Media A2 Courswork


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Media A2 Courswork

  1. 1. Michael Syropoulo<br />A2 media coursework<br />
  2. 2. 3 Music Video<br />
  3. 3.<br />Video analysis - Tupac<br />Ghetto Gospel by Tupac<br />The video for Ghetto Gospel is about the struggles of a man unsure if he wants to continue his crime filled life or change and be a new person.<br />The video starts at the end of the video’s conclusion to show what the man’s journey concluded in. The actual start of the video starts with the main male character waking up showing a day in a life of this male figure, a long shot of the Los Angeles sky scrapers is used to show the audience where the narrative story is set.<br />A shot of the church is used to represent pushing the lead character to leave his life old life. The church is used to watch over what he is doing, the church is a constant reminder for the character to leave his life as throughout the video he seems to have a change of heart in many situations. At the end of the video the male character funeral is held in that church being an unusual coincidence, the main character may have thought when looking at the church that if he stays in the underworld of society his life may end early.<br />
  4. 4. Video Analysis-Tupac<br />The statue could represent a guardian angle looking down keeping a watchful eye, the statue looking down makes it seem holy representation with the wings as well being high on the building having a similar role as God looking down on people. A close up is used to show the details of the statue of the face as well as the wing, the shot is moving giving a sense of the statue following the camera.<br />In another scene where the male character is standing looking over the sky scrapers of LA while the sun is going down maybe representing that his time alive is limited as the sun is going down just a like the main character. A long shot over the shoulder is shown while the man has his arms out reaching for the sky representing that he can achieve anything if he changed what he was currently doing in illegal activities. The lyrics “the red sun sinks at last into the hills of gold” could relate to this scene as the sun falls over the wealthy inner city of Los Angeles which is surrounded by the hills.<br />
  5. 5. Video Analysis-Tupac<br />A scene is used to show that the main character is a father, this may have an impact why he is changing his mind on his life setting the wrong example. The main character shown being a father shows he has extra responsibilities having to afford life for his child. A close up is used to show the expressions on the character faces to show the enjoyment and special relationship that there share.<br />Another medium shot is used when a group of men are standing together showing their community which there are involved with, the clothing that there wear such as hoodies gives the impression that there are all gang affiliated. A close up is used when an elderly woman comes up to the group wanting drugs which the group provide, a close up of the main males face is used to show his disgust showing that he has a change of heart of what he does for a living.<br />
  6. 6. Video Analysis-Tupac<br />When the male character is having dinner on his own leaving his group behind, a car comes past firing gun shots killing the man having a close up showing the reality of his death. A close up of the mum is shown in the stress showing the emotions of pain. <br />The day of the funeral an over the shoulder shot is used over the mum seeing a visual of her dead son, is showing the spirit still lives. This shot shows the connection and belief that the mum shared with her son, the song puts his hand on his heart maybe trying to show his love towards his mum. <br />
  7. 7. Video Analysis-Tupac<br />The last scene is of the main character walking along an empty road showing that his sprit is still alive where he was from. The scene is a long shot showing the area around him showing the area where he is from.<br />The pace of the editing has a mixture of short and long shots having used both give a grim representation of a person in his every day life. Long shots are used to give more of a reality feel to the video giving the story more depth and meaning.<br />The lyrics of the song relate to the video being about redemption and living a good normal life, leaving the bad life behind. As in the video the main character has second thoughts about the life he leads giving off the feeling that he is going to change.<br />The video is done in a narrative format to concentrate ion the story showing the hardship of life in the major city. The video shows a sense of realism showing what type of lives people can live such as in Ghetto Gospel showing the dangers of living a life that seems so appealing to many people in those types of situations. The video shows what is wrong with society as these problems occur in the real life as many people in the United States live in poverty. The lyrics for the song portrays the artist having a change of heart seeing why is was bad living an illegal life telling why people should follow a good life, the video has a link to the lyrics as the main character is seen contemplating whether to change his life or not.<br />
  8. 8. Video Analysis-Cee Lo Green<br /><br />No one’s gonna love you<br />The music video shows the travels of a young couple in a trip with no destination. The video follows the relationship of the rise and fall of what seemed a happy relationship.<br />The video starts off with the couple being evicted from their house which they decide to travel. The travelling starts well for the couple as they both enjoy their company and both seem happy travelling to no destination. The couple seem to be travelling in the southern states of the United States being in desolate and open areas making the video focused mainly on the couple.<br />
  9. 9. Video Analysis-Cee Lo Green<br />This is the couple paying after filling their car with gas, the use of the coins show that the couple are low on money maybe a sign of strain that will affect the relationship. The coins start to show signs of the couple becoming desperate as the lack of money being the end of their travels.<br />
