Evolution Of A Brand


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The Branding change from EuroTel Canada to Diallog Telecommunications

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Evolution Of A Brand

  2. 2. P1 DIALLOG TELECOMMUNICATIONS EVOLUTION OF A BRAND HISTORY In 1998, EuroTEL Canada entered the telecom industry with the idea of serving targeted niche market segments such as the Greek, Italian, and other European communities. The name of the company made perfect sense for these strategic business objec- tives. EuroTEL’s original business slogan was “New World Communica- tions, Old World Values”. The slogan meant that EuroTEL Canada could provide new, advanced telecommunications and technolo- gies while complementing them with old world, or traditional val- ues that put emphasis on the customer relationship. Brand-wise, the bigger plan was to create and go-to-market with other niche market telecom names. For example: Chi- naTel, IndiaTel, BusinessTel, etc., etc.
  3. 3. P2 DIALLOG TELECOMMUNICATIONS EVOLUTION OF A BRAND EVOLVING THE BRAND As the success of EuroTEL Canada grew, a funny thing happened: the company started to attract customers beyond the original “European” audience. In fact, Business customers literally starting walking through the door. The company, seizing on the opportunity, began to care- fully study the needs and wants of the business market segment and began to craft and perfect its business value proposition. In 2000, EuroTEL formally entered the B2B market powered by indus- try best partnerships and proprietary technology advantages. With the new business and expanding responsibilities, the company realized it was too busy to consider creating addi- tional brands (such as ChinaTel, BusinessTel) and taking on all the added work that comes with rebranding—new website, phone system upgrades, legal details, creation of new busi- ness cards, etc.. As well, company leadership began to realize that additional company brands would fracture internal mar- keting efforts and ultimately prevent the creation of a single brand that could be built from the inside-out. After tremendous deliberation, it was eventually decided that the EuroTEL brand and the potential additional brands should evolve into a single entity—something that was more repre- sentative of its full capabilities, its expanding customer base, and its unique value prop.
  4. 4. P3 DIALLOG TELECOMMUNICATIONS EVOLUTION OF A BRAND EVOLVING THE BRAND EuroTEL Canada underwent a comprehensive rebranding ini- tiative to find a new name, a new logo, and a new image. The overall goal was to find a name that spoke to ALL market segments in the same way that EuroTEL spoke to the European market segment. The new brand needed to echo the same message: “We’re one of you, we speak your language, we’re listening, we’re interested in the community or business market segment that you’re part of.” After an exhaustive rebranding process, the new company name chosen was Diallog Telecommunications (its various brand components are displayed on the following pages). The name Diallog is in keeping with the spirit of communications and connecting people through reliable, cost-effective technology. The company’s main goal, as it’s always been, is to really listen to customers and address their unique needs in an effort to build a better telecommunications company. It’s important to understand that the company itself is not changing. In fact it’s growing and getting better, and will con- tinue to build upon its outstanding reputation in the telecom- munications industry. It’s going to be business as usual, but better.
  5. 5. P4 DIALLOG TELECOMMUNICATIONS EVOLUTION OF A BRAND THE DIALLOG BRAND DIALLOG LOGO DIALLOG BRAND INGREDIENTS Our Core Purpose: To Connect With People and to Help People Connect. Our Promise to Customers: We promise telecom with a personal touch. We promise to make communicating easier. We promise a better telecom experience. Our Business Slogan: Connecting You. Connecting With You. Our Proposition to Customers/Call to Action: “Let’s Talk”.
  6. 6. P5 DIALLOG TELECOMMUNICATIONS EVOLUTION OF A BRAND THE DIALLOG BRAND DIALLOG VALUES We do what we say We align what we do with what we say we will do to earn the trust and confidence of our customers, our partners, and each other. We do it with discipline and hard work We exercise discipline, focus, and hard work to magnify our ability to ac- complish. We do it with integrity We employ high ethical standards, demonstrating fairness in every action that we take. We do it with a positive attitude We believe that a positive attitude is essential to happiness and success. We do it as a TEAM We believe that Together Everyone Achieves More. We’re open and inclusive We promote an environment where everyone is encouraged to contribute and share their ideas. We take care of each other We are supportive of each other’s efforts and recognize teammates who exemplify our values. We strive for excellence in all that we do We understand that excellence is the gradual result of always trying to do better and holding ourselves to a higher standard. We’re passionate about service We care deeply about satisfying the needs of our customers and partners and providing them with service that is not just exemplary, but legendary. We live our values every day We make our values real and credible through consistent, aligned actions
  7. 7. P6 DIALLOG TELECOMMUNICATIONS EVOLUTION OF A BRAND THE DIALLOG BRAND DIALLOG.COM (CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION) Residential Section: • Fresh, colourful, inviting look and feel. • Attractive design differentiates brand from competitors. • Entire Residential section makes use of green colour swatches from Diallog logo. • Easy navigation and search capabilities. • Web copy designed to be engaging—makes use of Q + A theme that is in keeping with idea of two-way communica- tion, or “diallog”. • Entire Residential section will be translated into French, Ital- ian, and Greek with plans to add more languages in the future. • Links page will include links to social media sites (Facebook, Myspace, Blog.com) as well as multicultural media and community sites across Canada. Idea is to pro- mote sites where people “diallog” and help keep people connected to their communities.
  8. 8. P7 DIALLOG TELECOMMUNICATIONS EVOLUTION OF A BRAND THE DIALLOG BRAND DIALLOG.COM (CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION) Business Section: • Makes use of blue colour swatch from Diallog logo. • Design is unique yet professional. • Users can choose to visit Small, Medium-sized, or Enter- prise Business pages. • Web copy is conversational—adding human touch by en- gaging the reader and anticipating their questions. • Dedicated home page for each one of Diallog’s 25+ Busi- ness Solutions. • Web copy in line with brand promise of “making communi- cating easier” - for each business product we first describe exactly what it is in the simplest terms possible; we tell them what it will do for their business; and we sum it all up by letting them know what the bottom line is (whether it’s cost-savings, increased security, speed, reliability, etc.).
  10. 10. Connecting You. Connecting With You.