BuddyPress: Social Networks for WordPress


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Michael McNeill's WordCamp Raleigh 2013 presentation on "BuddyPress: Social Networks for WordPress".

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BuddyPress: Social Networks for WordPress

  1. 1. Social Net works with WordPress WordCamp Raleigh 2013 Michael McNeill - @michaelrmcneill
  2. 2. A little about myself... Student Director of Technology and Development for Carolina Athletics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I help to support innovation in relation to technology in a fast paced collegiate athletic environment. Partner in Digital Strategy Works, a firm that does.....guess what?...Digital Strategy. We build more than websites and mobile applications, we provide end to end solutions for our clients. From Wilkesboro, NC, right below Boone, NC. I’ve worked on exciting and wide ranging projects, such as ALOHA, BuildingLink.com, Black Enterprise Magazine, neighborbee, Mackay Communications, Melibee Global, and others. I’ve worked with WordPress for over four years now and absolutely love it.
  3. 3. What is BuddyPress? Direct from the BuddyPress Codex (http:/ / / bit.ly/3Y1H7u): BuddyPress is a powerful plugin that takes your WordPress.org powered site beyond the blog with social-net work features like user profiles, activity streams, user groups, and more. First released by Automattic (the company behind WordPress) in 2009, it has grown to almost 1.8 million downloads on the WordPress Codex.
  4. 4. Requirements A working installation of WordPress version 3.5 or higher. You should be running 3.71 anyways... . A good back up of all files and your entire database. You should be doing this regularly anyways.... One note...BuddyPress DOES NOT work on installations where you give WordPress it’s own directory.
  5. 5. Installing BuddyPress Video located: http:/ /youtu.be/3G8T61mS-qw
  6. 6. While you’re at it, install bbPress. Video located: http:/ /youtu.be/ycWJE0B1iCU
  7. 7. What is included? BuddyPress is made up of a series of plugins. Each plugin is used to add a different feature to your site, and most work independently of each other, so you can choose to use all of them or just use specific ones to add the components you would like!
  8. 8. Some Available Features... Default BuddyPress Theme Activity Streams and Status Updates Extended Profiles Friend Connections Private Messaging Groups & Member Listings Discussion Forums (Powered by bbPress)
  9. 9. Changing Components Video located: http:/ /youtu.be/f0hyCufSCWM
  10. 10. Let everyone register... Video located: http:/ /youtu.be/_f veXB3J6lA
  11. 11. Activity Streams and Status Updates Video located: http:/ /youtu.be/nBdbMxOC6OU
  12. 12. Extended Profiles Video located: http:/ /youtu.be/9f8BpHf2N08
  13. 13. Friend-ing and Messaging Video located: http:/ /youtu.be/x59RdC73fq4
  14. 14. Creating Groups Video located: http:/ /youtu.be/EXcrmdC0Rs4
  15. 15. Joining Groups Video located: http:/ /youtu.be/mfdWtgcWG8c
  16. 16. Proof of Concept http:/ /beta.neighborbee.com
  17. 17. Questions? I might have some answers...