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Supermondays twilio

  1. 1. TwilioInfrastructure APIs for building voice andtext messaging apps Michael Peacock Twilio Lightning Talk
  2. 2. Collection of “Infrastructure APIs” supporting:• Make and receive phone calls• Send and receive text messages• Buy phone numbers• Record caller messages• Conference calls• IVR: Interactive Voice Response• DTMF: Gathering number presses• Text to speechVia the web Twilio Lightning Talk
  3. 3. How does it work?• Create an account• Buy a phone number ($1/month)• Write the code, hosted on your server• Link the application to the phone number• When someone calls the number, twilio hooks into your application which tells it what to do Twilio Lightning Talk
  4. 4. Writing an applicationIts all XML<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Response> <Gather numDigits="4" action=“verify.php"> <Say> This is the ACME telephone verification service. To verify your telephone number, please enter the four digit code shown on your screen now. </Say> </Gather></Response> Twilio Lightning Talk
  5. 5. Writing an application• <Say> something• <Play> a file• <Gather> digits the caller presses• <Dial> a number to transfer/conference the caller• Send an <Sms>• <Record> what the caller is saying Twilio Lightning Talk
  6. 6. Writing an applicationMany of the libraries support generating“TwiML” programatically. E.g. Twilio Lightning Talk
  7. 7. Application flowAt each stage during the call, you define aURL for twilio to redirect to.This allows you to verify details, or act upona specific request. Twilio Lightning Talk
  8. 8. Make a callYou don’t have to wait for someone tophone you. There is a REST API whichallows you to: – Initiate a call from your application – Send an SMS – Buy a phone number Twilio Lightning Talk
  9. 9. Use cases• Verify a customers phone number – Verification• Telephone access to your application – Let customers check the status of their orders• Lead generation – Use a number per lead source and track your marketing efforts – A / B testing on your website (auto-provision a number)• Request a call back form Twilio Lightning Talk
  10. 10. Costs (its really cheap!)• Phone numbers: $1/month – Inbound calls: 1c/minute – Outbound calls: 2c/minute (landlines) – Outbound calls: 14c/minute (mobiles)• Freephone numbers: $2/month – Inbound calls: 6c/minute Twilio Lightning Talk
  11. 11. Don’t want to host the code?For pre-defined basic applications(twimlets) which don’t require continuousback and forth between the user and theserver, Twilio can host your code. Twilio Lightning Talk
  12. 12. Twimlets• Call forwarding• Ring upto 5 numbers until one of them answers• Voicemail• Simple menu• Simple message: plays predefined text and audio• Conference calls Twilio Lightning Talk
  13. 13. ConnectTwilio connect lets you build and sell twiliopowered applications which then connect toanother users twilio account.This lets you sell the application, but lets thebuyer pay for their own usage directly. Twilio Lightning Talk
  14. 14. Please turn on your phoneWant to see a live demo?Call 0191 580 1814 and rate this eveningstalks. Twilio Lightning Talk
  15. 15. Any questions? Twilio Lightning Talk