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Facilitator profile for our Freedom Within facilitator training program.

This program is for Energy/Holistic/Spiritual/Emotional Health Practitioners who want to

• heal themselves and others more effectively;
• change the world by changing themselves;
• help facilitate a shift in global consciousness; and
• attract more customers and make more money.

The program is focused on releasing our life time blocks in order to facilitate healing, empowerment, abundance and joy.

This program is for you if you have a passion for awakening, healing and expanding yourself by helping others. Also, if you have some organizational and marketing skills, and are looking for ways to earn a decent income.

The full facilitator training program consists of five stages, all conducted live over the web or in an initial one day workshop:

• Letting go our life time blocks – a facilitated three hour session with a partner or a one day workshop
• Changing how we think, feel and believe and releasing old habits, patterns and addictions
- four one-to-one sessions
- facilitated group support over 12 weeks
• Facilitator training program – four days intensive for certification
• Facilitator ongoing support – facilitated group with other facilitators.

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Facilitator profile

  1. 1. Needs  Heal myself and others more effectively  Change the world by changing myself  Help shift global consciousness  Attract more customers and make more money Orientation  My passion is awakening, healing and expanding myself through others  My heart sings when we awaken, heal and expand together  I attract love, joy, peace, harmony and abundance in all areas of my life. Core Functional Skills  Listening, coaching, healing  Communications (especially Web)  Social networking and list building  Entrepreneurial Several Years Experience  Coaching – integral, spiritual, soul, wellness; and/or  Healing – especially Energy Medicine/Psychology, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, NLP  Transformative spiritual practice, especially one or more of following o Meditation, Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Martial Arts (non-competitive)  Organizational management, especially marketing, support, and training  Self-employment Assets  Established business  Network including potential Facilitators and Affiliates  Appropriate social networking pages and/or double opt-in mailing list  Relationship with leading teachers