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013112 mds resume9

  1. 1. Warrenton, Virginia Phone: 540-347-2933; Cell: 540-272-4592 Email: mdstenberg@comcast.net   MICHAEL D. STENBERG, RA, CSI Architect Program Development – Environmental Design – Constructability SolutionsRegistered architect with experience in a wide range of project types. Key player for both smallarchitectural and large engineering / architectural firms, with diverse local, national andinternational clientele. Have led multi-disciplinary design teams producing projects from initialclient contact through all phases of production and construction. Low to mid-rise project typesrange from single- and multi-family residential to K-12 educational facilities, from privaterecreational, public and private medical, to Federal industrial and strategic military facilities. Amember of USGBC, I have long advocated use of bio-climatic and site-specific, natural values inarchitectural design and construction as a basic element of good design.UNIQUE QUALIFICATIONS • Top Secret Clearance, Inactive, (expiration: August 2013.) • Passport is current.EXPERIENCEPrincipalMDS Architecture, Warrenton, VA 2012 – PresentFull-service Architectural Consulting Firm: See Professional Skills & Qualifications, below.Supervisory ArchitectPB Heery Americas, Inc., Herndon, VA 2010 – 2011Purchase of Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB Americas) by Balfour Beatty of Great Britain required thecreation of new special security agreement (SSA) company, to handle classified projects forUnited States government clients. • Provided services as supervisory architect for classified projects carried over from parent company. • Completed construction documents and cost estimates for renovation of emergency medical facility for final submittal to client.Supervisory Lead ArchitectParsons Brinckerhoff Americas, Inc., Herndon, VA 2006 – 2010Surveillance Radar Program, Taiwan, (ROC): Served as lead architect for the phased arrayradar building and supporting technical facilities. • Coordinated the work of a multi-disciplinary team, with personnel in our New York City, Boston, San Francisco and Taipei, Taiwan offices, designing and producing contract documents for the construction of project buildings and related sitework and utilities. • Met with the project management and design team for Raytheon, (our direct client,) and teams from the United States Air Force and the Taiwan (ROC) Air Force to ensure the firm’s A/E team design work was in compliance with the clients’ facility program and code and constructability requirements. • Managed submittal review and design change request documentation during construction, producing numerous sketches and supporting specification and other 1  
  2. 2. Warrenton, Virginia Phone: 540-347-2933; Cell: 540-272-4592 Email: mdstenberg@comcast.net   document changes for the project management team in the Herndon, Virginia office and Taipei and site construction offices in Taiwan. Observed foundation placement of main building and related site work on site.Olin E. Teague Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC), Temple, TX: • Directed the Architectural design team, coordinating Architectural discipline work with Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection in the design and production of documents for a new Information Technology Building for the Temple, Texas VA Medical Center campus, as part of the Design / Build team.Department of Homeland Security (for FEMA), Undisclosed Location: • Prepared initial charrette documentation for design of a new multi-use facility including office space and a new dining facility for MWEOC, and renovation of an existing office building in preparation of ten percent design documentation for a Request For Proposals for a design/build contract, to be issued by the agency. • Coordinated the work of the Federal Group’s Architectural design team, working with in- house Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing disciplines, and with our Fire Protection consultants in the production of the RFP documents.General Services Administration (GSA), Herbert Hoover Commerce Building (HCHB),Washington, DC: • Prepared architectural drawings for renovations and upgrades to this federal office building. • Worked with the A/E team to provide full A/E services including fire protection consultants and a hazardous material assessment and plan for our client, a general contractor with a sole-source contract with GSA. The client’s contract included renovation of a portion of the basement and addition of fire protection to a portion of the first floor of the HCHB building. The project also included basic upgrade and renovation to the electrical system, such as office wiring and light fixture replacement.Senior Project ArchitectSHW Group, PC, Reston, VA 2006New Eastern View High School, Culpeper County Public Schools, Culpeper, VA: • Completed the final construction documents for the new high school, working with in- house design team and client and consultant team members. • Conducted submittal reviews and observed placement of foundations, steel erection and installation of subsurface geothermal system piping on-site during construction administration phase, working with the client’s facilities planning director.Additions and Alterations to Weems and Haydon Elementary Schools, City of Manassas PublicSchools, Manassas, VA: • Designed and directed production of contract documents for the addition of a new library and classroom renovations for two identical elementary schools, working directly with school staff of each school, and with the school district administration.Senior Project ArchitectFanning / Howey Associates, Inc., Alexandria, VA 2002 – 2005Additions and Alterations to Manheim Township High School, Manheim Township, PA: 2  
