 Questra SensoriaSensorLogic Sierra Wireless Skybility SmartSignal SmartSynch Tekelec Telemetric Tridium WirelessInnovation XcelleNet Xsilogy Zetrontable Of Contents:m2m 101: Definition And History 18m2m Building Blocks 20m2m Evolution 21the Major Components Of M2m 21top Ten Things To Consider While Procuring M2m Services 22wireless M2m Devices 23wireless Transport Of M2m Data To And From The Monitoring Facility 23the Back-end Operations And Support Infrastructure 24m2m Verticals & Insights 25operational Values Of M2m 26strategic Value 26End-to-End M2M, Sixth Edition
  2. 2. m2m Connectivity 26m2m Visualization 28m2m Solution Building Blocks: A More In-depth View 3030the Machine The Customer Intends To Monitor And Control 30the In-field Hardware Device Created By The Hardware Vendor 30wireless Network 31the Back-end Server 31the Internet 31the Customer Facility For Monitoring And Controlling The Machines 31part Two: M2m Technology 32the Field-deployed Hardware And Firmware Technology 32analog To Digital Converter, Digital To Analog Converter (adc / Dac) 33memory 34input / Output (i/o) 34power Module 34processor And Clock 35wireless Service Technology And Protocols 37gsm- (global System Mobile) 37cdma (code Division Multiple Access) 38wimax 38the Technologies 40gprs (general Purpose Radio Service) 411xrtt Or Cdma2000 41high-level Features Of 3g Wireless 41immediacy 41packet Switched- Internet Protocol (ip) Compatibility 42spectrum Efficiency 42cdpd (cellular Digital Packet Data Protocol) 42control Channel – Sms, Analog Control Channel. 43sms–the Short Message Service 43the Advantages Of Sms 44wireless Technology Recommendation For M2m 46gsm–sms 46cdma–1xrtt 46wifi 47wimax 47zigbee 486lowpan 48privacy And Security Issues 49fragmentation And Slow Growth 50End-to-End M2M, Sixth Edition
  3. 3. challenges 50m2m Solution Deployment Challenges 51latest And Upcoming Technologies For Telecom In The M2m Domain 52picocell 52femtocell 52microcells 53technology In Use 55prototype Of Zeppelin Based Communication Backbone 56overview 59product Analysis 613g 634g 65lte 68rfid In A Nutshell 70embedded Systems 72real-time Embedded Systems 75networked Embedded Systems 76power Aware Computing 78security In Embedded Systems 79system-on-chip Design 80testing Of Embedded Core-based Integrated Circuits 81embedded Applications 82automotive Networks 82industrial Automation 83intelligent Sensors 84technology Strategy 85hardware Budget 85scope Of Deployment–domestic Or International 85ease Of Creating The Application 85wireless Service Options 85wireless Access Costs 86further Technology Considerations 86ip Addresses: Static, Dynamic And Persistent 86back-end Server Technology 88gateway To Wireless Carrier Or Service Provider 883g–gprs, 1xrtt Packet 88delivery Of Sms To The Internet 89server That Processes Inbound And Outbound M2m Messages 90adds A Layer Of Security 91provides Billing Services 91enables Customer Care 91logs And Manages Traffic 91interprets Inbound And Outbound M2m Messages. 92End-to-End M2M, Sixth Edition
  4. 4. latest Developments & Market Segment 93cloud 93saas (software As A Service) 94location As A Service (laas) 96characteristics 98background 99adoption 100strategic Fit For Cloud Adoption 100present Status 101current Issues 103m2m & Cloud Integration 104application Benefits Of M2m Using Cloud 105analysis 109future Prospects With Cloud 111m2m Market Segments 114m2m In Automation 117m2m In Telecommunication 119m2m In Energy And Smart Metering System 120m2m In Healthcare 121m2m In Transport & Tracking 122m2m In Public Safety 125part – Two –b- Rfid 128automatic Identiﬕcation Systems 129barcode Systems 129optical Character Recognition 129biometric Procedures 130fingerprinting Procedures (dactyloscopy) 130smart Cards 130memory Cards 131microprocessor Cards 131rfid Systems 132components Of An Rfid System 134types Of Rfid Systems 134types Of Tags 134passive Tags 134semi Passive Rfid Tags 135active Rfid Tags 135active Tags With Sensors/gps 135difference Between Active And Passive Rfid 136application Field 136comparison Between Rfid And The Different Available Tracking Techniques. 138part 3: M2m Business Dynamics 139why M2m Is Taking Place–what Happened 139End-to-End M2M, Sixth Edition
