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Healing protocols unmet needs


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Very often there is a single Unmet Need that we have been chasing all our lives. It's usually unconscious. We haven't recognised. The Need, by definition, is Unmeetable. Even when it's met, we find a way for it not to be met. Once we are conscious of this need, we find that we can meet the need within ourselves. It is very easy to let go. Once let go, it is extremely liberating.

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Healing protocols unmet needs

  1. 1. Freedom Within The Power of Infinite Love Healing Protocols Clearing Unmet Needs
  2. 2. Overview How to • identify your primary Unmet Need • understand how you are unconsciously driven by this need • let it go • be free to choose
  3. 3. Your Unmet Need Your primary Unmet Need arises out of your Core Wounding. It is usually unconscious, and it controls most of the patterns in your life. By definition, it cannot be met, so you are constantly driven to try and meet it. For instance, from a Core Wounding of Shame for feeling different, the Unmet Need may be Acceptance by people that you want to be like. You will continually find people where you feel that you have not been accepted. It is only when you realise that you can meet this need within yourself (accept yourself for who you are) and without anyone else being involved, that you can be truly liberated from this need.
  4. 4. Categories of Needs • Needs for connections • Needs for empowerment • Needs for purpose and meaning
  5. 5. Connection • To be accepted • To receive affection • To be appreciated • To belong • To experience cooperation • To receive communication • To feel closeness • To belong to community • To experience companionship • To receive compassion • To receive consideration • To experience consistency • To receive empathy • To feel included • To experience intimacy • To be loved • To experience reciprocation • To be nurtured • To be respected • To be safe • To be secure • To be stable • To be supported • To be known • To be seen • To be understood • To be trusted • To receive warmth • To be divinely connected
  6. 6. Empowerment • To be authentic • To be oneself • To be free to choose • To feel free • To feel independent • To feel space • To be spontaneous • To be responsible • To be self-empowered • To feel grounded • To feel rooted • To feel in balance
  7. 7. Meaning • To be aware • To experience/create beauty • To experience celebration of life • To be challenged • To experience clarity • To experience communion • To be competent • To be conscious • To make a contribution • To be creative • To experience discovery • To be at ease • To be effective • To experience equality • To experience growth • To experience harmony • To experience hope • To experience inspiration • To experience learning • To experience mourning • To experience order • To experience participation • To know one’s purpose • To experience self-expression • To experience stimulation • To matter • To experience understanding
  8. 8. Healing Protocols Setup • I connect my breathing with my lower belly • I align myself with the energetic pattern of torus • With each in breath and out breath, I feel the power of the Infinite Love of Source – I feel one with Source • I centre myself with 20 cycles of vertical torus breathing
  9. 9. Clearing Statement Process (With each statement, muscle test to ensure strong) • I AM [My Name] • I AM aligned with the torus energy pattern • I AM the Power of the Infinite Love of Source • I release and let go anything… • in all time, space, dimensions, and realities… • that is blocking me from releasing and letting go… • my Unmet Need of [My Unmet Need]
  10. 10. Healing Protocols Wrap up • I AM the Infinite Gratitude of Source. Congratulations! You are now free to choose what truly makes your heart sing.
  11. 11. Freedom Within The Power of Infinite Love Clearing Unmet Needs