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Tips for planning a classic road trip


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Tips for planning a classic road trip

  1. 1. Tips For Planning A Classic Road Trip
  2. 2. A Classic Road Trip: A Fun FamilyAdventure No doubt, there are many Americans who remember the good old days of hopping in the family station wagon and pulling out of the driveway for a road trip that resembles that of the Griswold family in the classic movie National Lampoons Vacation. Hopefully, most of these memories do not involve dead aunts tied to the top of a car or dad punching a talking moose at an amusement park.
  3. 3. Siblings taking up too much of thespace in the back seat or incessantcries of "are we there yet?" areprobably much more common.Regardless of the particulars, thesetrips can be a great method of familybonding. How should families preparefor a classic vacation? Here are a fewtips that can make the trip moreenjoyable.
  4. 4. Decide Where to Go This point should go without saying, but failing to plan means planning to fail. It is always good to have an idea of where one intends to go. Will the family appreciate a trip through the mountains? Maybe a trip to a lake for some fishing would be better? Some families would rather spend a week driving through big cities. The options are endless, but necessary to go through before planning anything else. Some road trips will have several attractions along the route. Others, especially through desert or rural areas, will have little of interest.
  5. 5. With smart phones and internetaccess, finding a good place to stay isjust a few clicks away. Many websiteswill also have user ratings for varioushotels and motels that can help would-betravelers from making a mistake andbooking lodgings that resemble theBates Motel from the classic moviePsycho. Booking ahead of time afterchecking out reviews can helpvacationers avoid a bad situation.
  6. 6. Plan Stays Ahead of Time This can be very important, especially during busy times of the year. One of the worst things that travelers can experience is driving across the prairies or a desert with exits every 50 miles only to find that all of the hotel rooms taken. This can easily be avoided with some planning
  7. 7. Think about What to Drive Most people plan on taking the family car on a road trip. This is often the best option. There are times that it might be a bad move. Those with really old cars that tend to overheat or break down may want to consider a rental vehicle for safety reasons. Those who drive a Hummer may want to downsize for a lengthy trip to save on fuel costs.
  8. 8. Families with a compact vehicle maywant to rent a minivan for more room on along trip. These are things to think about.Of course, a rental may cost more, but itmay be worth it for greater comfort orpeace of mind. A GPS system can helpsave money by helping drivers avoid poordirections and higher gas costs.
  9. 9. Take Extra Money or a Credit Card Just about everything on a vacation can cost more than expected. Therefore, it is imperative to have some extra cash or a credit card. No one wants to be stuck 200 miles from home with no gas and no cash.
  10. 10. Family vacations can be a great deal of fun. Theycan lead to some great memories. They can also leadto as much stress as daily life. Taking the previous tipsinto consideration can help alleviate some of thatstress.