  5. 5. m2m Opportunities: Services Companies Can Offer 139hardware Services 141wireless Devices 141custom Interfaces 141standards Approval 141manufacturing 141support 142wireless Services 143software And Back-end Services 145revenue Models 147recurring Revenue Flow 150current Situation And Analysis Of M2m 152current Status On Various Verticals Of M2m 154fixed Mobile Substitution (fms) 155m2m Legacy Solutions 156wireless M2m 157mobile Operators 158electricity 159transportation 159road Traffic 159parking 160vending Machines 160container 161alarms 161healthcare 161business And Technology Strategies 163choosing A Wireless Service Provider 163sim Cards 163activations 164cost Per Sms / Data Block 164sms / Data Retry Scheme 164sms Delivery Receipt 165store And Forward 165roaming 165slas 165sms With Gprs And 3g 165billing Services 166assessing A Wireless Services Provider’s Capability 166wireless Services Check-list 167wireless Service Level Agreement: Key Criteria 168m2m – Global Market Analysis 171analysis On Key M2m Verticals 172alliances & Market Consolidations 172End-to-End M2M, Sixth Edition
  6. 6. analysis On Sales Of Connected Devices 173analysis On Unified Development Platforms 174growth Analysis Of M2m Consumer Devices 175growth Potential Of M2m Applications 176smart Grids As A Major Segment 176m2m & Satellite Communications – Growth And Projections 2011-2016 177smart Cars And Telematics – Growth Analysis 178vas Application Segments – Growth Analysis - 2017 180industrial Wsns & Overall M2m Market 181return On Investment (roi) 182reducing Costs By Replacing Existing Processes And Procedures 182increasing Efficiency Of An Operation 182using M2m To Remain Competitive 182billing Business And System Considerations 183wireless Carrier 184wireless Aggregator And Var 184wireless Services Reseller 184itemized Billing 185recommended Billing Service Features 186accept Raw Input Data From Wireless Carrier For Any Data Technology 187create Single/ Multiple Invoices Based On User-defined Rates 187add And Modify New And Existing Rate Plans 187add And Modify New And Existing Revenue Sharing Schemes 188create User-defined Statistical Information Requests 188calculate Overages And Carry Over Amounts Of Data 188invoice For Local Taxes, Fcc And Other Federal / State Fees 189indicate Roaming Instances And Invoice As Appropriate 189part Four: M2m Politics, Privacy And Regulatory. 190m2m Regulatory Issues 190approvals 191gsm Conformance Testing 191pcs Type Certification Review Board (ptcrb) 192m2m And Telematics: Political And Privacy Issues 192m2m: Asset Tracking Using Rfid Tags In Retail Stores 193telematics: Vehicle Tracking And Navigational Assistance 193latest Advances In M2m Segment 195smart Metering 195worldwide Implementation Status 195united Kingdom 195united States 197mobile Banking & Secured Atm 198from Remote Banking To Virtual Branch 198m-payments 199End-to-End M2M, Sixth Edition
  7. 7. m-banking Scenarios 199atm Banking & Nfc 200m-banking Via Ussd/sms 200m-remittances 200m-payments 201m-banking Anti Fraud Products 202part 5: M2m Applications And Case Studies. 203m2m Applications 203utility Company Applications 203amr Business Dynamics 204amr Benefits 204general Measurement And Detection Applications 205heating Venting, Air Conditioning (hvac) 206alarm, Presence And Intrusion Detection 206environment 206vending And Copier Machine Monitoring 206vending Machine Business Dynamics 207office Copiers 208radio Masts And Towers 208railroad Level Crossing 209parking And Traffic Control 209asset And Inventory Tracking / Management 210vehicle And Fleet Management 210homeland Security 211medical And Healthcare 211part 5a: M2m The Next Level. 213importance Of M2m 213m2m Employer Value Chain Analysis 214m2m Needs From Employers Perspective 214m2m – Taking Into Account The New Age Security Threats 217part 5b: M2m Technological Advances. 221m2m Sensors 221m2m Sensors: Challenges 222m2m Sensor Requirement 224m2m Sensor Networks 225m2m Sensor Specifications 226latest Developments In Home Networking 227home Security Using Sensor Networks 229home Entertainment Systems 230concepts 230existing Standards 231limitations 231evaluations 232End-to-End M2M, Sixth Edition
