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Callvine short overview_-_july 2010


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Callvine short overview_-_july 2010

  1. 1. CALL  TOGETHER  NOW   July  2010  
  2. 2. 2   Callvine:  Instant  Group  Call  &  Text   •  Instant  Group  Calling  &  TexAng  to  any  phone     •  iPhone  Launch  -­‐  July  2010   •  Free  10  minute  calls  –  upsell  with  pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐go   minutes  and  monthly  subscripAons   •  Business  Conferencing  launch  Sept  ‘10  with   Blackberry,  Android  Apps  &  Web  Access   •  Easy  group  texAng  from  your  phone   •  Powerful  dashboard  displays  callers  and  allows   muAng,  disconnecAng   Proprietary  &  ConfidenAal     Copyright  ©  2010,  Callvine,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved
  3. 3. 3   Company  Highlights   •   Conference  minutes  growing  >20%/year   Explosive  Market   •   Mobile  smartphone  demand  soaring   •   Setup,  manage  and  control  calls  from  mobile   Mobile-­‐Centric   •   MulN-­‐plaPorm  –  iPhone,  Android,  Blackberry   Freemium   •   Build  user  base  &  brand  w/  freemium  model   Model   •   Upsell  for  business  features  &  longer  calls   Robust,  Flexible   •   Proven,  reliable  business  class  infrastructure   PlaUorm   •   Cross-­‐plaPorm  apps  &  web  access   Experienced   •   Proven  telecom,  soVware  and  markeNng  team   Team   • Freemium  model  leadership  at  
  4. 4. 4   Callvine  Summary   •  Based  in  AusAn,  TX  with  Silicon  Valley  engineering  presence   •  Funded  by  S3  Ventures  –  operaAng  in  stealth  mode  since  Feb.  ‘10   •  Acquired  assets  of  Vello,  a  proven,  business-­‐class  conferencing  company   with  $10  million  prior  investment   •  Mobile  engineering  previously  developed  highly-­‐acclaimed  iPhone  apps:   “Zagat  to  Go”,  “QuickOffice”   •  Building  key  long-­‐term  partnerships  with  leading,  consumer  and  business   brands   •  Management  team  highly  experienced  in  telecommunicaAons,  internet   and  mobile  markets   •  Rudy  Prince,  CEO,  founded  -­‐  a  “freemium”  pioneer  and  leader   •  Callvine  provides  the  simplest  telephony  link  for  mobile  group   communicaNons   Proprietary  &  ConfidenAal   Copyright  ©  2010,  Callvine,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved  
  5. 5. 5   Consumer  to  Business  Strategy   •  Business  CollaboraAon  Features   •  Flexible  Billing   SMB  &     •  Powerful  Selling  Tool   SOHO   Mobile   Professionals   Consumer  Group   ApplicaAons   •  Instant  Group  Calling/TexAng   •  Freemium  Model   •  Building  User  Base  &  Brand   Proprietary  &  ConfidenAal   Copyright  ©  2010,  Callvine,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved  
  6. 6. 6   Audio  Conferencing  Problems  Today   •   Users  forget  or  misplace  dial-­‐in  numbers  and  pin  codes   •   Ogen  difficult  to  access  conference  call  info  on  mobile  phones   •   Users  frequently  kept  waiAng  for  everyone  to  join  a  conference  call   •   3-­‐way  calling  Ame  consuming  and  cumbersome   •   Limited  management  of  parAcipants  
  7. 7. 7   Superior  Mobile  Business  Conferencing   Outbound  calling   Callvine  dashboard   simplifies  setup,     enables  full  call  control   minimizes  wasted   Nme   Flexible  billing   opNons   One-­‐Touch  Conferencing  enables   efficient,  instant  team  meeNngs      
  8. 8. 8   Mobile  conferencing  market  ready  for  explosive   growth   Opportunity  to  become  the  standard  for  mobile  conferencing.   •   Smartphones  are  the  next  plaUorm  for  a  new  generaAon            of  conferencing  services     •   Low  terminaAon  costs  allow  affordable  “free”                  opportuniAes   •   Low  subscriber  acquisiAon  costs  through  free  service,  new            features  and  mobile  focus   •   Highly  scalable  opportunity  poised  to  take  advantage  of              growth  in  both  conferencing  and  mobile  apps  on            smartphones.  
  9. 9. 9   Callvine  Team   Rudy  Prince,  CEO   Steve  Breen,  Director   Rudy  was  the  founder  and   Mobile  Technology   CEO  of  eFax  for  10  years,   Steve  is  an  award-­‐ innovaAng  the  concept  of   winning  developer  of   free  fax  to  email  for   mulAple  iPhone  and   everyone.  Efax  now  has  a     iPad  apps  including   $1  billion+  market  cap.     Zagat  to  Go  and   QuickOffice   Mark  Dzwonzyck,  COO   Mark  founded  and  ran   SigPro,  a  VoiP   infrastructure    company,   for  12  years,  and  launched   conference  call  innovator   Vello  at  DEMO.   Proprietary  &  ConfidenAal   Copyright  ©  2010,  Callvine,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved  
  10. 10. 10   Callvine  Team   Ed  Gross,  VP   Michael  Prince,  VP   Engineering   Business  Development   Ed  has  managed  a  number   Michael’s  brings  20  years   of  development   experience  leading  sales   organizaAons,  including  the   and  business  development   Lucent  Networking  Center   efforts  for  startups  and   of  Excellence  where  he  ran   Fortune  1000  companies.   telco  grade  networks  for  a   number  of  North  American   carriers.   Mary  Firme,  Director   MarkeNng     Expert  direct  marketer  in   user  acquisiAon,   subscripAon  efforts  for,  PC  Gamer,   Business  2.0,  MacLife,   VolunteerSpot  &  more.   Proprietary  &  ConfidenAal   Copyright  ©  2010,  Callvine,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved