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A Primer to Repositioning Single Family Homes


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Even though I’ve built my career on rehabbing and repositioning large, multi-family apartment complexes, I’ve always remained fond of single-family homes. After all, there is plenty of opportunity for renovating and reselling single-family homes–to the point that there are many articles, TV shows, websites, and magazines that have covered the topic.

And renovating (and then flipping) single-family homes is popular for a good reason: for most, it’s a great way to make a bit of cash, and along the way, learn about the ins and outs of the real estate business. Many valuable lessons that you glean from your work with single-family homes can be applied to other real estate projects, from large commercial properties to vintage apartment buildings.

In fact, reselling houses is comparatively simple–and best of all, you don’t have to leave your local area to do so. That way, you can rely on the existing networks of friends, family, and acquaintances–as well as your familiarity and knowledge that comes with being on your home turf.

A slideshow presentation by Michael Zaransky.

Published in: Real Estate
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