OLPC Facebook Micro-Payment Strategy


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"Leveraging the Social Graph for Greatness"

Objective: Facebook Connect powered micro-payment strategy to raise laptop funds.

Phase 1: College Campus Competition

*If every college student in the US donated $5 we could distribute 450K laptops

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OLPC Facebook Micro-Payment Strategy

  1. OLPC Micro Payments Leveraging the Facebook social graph for greatness Michael Sprague March 2009
  2. Objective: Nationwide college campus competition
  3. Strategy: Facebook Connect powered micro payments
  4. Why it works: Quick. Seamless. Viral. *Facebook virtual gifts generated ~$50-60m in 2008
  5. Want to hear more?
  6.  Over 18m college students in the US  Over 4k college campuses in the US ---  If every college student gave $1 we could distribute 90k laptops  If every college student gave $5 we could distribute 450k laptops
  7. + = Facebook Connect gives us the tools to create viral distribution channels among college students (within facebook.com walls)
  8.  My entire 252 person network will see this.  We can add multi media stories (video!)
  9. Micro-Payments: Tiny Medium Big $1 $5 $10 @ an avg. contribution of $5 from 18m students:  100% = 450,000 laptops  50% = 225K laptops  10% = 45K laptops
  10. Seamless transition while browsing within Facebook
  11. Scale (phase 1)  College Campus Competitions  College to raise the most money wins XYZ..  Target rival colleges (e.g USC vs. UCLA)
  12. What’s Next?
  13. Objective: Nationwide micro-payments *Facebook has nearly 200m users worldwide
  14. Mission To work with the OLPC web strategy team in developing innovative ways to share and connect this vision with the world.
  15. Thank you for your time. Michael Sprague Zachary Taylor Tech Lead michaeltsprague@gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/zacharytaylor http://www.linkedin.com/in/mtsprague