  8. 8. budgeting 233comparison 235part 5c: M2m Communication Protocols. 236m2m Standards For Rfid 239m2m Case Studies 245hypothetical Case Study 245integrating An M2m Solution To A Field Service Repair Company 245enterprise Profile (fbs, Inc.) 245areas Of Inefficiency For Fbs 246recommended Wireless Im (m2m) Solution Components 246post M2m Integration Work Flow 246wireless Instant Messaging Solution Costs 249gross Profit Analysis 250return On Investment Analysis 251case Study On Jasper Wireless: M2m Services And Application 253about The Company 253global Sim 253service Management Tool: Jasper Control Center 254professional Design And Certification 254customers 255latest Developments 255case Study: Amersam Car Park Management 257application Requirements 257amersam: The Car Park Management Company 257individual Monitoring Of Every Parking Space 258monitoring And Control Of Other Facility Systems 259author’s Note 260case Study: Biolab 261the Challenge 261the Solution 261the Results 262author’s Note 263case Study: Brookstone Equipment Co. 263the Challenge 264the Solution 264author’s Note 266case Study: Adt – Monitoring Parolees 268the Challenge 268the Solution 268some Key Benefits Of This Solution 269author’s Note 269case Study: Mobile Cardiac Telemetry 270cardionet 270End-to-End M2M, Sixth Edition
  9. 9. the Challenge 270the Solution 271author’s Note 272case Study Kansas City Power & Light 272the Challenge 272the Solution 272fleetboss Telematics Case Studies 275b&a Distributing, Inc., Beverage Distribution 275the Challenge 275the Solution 275benefits 275maverick Materials–building Materials Supply 275challenge 275the Solution 275benefits 275bayer Ag—inventory Management - Atplan Case Study 276the Challenge 276the Solution 277benefits 278american Red Cross Case Study - Numerex 279the Challenge 279the Solution 279benefits 280ballarat Health Services – Opto 22 – Australia – Case Study 281the Challenge 281the Solution 282benefits 283airs – Advanced Incident Response System – Cisco Case Study 284the Challenge 284the Solution 284benefits 285tridum - Abb Zurich - Case Study 286the Challenge 286the Solution 286benefits 287cole Plumbing 288challenge 288the Solution 288benefits 288springer Equipment Forklift Sales, Parts, Service, Rentals, Leasing 288challenge 288the Solution 288benefits 288End-to-End M2M, Sixth Edition
  10. 10. provider Profiles 288airdesk 288airalliance™ Partner Network 289activation 290technology 290professional Services & Support 291fleetboss 291software, Firmware, Hardware Development 292nphase 293wireless Gateway Services 293m2m Developer Program 293direct, Wireless Service Providers 293telemetrix 294case Study On U.s. Naval Air Systems Command 295location - Naval Air Systems Command, U.s. 295project – A Distributed, Intelligent Network Of Unmanned Systems. 295company - Augusta Systems, Inc 295the Challenge 295the Solution 295benefits 296case Study On United States Navy 298location - U.s. Navy Regional Supply Office In Norfolk, Va 298project – Aviation Spare Parts Tracking. 298company - Intermec Rfid 298the Challenge 298the Solution 298benefits 299location - St. Olavs Hospital In Trondheim, Norway 300project – Using Rfid For Garments And Laundry 300company – Texi As 300the Challenge 300the Solution 301benefits 302case Study On Heinz 303location – Heinz, U.s. 303project – Inventory Tracking. 303company – Ibm 303the Challenge 303the Solution 303benefits 304location – U.s. 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, Fort Lewis 305project – Codename Land Warrior 305company – N.a. (u.s. Defence Research And Development) 305End-to-End M2M, Sixth Edition
  11. 11. the Challenge 305the Solution 305benefits 306case Study On Automated Meter Reading System (china Gas) 307location – China, Asia 307project – Automated Meter Reading System 307company – Wavenis Technology, Coronis And Howdeep Technology 307the Challenge 307the Solution 307benefits 308case Study On Gps Based Fleet And Asset Tracking 309location – Toronto, Canada And Johannesburg 309project – Gps Based Tracking 309company – Geotab 309the Challenge 309the Solution 309benefits 310rtls Adoption In Memorial Hospital Miramar 311overview 311details 311working Principle 312improvements 313advantages 314implementation 315automation In Hospital Process - Brazil 316overview 316details 316patient Care System – Pantai Hospital Malaysia 319overview 319details 319environment Sensing And Tracking 320the Development Methodology 321advantages 322targets 323the Future Step 323tracking And Monitoring Application – Foster School Of Medicine 325overview 325details 325working Principle 328patient Tracking System – Disney Family Cancer Center 331overview 331details 331achieving The Reality 332End-to-End M2M, Sixth Edition
  12. 12. focus 334equipment Monitoring And Utility Management - Mission Hospital 336overview 336details 336palette Tracking In Japan 339solution Provider 339briefs 339part Six: M2m Requirement, Roles And Market Analysis. 344m2m – Domain Analysis 349company Analysis 349tekelec 349numerex 351kore Telematics 352sierra Wireless 354validsoft 356hitachi Communication Technologies America, Inc. 358digi International 360jasper Wireless 361product Comparison Matrix 362list Of M2m Companies 363m2m Strategies 365at&t 365operation Overview 365notable M2m Partnerships Analysis 366m2m Domains Ownership 367verizon 368operation Overview 368notable M2m Partnerships Analysis 369m2m Domains Ownership 371telefonica 372operation Overview 372notable M2m Partnerships Analysis 374m2m Domains Ownership 375telenor 376operation Overview 376notable M2m Partnerships Analysis 377m2m Domains Ownership 378sprint 379operation Overview 380notable M2m Partnerships Analysis 381m2m Domains Ownership 382future Analysis On M2m Segments 382m2m On Cellular Network 383End-to-End M2M, Sixth Edition
  13. 13. m2m Analysis – Application Perspective 384future Technology Path 385part Six- A - Future Applications And Prototypes 388prototypes 392asset And Warehouse Management 393automotive 394building Monitoring And Control 394environmental Monitoring 394health Care 395military Battlefield Awareness 395security And Surveillance 396future Research 396secure Systems 396embedded Operating Systems 397groups Management 397lightweight Signal Processing 397high-data-rate Sensors 398applications 399asset And Warehouse Management 400automotive 400building Monitoring And Control 401environmental Monitoring 401health Care 401military Battlefield Awareness 402security And Surveillance 402secure Systems 403embedded Operating Systems 403groups Management 404lightweight Signal Processing 404high-data-rate Sensors 405forecast And Predictions Of M2m Verticals Till 2017 406m2m Cellular Vertical Analysis & Forecast 2010- 2017 406global M2m Market Sales Revenue 2011 - 2017 407global M2m Software Market Revenue 2011 - 2017 407analysis Of Global M2m Landscape Analysis 2013 408market And Impact Analysis - 2017 409global Cellular Telecom Market Analysis 2013 410analyisis On Global Regional Revenue 2011-2017 410revenue Analysis Of Asia Pacific 2012-2020 411global M2m Impact & Revenue Analysis With Forecast 2012 - 2020 412m2m Revenue Analysis & Forecast Of China 2012-2020 413m2m Revenue Analysis & Forecast Of Japan 2012 - 2020 414m2m Revenue Analysis & Forecast Of India 2012-2020 415End-to-End M2M, Sixth Edition
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