How to communicate the value of social internally within an organisation?


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How to communicate the value of social internally within an organisation?

  1. 1. Social Media WeekHow to communicatethe value of socialinternally within anorganisationLondon, 25/09/12Ivan Fernandes,MediaCom Worldwide
  2. 2. Concept of marketing has shifted
  3. 3. Personal
  4. 4. Interaction
  5. 5. Engagement
  6. 6. Influence
  7. 7. Co-creation
  8. 8. The online marketing landscape is changing quicklyand dramatically – deeper marriage of Social Media and Marketing, importance of influencers and heightened focus on consumer engagement.
  9. 9. Why change?
  10. 10. Social media holds unprecedentedpotential for brands to get closer to customers.
  11. 11. Brands need to invest to understand how tobreak through the noise and offer current andpotential customers a reason to reach out to them via social media.
  12. 12. Successfully exploit the potential of socialmedia, brands need to design social media experiences that deliver tangible value in return for interaction, engagement and advocacy.
  13. 13. Technology is changing rapidly and constantly…weare seeing new game changing marketing strategies coming from brilliant brands.
  14. 14. Social Brands
  15. 15. ChallengeRethink Social Media potential toenhance brand communications,interactions, engagement and empowercustomer base.
  16. 16. ChoiceSocial media is redefining the way brandsinteract with their customers and brandsneed to provide with social mediaexpertise, cutting edge social mediastrategies and solutions that cantransform their business.
  17. 17. ClarityThe best brands surpass competitors inpart by embracing these new technologyopportunities and forging strategic digitalalliances to further connect with theirtarget audience.
  18. 18. CommitForward looking brands are takingadvantage of the spike in social media tochange the way customers relate to theirbusiness and to look for new revenuestreams and ways to drive deepercustomer relationships.
  19. 19. Your Business Social Media Strategy Challenge Commit Choice Clarity Agency Connection Creative Branding Collaboration Specialists Knowledge Training Guidance Marketing Customer Service NPD HR Sales Digital Analytics Social Marketing Digital Marketing Personalisation Keep a pulse on the Deliver the right offer, to theMake data-driven decisions Build efficiencies in search conversations and connect right customer, at the right across your Social Media and display marketing social media to business moment. efforts. through automation. results.
  20. 20. Social media is an effective and cost-efficientway to reach digital audience 1 Increase exposure 2 Increase traffic 3 Provide marketplace insight 4 Generate leads 5 Develop loyal fans 6 Improve search rankings 7 Grow business partnerships
  21. 21. As brands expand their focus from being relevant to consumers to being relevant at scale, they must consider the role that social media plays to drive positive interactions and engagement.
  22. 22. Final thoughts
  23. 23. Interactive new media offer new opportunities for brands to interact with consumers. Considering the importance of theseinteractions, communications taking place within this new digital space can have an important effect on overall brand efforts.
  24. 24. Thank YouContact:Ivan Fernandes,MediaCom WorldwideGlobal Director, Social Media TechnologyIvan.fernandes@mediacom.comTwitter : @ivan2012Twitter : @MediacomSMMLinkedIn : Leadership Series: