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#TMSussex - michaelt1979


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Presentation from TeachMeet Sussex, February 2014

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#TMSussex - michaelt1979

  1. 1. Curriculum 2014 Michael Tidd @michaelt1979
  2. 2. Each year group has its own section, organised by subject. Within each section, objectives are listed for the statutory curriculum.
  3. 3. Free Curriculum jigsaws from
  4. 4. What I really want to talk about... Organising the content of the new curriculum, especially for Writing, will be very different from the past, because of the broad statements in the new NC>
  5. 5. The majority of primary schools now lead on thematic studies over a period of weeks. Literacy Reading: •‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty • Playscripts of ‘Oliver Twist’ Writing outcomes are often described in terms of genres covered, rather than specific objectives taught Writing • Diary entries of a housemaid • Advertising poster for an invention • Descriptive writing about Victorian places • Formal letters and job applications
  6. 6. Writing Emotive • Diary entries of a housemaid Persuasive • Advertising poster for an invention Emotive • Descriptive writing about Victorian places Persuasive • Formal letters and job applications We have moved towards building our genres around a common thread within each unit. For example, our Victorian half-term all involves writing which attempts to influence the reader. We teach specific objectives linked to that over-arching purpose so that the learning has cohesion for the students.
  7. 7. Long Term Plan It allows us, over the course of the year, to maintain a thematic approach, but to shift the emphasis of interpretation from “topic” to writing objective focuses. Children are much clearer about their learning in terms of intended outcomes, rather than relating to the broader context of the topic or theme.
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