  10. 10. Video Analysis-Cee Lo Green<br />In the scene where the couple are on top of the cliff and are about to jump they both hold hands and she says “do you still want to do this” while the man replies “not sure”, the girl says just before they jump “lets do this together” the girl jumps while the man stays. This is the turning point of the relationship as by the girl jumping and the man staying it represents that they have different ideas and views how the relationship is going to work. The shot used is a long shot to give a feeling that the distance is big from the bottom maybe showing the differences in their relationship.<br />As the first half of the video only showed the couple having a happy time the second half of the video it showed how the couple had cracks in their relationship and had not always being happy from the start. The clips showed the couple arguing and fighting for a lot of the trip representing that the perfect start of the trip was just a fantasy which did not last. <br />
  11. 11. Video Analysis-Cee Lo Green<br />There is a clip of the young couple holding the American flag representing the American dream but the random clips show the opposite as scene’s of unhappy and poor people are shown living their lives in what is meant to be the American dream.<br />A short scene is shown of water from the tap stopping representing the ending in the relationship as there feelings for each other is running out like the water with the tap. <br />
  12. 12. Video Analysis-Cee Lo Green<br />These shot shows the frustration that has become a big factor in this relationship as they both start to grow apart from each other. The couple being in isolation from urbanisation seem to tear apart the relationship as they seemed to be in their own world however when the lack of money occurs they start to struggle.<br />
  13. 13. Video Analysis-Cee Lo Green<br />Random clips are shown throughout the video that did not relate towards the couple but used to show the area and people that are from the area which the couple where travelling in. The video represents the freedom that people have as well as the differences in people and relationships. The clip such as the one as above show the problems in society as man holds a gun what seems to be a planned robbery, these type of sense are used to show the diversity of people that live in areas around the United States.<br />The editing has a mixture of short and long shots to give different perspectives of meaning. Short shots are used through the sometimes relating to the story sometime not, giving a sense of randomness of the area which they are travelling through. Long shots are often used to get a better perspective on the surroundings as well as the relationship.<br />The songs lyrics to mix with the video as the words “no one is gonna love you more than I do” maybe showing their feeling of each other at one point of the video when everything was going smoothly in the relationship.<br />
  14. 14. Video Analysis-Professor Green<br /><br />Professor Green ft Chynaman<br />Upper Clapton dance<br />The video starts of with an old styled orcastra song showing quick clips of close ups on different people in different situations. When the artist professor green starts rapping the camera follows him moving with a close up as it follows his journey. Between his rap quick shots of people are shown living their way of life in Upper Clapton such as a scene where a cyclist steals a man’s bag showing the problems with living in Upper Clapton.<br />The story then turns to the focus to two young adults following them in what seems a typical day in the life in upper Clapton showing the struggles that they endure.<br />
  15. 15. Video Anaysis-Professor Green<br />A shot of one of character is used standing in front of the Clapton sign showing he is relating to the song title “upper Clapton dance”. A close up is used to get more detail about the character facial expressions getting a better understanding of the character.<br />An over the shoulder shot is shown showing a rival or potential threat watching his victims, the over the shoulder shot is used to show how close he is studying his victims. The shot is a moving shot as the camera turns when the over the shoulder character turns showing that he is watching them closely.<br />
  16. 16. Video Anaysis-ProfessorGreen<br />Another of the shoulder shot is used this time it is to the show the numbers that the gang has posing more of a threat to the two main characters. The shot is a moving shot giving the scene more pass showing the speed in which the gang surround the two men, making it seem an important decision making moment to try and put the audience in that situation. <br />Close up of the actual artist professor green are shown throughout the video walking in an area that seems to be upper Clapton. Following shots of the artist are used to make us follow his journey and his way through upper Clapton. The high rise flats in the background gives the sense for the mise-en-scene that the area is hard.<br />
  17. 17. Video Analysis-Professor Green<br />This scene shows a character creating the sign E5 which is the post code for Clapton showing the people representing their post code or area.<br />Moving shots are used throughout the video to give more effect to the characters trying to get the audience more involved with the video. Moving shots help the audience understand the characters following their movements. Harnesses are used to follow the character making the background go out of focus giving the sense that you are on a rollercoaster following the characters track.<br />The lyrics and the video both point out that troubles comes your way as it is a cycle when living in upper Clapton. When in the video the two men are minding their business are approached by a group of men wanting to cause trouble, when the argument turns worse one of the two men get their gun out and fires hitting one of the members of the gang. The man did not want to shoot the man however he was put in that situation in upper Clapton he was forced to, maybe resulting in a prison sentence or the feel of guilt the video does not show but living in upper Clapham caused this.