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Canterbury Shaker Village


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After visiting in the Autumn of 2000 to look at furniture, I became fascinated by the history of the Shaker community that was so close to home. I started as an Interpreter and assistant groundskeeper, and eventually learned my Boxmaking skills through an Apprenticeship with Master Boxmaker Barbara Beeler. I can also call Canterbury Shaker Village home because I lived on the property as a caretaker. I look back at the years there, from 2001 to 2007, as some of my most cherished experiences and friendships.

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Canterbury Shaker Village

  1. 1. Canterbury Shaker Village
  2. 2. The Meeting House
  3. 3. Trustee’s Office (aka Home)
  4. 4. The Schoolhouse
  5. 5. The Carpenter’s Shop
  6. 6. The Boxmaker and HER Apprentice
  7. 7. Jack Frost
  8. 8. Henry Blynn’s Arboretum
  9. 9. Alberta Kirkpatrick McMillan (90 th Birthday)
  10. 10. Fiona