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Thesys Case Study Summer 2010 Fairmont prep abbreviated


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Thesys Case Study Summer 2010 Fairmont prep abbreviated

  1. 1. CAS ST SE TUDY Y Fairm mont Prep paratory Academ y my Septe ember 20 | the 010 esysintl.c comSSCHOOL INFORMATIO ON HYB BRID VS. CL LASSROOM COURSES MFFairmont Pr reparatory Academy is a private e Duriing Fairmoont’s summ mer progra am, thehigh school located in Anaheim, CA There areh A A. e Geoometry class was offere both as a hybrid s edccurrently 62 students enrolled. Fo the 2010 26 or 0 cour and as a classroom- rse -only course Overall, e.SSummer Sch hool Program, Fairmont wanted to t o stud dents perfoormed bett ter in the hybrid epprovide stud dents increaased schedu flexibility ule y courrse.wwhile mainta aining rigoro ous course offerings. In naddition, the wanted to build a bra ey ridge to theehhybrid/blend ded learning model use today by g ed yuuniversities. Fairmont partnered with Thesys p w sInternational to provide sixteen hyb brid courses stthat were co ompleted by 156 studeents utilizing gbboth classro oom instruction and a Learning gManagement System (LMS). OutcM comes were eequal to or better than traditional classroom-e n -bbased cour rses, at a 33% lower cost per rsstudent.Hybrid or “blended” learning empowersH sstudents to become independent les earners-- the ekkind of stude they will need to be ent ecome when nentering college.e 88%% of stu udents tak king cours ses for advaancement earned pa assing grad des. TheFFairmont offfered the fo ollowing hyb brid coursess hyb rid grade distributions for advancement sduring the Summer 2010 session: Algebra I CP,d S 0 A stud dents were equal to or bett e o ter thanAAlgebra II/TTrigonometr CP, Biology CP & ry commparable outcomes in the classroo om, withHHonors, Che emistry CP & Honors, Economics s 69% earning an A or B. %C English I/II/II CP, Geometry CP, Health, Pre-CP, -CCalculus CP US Gover P, rnment CP, US History y 83% of students taking cou % s urses for rem mediationCCP, and World History CP. Courses were W e earn ned a highe passing g er grade in the hybridttaught by Faairmont teacchers who were trained w d cour rse (a sch hool improv vement ov ver priorb year rs).DDEMOGRAP PHICS SUM MMARYState: CaliforniaS chool must continually improve Tod ay, every scSSystem: Fair rmont Educa ation Group acad demic quality at a low cost per student wer rTType: Urban fringe of a mid-sized ci ity whil e offering a full rang of courses. The ge hyb rid model in ncreasingly meets this range ofRRESULTS scho needs. C ool Cost/student ranges fro 30 to om 60% lower in hy % ybrid progra ams.TTeachers deeveloped a variety of methods tooeenhance and manage the hybrid courses. For d t c r A hy ybrid structu ure…eexample: the spent tim in the co ey me omputer lab b  IIncreases coourse access in flexible soonce per we to presen an overview of major eek nt r s schedulesttopics, and they recoommended a mix of f  IImproves teeacher satisfactionclassroom and online instructional time byc a y  IImproves leaarning effec ctivenessssubject matt ter.  IImproves student engag gement For the full case stu udy, visit www.t hesysint t Or, call Miche elle Low for a presenta we ation: (7 714) 234 4-2728