<br />The Video shows what is wrong with society as the lyrics and video tell the truth of what happens in the East end of London. The lyrics and video show how it is hard to avoid any trouble and that it is expected to happen unless you follow the Upper Clapton Dance which the song is about how the rules should be followed if you want to avoid trouble. The video gives a realistic representation of the area of upper Clapton letting the public get an idea of what life is like in these areas.<br />The editing of the shots are quick showing the fast paced and complicated lives that people in upper Clapton live. The shots are quick to keep the audience intrigued by having a mixture of shots throughout the story to give more representation of upper Clapton.<br />Black and white is used for the whole video to give upper Clapton a darker look giving the perception that London is not a perfect as everyone seems or want to believe it is. <br />Intertexualityis used as the same types of the following shots are used in the movie mean streets giving an idea of the movements that the characters are leading.<br />
  18. 18. 3 CD covers<br />
  19. 19. CD Cover Analysis<br />The tattoo that says g-unit shows that he is representing the group g-unit and that he is part of it.<br />The Title of the album “Curtis” shows that the artist 50 Cent is changing his name to his old self to show a change in him and his music.<br />His facial expressions show anger and frustration that could be shown the material that is in his new album.<br />The watch and the diamond bracelet represent his wealth showing how successful he in the music industry. On the bracelet it has his stage name 50 showing the buyers that he has kept some of his old identity.<br />
  20. 20. CD Cover Analysis<br />The title “the defamation of Strickland Banks” is shown in the artist is shown looking down and depressed.<br />The cover looks like the venue is empty as the artist is sitting on stage maybe representing that he is tired.<br />The suit that the artist is wearing gives an idea of the setting and sound of his music and ideas.<br />The spotlight is shown on the artist showing that he is the centre of attention.<br />
  21. 21. CD Cover Analysis<br />The background being in space showing that the artist is reaching. new heights.<br />The spotlight is shown on the artist to show that he is centre of attention.<br />The stars in the background and the bright light focusing on the artist show that he is a star. <br />The artist is shown holding the city showing that he has control.<br />The watch and chain are used to show his wealth.<br />
  22. 22. Audience Research<br />
  23. 23. Music Questionnaire results<br />Most of the people that took part in my questionnaire were in age range of 13-20. In a way this is good as this age range is most up to date with the new media having a better understanding of modern music and music videos.<br />What style of music video do you prefer?<br />The questionnaire say that performance videos are more popular but this is generally right as most performance videos aim to gain attention for the artist being more commercial.<br />
  24. 24. Music Questionnaire results<br />The questionnaire shows that the majority of the people don’t mind what gender the artist is.<br />The most popular genre that was in the questionnaire was pop showing the commercial music fur fills its purpose.<br />
  25. 25. Treatment<br />
  26. 26. Treatment Concept<br />the original plan for the video changed as we found it difficult to film certain scenes in certain times so we changed the plot of the video to make it easier to film.<br />The concept of the video is a narrative story of a character who is finding life difficult. The video follows a day in the life of a character that is being unsuccessful showing in detail of how his personality is not strong enough to stand up for himself. The video examines the tough situations that he is put in and how he deals with his emotions.<br />We want to show the difficulties that people face from more individuating and confident group of people. We want to show the harder side to life not making life as nice as it seems to be in this day and age.<br />The concept is dark as the surroundings are bleak and dark being set in gritty locations. The video does not have much positive but just shows the realties of what some people go through.<br />
  27. 27. Treatment locations<br />There will be many location shots that will be filmed in Battersea, London to give the video a city feel. The scenes with the character involved will be filmed in Henley, although Henley is outside London we will get shots that will seem like its still a city feel to the video. <br />We wanted to choose the city for the location shots as we wanted to show a sense of grittiness seeing London from a different perspective.<br />We want to show locations that are not commonly shown which people don’t really know about giving a sense of greater reality. <br />As we changed the concept for the video we also changed the location as the new location had to fit with the new ideas. <br />For the new video location we are filming the main shot in a underground scenes in skipwith house basement as it is a large enough basement to fit are requirements for the video. The basement will show a place where the character can express himself hidden from anyone else. Other shots will take place in hall ways to give the school feeling of intimidation. The dark setting gives the lighting a brighter affect giving different affects for different shots.<br />The lighting various in the basement as different shots are available such as being able to mix the lighting. There are bright lights in the basement that give off different impressions. The general dark settings of the basement go well with the song as they are both dark and grim.<br />
