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How to get on the first page of google small business guide


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Starting steps for small businesses to increase their results on search engine results pages through organic (free, natural) results rather than advertising and using adwords. Many tips, guidelines and resources from Michael Yublosky, hands on small business Web marketing strategist, SEO, LinkedIn specialist and WordPress publishing.

Brand yourself, increase your visibility and be found!

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How to get on the first page of google small business guide

  1. 1. How To Get On The First Page Of by Michael L. Yublosky The “Web Professor” April 15, 2013 connect with
  2. 2. Why?
  3. 3. PEW Research (2012) 73% Americans use search engines. On any given day 59% of adults using the Internet use a search engine 91% of search engine users find information using search engines always or most of the time 83% say Google is search engine used most often.Source:
  4. 4. Search DOMINATED 2012Holiday Social E-Commerce Traffic
  5. 5. comScore Search Engine results February, 2013Source:
  6. 6. How Search Engines Work
  7. 7. Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Ads QueryGoogle 7 – Pack Local Search(Brick & Mortar) Ads Organic, Free, Natural Search Results
  8. 8. First Principle of Search
  9. 9. Match Game Matches In Bold
  10. 10. Change Word Orderand Get Different Results
  11. 11. Can You Spot Main Differences?
  12. 12. Can You Spot Main Differences?
  13. 13. Main DifferencesSearch query word order reversedNo ads (top and sidebar) in 2nd Restaurant ChicagoFirst Organic Result Changes: Open Table, Zagat Yelp, Zagat
  14. 14. Second Principle of Search AlgorithmsMatch
  15. 15. Algorithms Change Regularly Which Affect Search Engine Results Up to 1999: Mainly SEO2000-2010: Sites Linking to Yours Since 2011: (add) Social Media Visitor Behavior Web Site Usability
  16. 16. Google Guidelines
  17. 17. Must Dos After Launch1. Install Google Analytics (Web Site Statistics)2. Register as Google Webmaster, Yahoo, Bing (Rules, Guidelines)3. Generate XML Sitemap (Traffic Cop for Robots)
  18. 18. Googles “First Steps Cheat Sheet” Download at:
  19. 19. 32 Page “Starter Guide” Download at:
  20. 20. Google Webmaster Academy
  21. 21. Google Webmaster Tools
  22. 22. Penalties For Those Who Didnt Google Panda – Weak Content, Content Farms 12% of sites Google Penquin - Underhanded SEO, Shady Link Tactics 3% of sites
  23. 23. Search Engine Optimization
  24. 24. SEO - Search Engine Optimization The process of improving the number and quality of visitors to a web site from “organic” (natural, free) search results.
  25. 25. Reveal Site Title and Description Title Tag Meta Description URL of Landing Page
  26. 26. Directly From Google Cheat SheetYour page title (tag) is used as a suggestion for the title in Google’s search results. Describe your business in a concise, informative phrase. (Used to be 60 characters, now closer to 50.)Domain names (URLs) are an important part of Google’s search results. Choose a descriptive and easy-to-read domain name for your website.Meta descriptions are page summaries often used by Google and other search engines on the search results page. Write unique descriptions for each page in 160 characters or less.
  27. 27. Many Other Factors to name some...Anchor Text“Alt” Tags of Images< H1 >, < H2 >, <H3> tagsNavigation301 Re-directs404 Error PagesHtaccessRobots.txt
  28. 28. Target Marketing
  29. 29. Targeting Makes The Playing Field Level For Small Businesses vs Shot Gunning (Spraying)
  30. 30. Target Marketing Can Lead to Dominating a Small Piece of a LARGE Pie
  31. 31. Target ThroughContent Marketing
  32. 32. What Google Says About ContentPROVIDE USEFUL CONTENT AND KEEP IT UP TO DATEYour website is like a virtual storefront. You wouldn’t leave a store unattended for 6 months, right?Keep your site fresh by starting a blog, announcing new products, sales, and special offers.Remember to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and make sure you provide them with the information they need.
  33. 33. Write To Your Target AudienceMake sure your site is full of good relevant content.You will want to have between 250 to 500 words in your body copy on each page.Always use keywords your target audience would use to find your content in search.
  34. 34. Different Types of ContentBlogs Industry ResearchPhotos Calculators and ToolsVideos TemplatesE-Books GamesWhite Papers QuizzesInfographics Contests/Give-a-WaysPodcasts Interview Experts
  35. 35. Consider Your Target Audience and Your CompetitorsTarget Audience Competitors  Who are they?  What do you like/dislike about their Web sites?  What are their characteristics (age,  Who are they? income, tech savvy)?  What do their Web sites do  What are they looking for well? Do badly at? on your website?  What could you improve upon?  Where do they spend time on the Web (social media  What are the opportunities sites)? (markets) for your business they go after?
  36. 36. No-Nos and Black Hat Tactics
  37. 37. Things to Avoid per GooglePurchasing links from another site with the aim of getting PageRank instead of trafficUsing excessive keywords like "baseball-cards- baseball-cards-baseballcards.htm" in your URLChoosing generic page names like “page1.html”Creating complex webs of navigation links, e.g. linking every page on your site to every other page
  38. 38. Things to Avoid per GoogleWriting sloppy text with many spelling and grammatical mistakesStuffing unneeded keywords in your title tagsUsing a single title tag across all of your sites pages or a large group of pagesWriting a description meta tag that has no relation to the content on the page
  39. 39. Black Hat TacticsKeyword stuffingThe calculated placement of keywords within a page to raise the keyword count, variety, and density of the page.Hidden or invisible textUnrelated text disguised by making it the same color as the background, using a tiny font size, or hiding it within HTML
  40. 40. Black Hat TacticsCloakingA method of presenting different information to the search engines than a human visitor would see.Meta-tag stuffingRepeating keywords in the Meta tags, and using meta keywords that are unrelated to the sites content.
  41. 41. Summing It Up
  42. 42. How To Get On The First Page OfWhy Google? They dominate search...How Search Engines Work? Match + MathGoogle Guidelines? Read and implementBasics of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Follow guidelinesTarget Marketing Content and KeywordsSome definite “Donts” Things to avoiddoing and Black Hat Tactics
  43. 43. Thank you! For assistance with marketing your Web sitefor organic (free, natural) search engine results: Contact me - Michael Yublosky at 847-634-6535 with any questions.
  44. 44. Also Ask About A Free 23 CategoryLinkedIn Profile Evaluation -Brand Yourself,Become Visible, Be Found!