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The 7 Day Job Search, Day 1 - Brand Yourself


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Why wait six months to find a job? I can jumpstart your job search in one week. Learn how to find a job in 7 days!

On Day 1 we explore how to establish, position and promote your personal brand

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The 7 Day Job Search, Day 1 - Brand Yourself

  1. 1. The  7-­‐Day  Job  Search   How  to  find  a  job  in  7  days   Day  1  –  BRAND  YOURSELF  
  2. 2. “Your  brand  is  what  people  say  about   you  when  you  leave  the  room.”        ~Jeff  Bezos          Founder,  Amazon  
  3. 3.   How  you  market  and  sell  yourself  to  others.   Personal  Brand:  
  4. 4.   Explore  your  Personal  Brand   Write  your  Personal  Brand   Manage  your  Personal  Brand   LET’S…  
  5. 5.   Explore  your  Personal  Brand:   1.   What  makes  me  great?   Figure  out  what  you  do  beQer  than  anyone  else.   Start  by  thinking  about  what  your  friends  and  family   always  ask  you  for  help  with.  SomeRmes,  we  forget   that  what  comes  easy  to  us  may  prove  difficult  to   others.  That’s  where  your  value  lies!*     *Adapted  from  Forbes,  “3  CriRcal  QuesRons  To  Ask  Yourself  Before  Building   Your  Personal  Brand”    
  6. 6.   Explore  your  Personal  Brand:   2.   What  makes  me  unique?   Find  a  way  to  standout  from  the  crowd.  Is  it  your   personality,  special  set  of  experiences  or  the  skill  you   bring  to  your  profession?  IdenRfy  all  the  things  that   make  you  dramaRcally  different  from  the   compeRRon.*     *Adapted  from  Forbes,  “3  CriRcal  QuesRons  To  Ask  Yourself  Before  Building   Your  Personal  Brand”    
  7. 7.   Explore  your  Personal  Brand:   3.   What  makes  me  compelling?   First,  figure  out  your  target.  Who  needs  what  you’re   offering?  Then,  ask  yourself  ‘What  would  make  them   choose  me?’  Sell  any  decision  maker  or  influencer  on   the  results  you  can  deliver!*     *Adapted  from  Forbes,  “3  CriRcal  QuesRons  To  Ask  Yourself  Before  Building   Your  Personal  Brand”    
  8. 8.   Write  your  Personal  Brand:   1.   Start  with  a  core  statement,  this  is  your   overarching  statement  relaRng  to  your   brand   I  drive  results  OR  I  help  others  succeed  
  9. 9.   Write  your  Personal  Brand:   2.   Add  one  or  two  of  your  personal  strengths:   I  use  my  strength  1  &  strength  2  to  achieve   my  [core  statement]   I  use  my  insight  and  determinaRon  to  drive  results     I  drive  results  through  innovaRon  and  execuRon  
  10. 10.   Write  your  Personal  Brand:   3.   Add  some  color!  Use  some  of  the  words   that  others  have  used  to  describe  you  to   strengthen  your  brand  statement   I  use  my  insight  and  determinaRon  to  efficiently   drive  measurable  results     I  drive  impacful  results  through  collaboraRve   innovaRon  Rmely  execuRon  
  11. 11.   Write  your  Personal  Brand:   4.   Experiment  and  refine!   •  Test  word  subsRtuRons  and  different  combinaRons   •  Get  input  from  others  on  your  core  statement   •  Try  variaRons  using  different  adjecRves   •  Delete  anything  that  is  redundant  and  not  crucial  
  12. 12.   Manage  your  Personal  Brand:   PercepRon   •  What  is  one  strength  that  people  say  you  have?   •  What  is  one  strength  you  want  others  to  recognize?   •  What  can  you  do/stop  doing  to  manage  percepRons?   Visibility   •  How  can  you  generate  ways  to  increase  your   visibility?    
  13. 13.   Manage  your  Personal  Brand:   Uniqueness   •  How  are  you  different  from  the  person  simng  next  to   you?     •  What  is  it  about  you  that  few  people  can  duplicate?   •  How  is  this  relevant  to  your  audience?  
  14. 14.   Manage  your  Personal  Brand:   Packaging   •  What  does  your  desk  area  say  about  you?     •  Are  you  dressing  for  who  you  want  to  be?     •  How  well  do  you  communicate/present  your  ideas?   RelaRonships   •  Who  are  your  main  stakeholders?     •  What  are  their  preferred  working  styles?     •  How  can  you  expand  your  network?    
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