  28. 28. When the blood dries in my veinsAnd my, heart feels no more painI know, I'll be on my wayTo heaven's doorI know when I knockI'll be hoping I don't dropTo a place where I will rise, like before(2x)I can feel, something happeningThat I've never felt beforeHopeless dreaming will startDragging me away from heavens door(2x)When my mind stops thinkingAnd my eyes stop blinkingI hope...Somebody's thereWhen my heart stops beatingAnd my lungs stop breathingIn air... I hope somebody caresWhen the blood dries in my veinsAnd my, heart feels no more painI know, I'll be on my wayTo heaven's doorI know when I knockI'll be hoping I don't dropTo a place where I will rise, like before(2x)I can feel, something happeningThat I've never felt beforeHopeless dreaming will startDragging me away from heavens doorWhen my mind stops thinkingAnd my eyes stop blinkingI hope... Somebody's thereWhen my heart stops beating And my lungs stop breathing In air...I hope somebody caresWhen my mind stops thinking And my eyes stop blinking I know... At the end <br />Treatment song<br />We chose this song as it has a dark theme involved matching the type of point that we are trying to show in are video. We are trying to show the difficulties of trying to be successful in the music business.<br />The songs lyrics are about the feelings of being near death. The song is about how people feel about when their near death such as people caring, helping and being there to save them. The lyrics describe the stages of which the body goes through during death how long and lonely it can be. <br />The dark backing music would mix well with the concept of our video as it starts of slow then suddenly the song quickens up which would go well with the editing that will be In the video. <br />
  29. 29. Treatment narrative<br />As we have changed the video concept the narrative story has also changed.<br /> The video shows the struggle of a person who is struggling to cope with his surroundings. Shots will show the person being picked on in his environment storing his anger inside of him. The video will show the person struggling to cope with facing his demons (bullies). <br />The video will show a sense of loneliness' as gets picked on by a group of bullies only able to cope on his own. The video shows the aftermath of the attack that occurs on the main character as he is just trying to get by.<br />The video shows the emotion that the main character goes through trying to cope in a difficult environment. The video shows how unlucky can be not having the right confidence finding it difficult to avoid trouble.<br />There will be shots of the artist in the basement, these shots will show him performing showing his emotions while performing. The artist uses body movements that <br />
  30. 30. Colour and Tone<br />The video will have different features and colours as the video has mixed emotions throughout the video. Some shots of the artist are shot in a bright room whereas another shot is shot in a darker setting showing a setting for mixed emotions. The changing of the colour and tone would keep the viewer entertained as the different changes are made frequently. This would give the video more variety as the changes would keep the viewer looking forward to the ending.<br />The performance shots are filmed in a bright room, we thought that seeing the performers face is an important element for the video to see the expressions of the performer. We also thought that using bright lights would capture the attention of the viewer.<br />
  31. 31. Target Audience<br />The target groups that we are targeting is 15-25 as we want to focus on a younger generation that can relate with the song and video.<br />The video can be targeted at a wide range of audiences as the artist is not specifically focused on any certain group of audience.<br />
  32. 32. Location Shots<br />
  33. 33. Location shots<br />These two shots were used in the narrative as the mixture of lighting and grittiness gives the idea of not wanting to be in that specific location<br />This location was the main location for the performance shots as it had bright lighting which stood out in the dark room that it is in.<br />
  34. 34. Location shots<br />All of these shots were used in the narrative scenes as the locations had a mixture of darkness with some light areas around the area. The locations also looked gritty giving the idea of the location being run down.<br />
  35. 35. Digipack Production<br />
  36. 36. Digipack<br />
  37. 37. Digipack Examples<br />
  38. 38. Digipack Front Cover<br />I chose this for the front cover as it shows a clear picture of the artist. The grey dark colours is used for the dark type of music that the artist performs.<br />
  39. 39. Digipack back cover<br />The artist standing under the light shows that the spotlight is on him, this represents his career taking off and becoming successful.<br />
  40. 40. Biography<br />I put the biography in red as it makes it stand out wanting the buyer to read and understand the artist.<br />The biography is used for the buyer to have a better understanding of what the buyers are listening to.<br />The biography adds more towards the digipack making it more interesting.<br />
  41. 41. Middle Pages<br />
  42. 42. Digipack Layout<br />Middle pages<br />Front cover<br />Back Cover<br />
  43. 43. Music advert<br />
  44. 44. Poster examples<br />These adverts show a clear picture of the artist being either a close up or median shot.<br />
  45. 45. Poster examples<br />These posters use comments and stars to show how successful the movie has been with critics.<br />
  46. 46. Poster<br />I used comments from newspaper and music magazines to show how successful the artist has been with the critics.<br />The background being the sky makes the artist stand out, getting centre of attention.<br />
  47. 47. Technology<br />We used the C10 memory card cam recorder to record the footage for the video.<br />Where are also using a tripod to maintain steady shots.<br />I used a Samsung computer screen and a Mesh computer monitor to carryout the editing.<br />
  48. 48. Shooting schedule<br />
  49. 49. Risk Assessment<br />
  50. 50. Risk Assessment<br />
  51. 51. Storyboard<br />Are story board was not long as the narrative side of our video is relatively small. The performance scene take up majority of the video.<br />