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Conscious evolution coaching program leader - morag paterson


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The world needs a strategy for addressing seismic economic, social and environmental change. This entails a shift from a worldview where everything is separate to one where we are all connected energetically within a unifying life field, where essentially we are all One.
Within this new paradigm, Conscious Evolution Coaching is a life strategy for coaches, therapists and healers. By changing ourselves together, we change the world as agents of conscious evolution. By individually experiencing an accelerated shift from lower to higher Self, from separation to Oneness, and from self-interest to serving the Highest Good, our goal is to be instrumental in decisively raising overall collective consciousness within the next 10 years to transition into the New Era.

We are One. Being One, I am the Shift. I am the Shift by coaching others to be the Shift by coaching others…through Love.

Through mutual group coaching and using a proven combination of traditional and modern energy-based spiritual tools and practices, we support each other to discover our true Life Purpose and to align our lower and higher Self with the co-creative evolutionary impulse of Source. These tools and practices enable us to free ourselves from our attachments to the current system and to prepare ourselves for emergence. These include Conscious Embodiment, Embodied Intuition, Emotional Release, and Re-framing Beliefs and Patterns. These are enhanced through the spiritual practices of Neutrality, Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness, Love, Gratitude, Joy, Peace and Enlightenment.

You can start by joining a small online group led by a program leader to directly experience the benefits of mutually supported practice. When you are ready you can run your own programs. Program leaders are paid for their work and train participants to set up their own programs. The organisation is designed to scale and is structured as a not-for-profit collaborative enterprise.

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Conscious evolution coaching program leader - morag paterson

  1. 1. Morag Paterson conscious evolution coachholistic practitioner, consultant, teacher & writer
  2. 2. Why I joined CEC• a few (mega) life issues/crises ...• asking for and following a path (day in day out, up and down) towards highest good• gratitude (relief) - answer to my prayer• wanting to be part of a ‘whole’ on a similar cha-ordic path• seeking to be authentic - and have fun - in this ‘new paradigm’ and to explore with others - a collective collaboration• knowing that we are co-creating economic AND energetic value - a gift for all• knowing “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” - CEC is a perfect vessel
  3. 3. What I am learning / why it benefits me • Shock, joy and expedential growth through being part of a loving ‘group’ (tribe, collective) • Getting into my body - breathing and being in the moment (‘Centring’ Modality) • Muscle and/or intuitive testing, gaining a sense of own ‘feel good factor’ v ‘feel bad factor’ - (‘Embodied Intuition’ Modality) • Getting into the ‘feeling’ to release (through EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and simply intentional sharing) - (‘Feel the Feeling’ Modality) ...
  4. 4. What I am learning / why it benefits me ... • identifying underlying beliefs, then reframing to move forward (‘Reframing Belief’ Modality) • underpinned/over-arched by Spiritual Tools (‘Spiritual Tools’ Modality) • enhancing my conscious integral practice - integrating mind, body, emotion, nature, community, spirit • deepening understanding of energy and our absolute interconnectedness with self, each other, others, the planet, everything • PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE
  5. 5. How I am accelerating my shiftusing the Spiritual Tools Modality • Neutrality • Acceptance • Compassion** • Forgiveness ** SELF • Love • Gratitude COLLECTIVE • Joy • Peace • Enlightenment
  6. 6. Evolution Tracker - Morag - exampleFeelings, beliefs, patterns, practice- health issue:fibroids, severe pain in ovaries, heavy bleeding- feelings:unresolved pain, emotionally hurt, feminine principle attacked,disempowered, wounded, abandoned, tension- beliefs:not worthy, don’t deserve, can’t let go, stuck, bloody, can’t forgive, can’t givebirth to self,
  7. 7. Evolution Tracker - Morag- I accept the pain I have carried, and understand why it is there- I accept and love that it is there for a reason, to show me what is to becleared- I am sorry for ..., I am sorry about ..., I am sorry that ...- I understand we were all doing our best at the time- I forgive myself and others (named: inc ex husband and new partner)- I thank and honour my womb, my femininity, my sacred self- I love and rejoice in being myself - all is very very well
  8. 8. Evolution Tracker - MoragModalities- centred breathing- focus on compassion and forgiveness - writing pages on all aspects - self and others- EFT & Matrix Reimprinting - self and with group support- energy exercises (Donna Eden), in and with love- positive statement / affirmation- visualisation - sending love and light to cells, particularly ‘womb’ chakra- prayer - meditation - exercise - nutrition - nature - community- regularly & consciously throughout day
  9. 9. Evolution Tracker - MoragCurrent situation (July 2012)- symptoms clear - happy, healthy ovaries- family dynamics clear - multiple ripple effects- new conversations and awareness opening up- as I heal my own feminine wounds, I help others- trust in the process - it works- everything is connected to everything else; we are one
  10. 10. Why join my programme?I trust we can help each other find our authenticity, clearing anyresistance to our evolution (by helping each other & ourselves)I practice an integral, holistic process - integrating mind, body, spirit,shadow with ethics, work, relationships, creativity, environment &soul - embraced by the magic of energy and the power of intentionI am accelerating my own Shift as part of the global Shift and intendto attain and maintain my highest frequency (and thereby yours andours)I have a wide life experience & a lively sense of fun and humour ...I invite you to join our conscious evolution shiftin Peace and LoveMorag x
  11. 11. Thank you Morag Paterson conscious evolution coach holistic practitioner, consultant, teacher & writer e moragp +44 1224 494596 +44 7803 04 66 53