  3. 3. Warrenton, Virginia Phone: 540-347-2933; Cell: 540-272-4592 Email: mdstenberg@comcast.net   • Participated in planning and execution of fully integrated design charrette, with Manheim Township, Pennsylvania residents, school system faculty and staff, student representatives and architectural and engineering design team staff for extensive alterations and additions to the existing High School to accommodate significant curricular program modifications. • Lead design team in preparation of preliminary design for additions and alterations before project was postponed by the Manheim Township School District.Two new High Schools for Page County Public Schools, Page County, VA: • Participated in planning and execution of fully integrated design charrette, with Page County, Virginia residents, school system faculty and staff, student representatives and architectural and engineering design team staff. • Lead design team in preparation of design and construction documents for two similar high schools for Page County, Virginia. Projects were on time and within budget; however, construction was postponed while awaiting resolution of continuing discussion between County residents concerning the number of schools needed. Question was resolved; both schools were built, and are now in use.EDUCATIONBachelor of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture.Additional Studies: Energy Performance of Building Systems; Architectural Management; TheArchitect as Developer; numerous additional courses to stay current with professional practiceand the continuing education annual requirements for state licensing boards.PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATIONRegistered Architect: Texas, 1977 (6139); Virginia, 1995 (0401 009221)PROFESSIONAL SKILLS & QUALIFICATIONSKnowledge, skills and services of architectural practice: • Clients served and project type experience: Government, including United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Farmers Home Administration (FHA), Veterans’ Administration (VA), Navy Department, Air Force, United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE,) Smithsonian Institute and Homeland Defense, including Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA); Commercial and non-profit, including office and retail, manufacturing, religious, recreational, interiors and furnishings design, site and facilities surveys, planning and landscaping; Institutional and industrial, including museums, health care, higher education, and public utilities; Residential, including single- and multi-family housing. • Special work experience: For work with FEMA on disaster damage assessment, relief and recovery efforts. Have worked in recovery efforts following Hurricane Celia, (1970, Corpus Christi, TX,) and the Nashville, TN flood, (2010.) • Architectural practice and knowledge: Career experience includes conducting client interviews and activity research, analyzing client-prepared program requirements, preparing existing facility surveys, site surveys, facilities development programs, conducting site and facilities planning, preparing landscape designs, building designs from schematic or conceptual through design development, using a multidisciplinary, 3  
  4. 4. Warre enton, Virgini a Pho one: 540-347-2933; Cell: 5 540-272-4592 Email: mdst E mcast.net  tenberg@com  ntegrated de in esign approa that incorporates site ach e-specific ec cological and bioclimatic d c cr riteria as we as client-s ell supplied scope-of-work a regulato agency g and ory guidelines. Experienced in preparing cost estima E g ates, project code analysses, conduccting in nterdisciplina design ch ary harrettes, pr reparing inte erior designs and furnish s hings, fixture es and equipment (FF&E) pa ackages, ma anaging the bidding proc cess for both design-bidd- build and des sign-build pro oject deliver reviewing project sub ry, g bmittals durin construct ng tion, co onducting site observation of constr ruction and p preparing coonstruction c change reque est documentatio on. • Engineering disciplines: Work with and coordina geotechn E d a ate nical, civil, st tructural, mechanical, fire protectio and electr m f on rical enginee ering teams with architec ctural design n during all pha ases of desig and cons gn struction. • Structural sys S stems: Auge er-cast conccrete pilings; driven conc crete and ste pilings; eel su uspended co oncrete slab concrete slab-on-grad e; load-bear b; s ring masonry and frame wall y sy ystems; coluumn and bea framing in wood, con am i ncrete, and ssteel; steel b bar-joist, co omposite ste and conc eel crete floor an roof deck systems; p nd k precast concrete hollow ccore and tee sectio ons; pre- and post-tensioned concre structura systems; p ete al pre-engineer red metal building systems. m g • Building enve B elope system Have us exterior t ms: sed tilt-wall applications; alu uminum and glass, or preccast concrete curtain wa systems, c e all cavity wall systems, including rainsc creen principles in building enve b elope design metal roof n; fing, single-p and mod ply dified bitume en; co onventional multi-ply me embrane rooofing system design of ventilated r ms; f roofing syste ems fo cold clima or ates. Have designed bui d ilding envelo opes for hurr ricane wind loads. • Specifications and Const S s truction Docu uments: Ha prepared specificatio ave d ons, includin ng Divisions 00 and 01 using the major specification systems, in D a g s n ncluding Uniiform Federaal Guide Specifications, Vet G terans Administration Sppecifications AIA Maste s, erSpec, Specsintact, CSI’s Maste S erFormat and BSD Spec d cLink system Have used AutoCAD up ms. D to 2011, and am learning AutoCAD 2012, and Re 2012 for Building Inf o g 2 evit r formation Modeling (BIM M M.) • Environmenta / Sustaina E al able Design: Have desig gned and ha constructe a private ad ed re esidence, an industrial fa n acility and he ealth care fa acilities incorrporating pa assive solar design, water r-source HVA systems and sustain AC s nable buildin practices. Thoroughly ng . y fa amiliar with the LEED rating systems for Building Design + C t s g Constructionn.A comple career pr ete roject list is available on request. a Virginia L Murra Elementary School, Albema County, VA V ay S arle A Andiamo R Ristorante, Aust TX tin, 4