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Five Things to Know about Michael W. Ferro Jr.


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Michael Ferro Jr. is a software architect and very successful internet entrepreneur. Learn about his work here.

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Five Things to Know about Michael W. Ferro Jr.

  2. 2. EARLY CHILDHOOD  Michael W. Ferro Jr. was born in 1966 and briefly lived in Merrick, New York. Merrick Ventures is the name of the private equity firm Mr. Ferro founded.  However, Michael W. Ferro Jr. spent the majority of his childhood in Illinois and attended the University of Illinois-Chicago.
  3. 3. CLICK COMMERCE  Michael W. Ferro Jr. founded Click Commerce in 1994 at the age of 28.  Click Commerce provided customers with business application software and related services.  Michael W. Ferro received significant praise and press from various media publications for his work at Click Commerce. He was named to the Forbes “Tech’s 100 Highest Roller” list.  In 2006, Mr. Ferro sold the company to Illinois Tool Works for $292 million in cash.
  4. 4. MERGE HEALTHCARE  Michael W. Ferro Jr.’s training is in software architecture, and he took a hands-on approach to running Merge Healthcare after being named Chairman.  Under Ferro’s leadership, Merge Healthcare turned things around and was targeted by IBM for its medical imaging software and patent portfolio. IBM would later buy the company.  As a software architect, Michael W. Ferro Jr. was able to develop AI medical imaging technology that would help health care providers make more informed decisions on patient health.
  5. 5. FILM PRODUCER  Michael W. Ferro Jr. co-produced the universally- acclaimed documentary, Life Itself, alongside Martin Scorsese and Steve Zaillian.  The documentary focused on famed Chicago Sun- Times movie critic Roger Ebert and his career and courageous battle fighting cancer of the thyroid and salivary glands.  Life Itself was shortlisted for an Academy Award nomination and currently has a 87 out of 100 Metacritic score.
  6. 6. OLYMPIC BID  Michael W. Ferro Jr. was named the Chairman of the Sports Advisory Council in 2006.  The Sports Advisory Council was organized by Mayor Richard M. Daley, and it consisted of a board of corporate citizens that led the Chicago bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics.  As Chairman, Mr. Ferro and his wife, Jacky, were heavily involved in fundraising. For one event alone that they co-chaired, they were able to raise $12 million dollars for the Summer Olympics bid.