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Remove a LinkedIn Connection


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Are you annoyed by connections that are frequently trying to sell you something without first establishing a relationship? Or spammers? If so, try this solution and remove from your connections. LinkedIn has finally made it easier to do so. But it is not as yet explained in their how-tos. So if this has been a challenge recently, here is your step by step.

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Remove a LinkedIn Connection

  1. 1. How to Remove aHow to Remove aLinkedIn ConnectionLinkedIn ConnectionbyMichael L. YubloskyThe “Web Professor”May 20, 2013connect with
  2. 2. Are You As Annoyed As I Am By TheAre You As Annoyed As I Am By TheSales Pitches Thrown At YouSales Pitches Thrown At Youby Certain Connections?by Certain Connections?
  3. 3. Sales Pitches is NOT Networking!Sales Pitches is NOT Networking!BUT - Dont Get Mad, Get Even!BUT - Dont Get Mad, Get Even!Remove The Offender(s)Remove The Offender(s)From Your Connections!From Your Connections!Step-by-Step (until LinkedInStep-by-Step (until LinkedInupdates their How To files)updates their How To files)
  4. 4. Under Contacts,Under Contacts,Click on ConnectionsClick on Connections
  5. 5. Search By NameSearch By Name
  6. 6. Locate The Target OffenderLocate The Target Offender
  7. 7. Hover Over and RevealHover Over and Revealthe “more” Pull Down Menuthe “more” Pull Down Menu
  8. 8. Click on “Remove Connection”Click on “Remove Connection”
  9. 9. Confirm Removal RequestConfirm Removal Request
  10. 10. You will get a message inYou will get a message in GreenGreenthat Contact is Now Gonethat Contact is Now Gone(there were three prior)(there were three prior)
  11. 11. Thank you!Thank you!For assistance withFor assistance withyour individualyour individualLinkedIn profile,LinkedIn profile,group discussiongroup discussionor company page:or company page:Contact me -Contact me -Michael YubloskyMichael Yubloskyat 847-634-6535at 847-634-6535with any questions.with any questions.
  12. 12. and Ask Aboutand Ask AboutMy Free 23My Free 23CategoryCategoryLinkedIn ProfileLinkedIn ProfileEvaluation -Evaluation -Brand Yourself,Brand Yourself,Become Visible,Become Visible,Be Found!Be Found!