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The 7 Day Job Search, Day 5 - Career Council


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Why wait six months to find a job? I can jumpstart your job search in one week. Learn how to find a job in 7 days!

On Day 5 we show you how to recruit a personal board of directors for your job search.

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The 7 Day Job Search, Day 5 - Career Council

  1. 1. The  7-­‐Day  Job  Search   How  to  find  a  job  in  7  days   Day  5  –  CAREER  COUNCIL  
  2. 2.   “It takes a village to raise a child” ~ African Proverb
  3. 3.   To find a job, you need people.
  4. 4.   Mentor  –  offers  personal  &  professional  guidance   CAREER  COUNCIL,  INCLUDES…   Coach  –  introduces  tools  to  aide  in  your  development     Advocate  –  champions  your  candidacy   Sponsor  –  directly  influences  your  career  development    
  5. 5.   Mentor   talking  with  you   •  Personal development + professional guidance •  Common interests, similar values & shared views are important •  Their experience = Your point of reference •  The best part? They expect very little in return  
  6. 6.   Coach   talking  at  you   •  Enablers: Provide tools to grow and improve •  Prioritize goals & build a plan •  Measure success by identifying hurdles to getting from points A to B  
  7. 7.   Advocate   talking  about  you   •  Promote you & your performance publicly •  They have a seat at the table •  Assist in landing you important projects  
  8. 8.   Sponsor   talking  for  you   •  Advocacy + Influence = Sponsorship •  Senior level advocates with the power and authority to elevate your career, decision makers •  YOU are an extension of their personal brand •  Why would anyone allow you to wear his or her brand?  
  9. 9.   Quali>es     Connector:  A  respected  member  of  the  community  who   has  authority  and  access  to  an  extensive  network.   Listener:  Someone  who  has  excellent  listening  skills,  is   empathe>c,  and  will  allow  you  to  vent,  at  >mes.   Industry  Expert:  Someone  who  has  accomplished  what   you  are  trying  to  do.   The-­‐No-­‐Nonsense  Person:  Someone  who  you  can  count   on  to  tell  you  exactly  like  it  is  and  holds  you  accountable   to  achieving  your  goals.  
  10. 10.   Get  the  full  7-­‐Day  Job  Search  Course  @