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Website Traffic and Link Building In 2013 & Beyond


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Published in: Self Improvement

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Website Traffic and Link Building In 2013 & Beyond

  1. 1. Link Building In 2013 & Beyond....Special presentation w/ Justin Lewis & Michael Brown
  2. 2. Lets Start With Link BuildingDirectories (value down slightly)Articles (down)Web 2.0 (Squidoo, Hub Pages, Blogger etc.) (up)Forums (great for word of mouth traffic)Automated links (Most dead)Answer Sites (links are nofollow but good word of mouthso worth doing)Blog Commenting (about the same - dont spam)Anchor text matters less (use several versions)All other solo link building is about the sameGoogle PR still important
  3. 3. Rules For Link BuildingUse an anchor text varietyInclude... click here, check it out, just the URL, brandname of your website along with keywordsGet links from more than a few sourcesThe more (safe) places the betterThe more places the less spammy it looksDont worry about do and nofollow links - some of the bestlinks are from nofollow because of the source (Youtube)
  4. 4. What I Am Focusing OnGreat Unique ContentSocial MediaFocus on where people hangout atGuest Blogging & OutreachLess Link Building But Still Doing itWhen link building, focus on where traffic is at
  5. 5. Why Great Content?Its unique to you - sets you apartPeople want to read itGet shared moreWould you share something youve read before severaltimes by someone else with a friend?People link to it for free
  6. 6. How To Produce Great ContentFind what your industry wants but isnt writing orproducing enough ofFind out in forums, on social media, investigating othersites, search by keywordProduce what they have but betterPut some time and effort into making it as helpful aspossibleLength doesnt matter as much as valueInclude charts, graphs, images, videos whenever possible- adds value and presentationAlso think of "how much this will help/matter to myaudience"
  7. 7. Connecting With Social MediaGet on Facebook, Twitter and Google PlusInteract whenever possibleSocial traffic rising STILLMy results: 90% of people I personally interact with BUYfrom me
  8. 8. How To Use Social MediaShare your postsDaily wisdom (expert)Create a Google Plus Page, Facebook Fanpage (can beseparate from personal account) and a Twitter ProfileAsk opinions to improve what youre doing (shows howimportant your listener/reader is)Interact with people!Build a Fan page in minutes
  9. 9. Guest BloggingMore than just a linkGet your website more attention (traffic)Lifetime traffic on high traffic blogsCan link build to their blog post to boost in rankings too
  10. 10. Good Guest Blogging IdeasWrite amazing content for your guest post - In fact, givethem some of your best stuffWow their readers and the bloggerFind complimentary topics to guest blog abouti.e. if they write about dog training maybe write about aspecific kind of dog training like outdoor potty trainingAvoid topics theyve covered in detail over and overunless you have a good twistOnly give them unique content (theyll love you for it)Find them on Google "keywords"+guest posting
  11. 11. RecapKeep building links (but diversify)Keep utilizing forumsUse and engage on social media (relationships!)Guest post whenever possibleGuest post with great contentCreate your own great content that people will link to andshareBe unique!
  12. 12. Podcast Show Notes & ResourcesThis episode: Creativity?
  13. 13. Thank You + Exclusive Trainingwww.nicheoptimizer.comThank You For Listening!