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Short overview of Conscious Evolution and outline of prospective lead coach commitments.

The world needs a strategy for addressing seismic economic, social and environmental change. This entails a shift from a worldview where everything is separate to one where we are all connected energetically within a unifying life field, where essentially we are all One.

Within this new paradigm, Conscious Evolution Coaching is a life strategy for coaches, therapists and healers. By changing ourselves together, we change the world as agents of conscious evolution. By individually experiencing an accelerated shift from lower to higher Self, from separation to Oneness, and from self-interest to serving the Highest Good, our goal is to be instrumental in decisively raising overall collective consciousness within the next 10 years to transition into the New Era.

We are One. Being One, I am the Shift. I am the Shift by coaching others to be the Shift by coaching others…through Love.

Through mutual group coaching and using a proven combination of traditional and modern energy-based spiritual tools and practices, we support each other to discover our true Life Purpose and to align our lower and higher Self with the co-creative evolutionary impulse of Source. These tools and practices enable us to free ourselves from our attachments to the current system and to prepare ourselves for emergence. These include Conscious Embodiment, Embodied Intuition, Emotional Release, and Re-framing Beliefs and Patterns. These are enhanced through the spiritual practices of Neutrality, Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness, Love, Gratitude, Joy, Peace and Enlightenment.

You can start by joining a small online group led by a program leader to directly experience the benefits of mutually supported practice. When you are ready you can run your own programs. Program leaders are paid for their work and train participants to set up their own programs. The organisation is designed to scale and is structured as a not-for-profit collaborative enterprise.

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Conscious evolution coaching overview - member commitments

  1. 1. Overview - Member Commitments See more detailed descriptionJoin Conscious Evolution Coaching on Shift Movement
  2. 2. Life Purpose Goals
  3. 3. Coaching Process
  4. 4. Qualities Required
  5. 5. Co-creation Model
  6. 6. Reaching for Higher Self Relationships
  7. 7. Embracing the Challenge
  8. 8. Embracing the Challenge
  9. 9. Embracing the Challenge
  10. 10. Embracing the Challenge
  11. 11. Founder Member Commitments
  12. 12. Michael Wolff Conscious Evolution Coach - Aikido Teacher - Social Entrepreneur Overview - Member Commitments See more detailed descriptionJoin Conscious Evolution Coaching on Shift Movement