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Freedom within overview


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Notes for Michael Wolff contribution to Emotions in Balance Telesummit - December 2016

Published in: Spiritual
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Freedom within overview

  1. 1. FREEDOM WITHIN From FEAR to LOVE Heal the World by Healing Yourself
  2. 2. STORY
  3. 3. Finding My True Purpose Aikido Disconnected vs Connected Blocked Emotional Energy Illness & Unhappiness Stuckness and Driven by Fear
  5. 5. Scale of Consciousness Reversing Traditional Process Making It Easy How to Teach Connectedness How to Identify & Clear Blocks How to Practise
  6. 6. BENEFITS
  7. 7. Agent of Conscious Evolution The Survival of Humanity Co-creating the Best of All Possible Worlds
  8. 8. THREE TIPS
  9. 9. Expand to Highest Levels of Consciousness Raise Collective Consciousness Radical Social Healing
  10. 10. THE OFFER
  11. 11. Free Exploratory Chat Clear Your Blocks Facilitator Program
  12. 12. WHAT NEXT?
  13. 13. Free Exploratory Chat