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Catalog 2014


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Catalog 2014

  1. 1. Defining portable Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results 5690 Logan St. Ste A, Denver, CO 80216 Tel: 303-738-3200 Fax: 303-738-3208
  2. 2. Teardrop Banner Pop-Up Tent Table Cloth
  3. 3. TABLEOF CONTENTS Our mission is to bring you the widest range of personally tested, experiential, event and display signage on the planet, while offering you choices in how best to accomplish your branding needs. Need a banner for a one time event? We've got you covered. How about a flag or tent that needs to brave the wind, rain and snow for extended periods of time? Well, we've got those too. We represent dozens of manufacturers with resources and relationships that span the globe, and we'll work tirelessly to earn your business and ensure your brand stands out! With over a decade of event driven, advertising experience, we know what it takes to put your best foot forward. No pressure, no gimmicks, just sound product offerings and exceptional customer service. Please let us know how we can help! 3-6 Flag Banners - Wing Banner - Teardrop Banner - Feather Banner - Surf Banner - Paddle Banner - Sail Banner - Lantern Banner - Lollipop Signs 8-11 Pop Up Signs - Fiberglass A-Frame - Sideline Square-Frame - Event Bin - Pop-Up Tower - Sideline A-Frame - Pop-Up Circles - Shakers / Wearable Signs - A-Frame - Pop-Up Car Top 13-21 Indoor Display - Extrusion Frame - Ex Display - Tension Backwall - Exhibitor Display - Podium Display - Tower Display - Cobra Display - Table Cloth - Roll Up Banner Stands - Retractable Stands - Custom Display - Hanging Signs - DAGMAG 23-27 Outdoor Display - Outdoor Banner Stand - Spring Flex - Market Umbrellas - Beach Umbrella - Star Tent - Pop-Up Tent 29-33 Inflatables - X-Gloo - Cube Inflatables - Totem - Arch Inflatables - FUGU 34 Barriers and Fencing - Barricade Banners - Fabric Fencing - Snap Fit A-Frame 35 Hardware - Standard Ground Stake - 7 LB Folding Base - Horizontal Spindle - Square Rubber Base - 45 LB Water Bag - Vertical Wall Fixture - Tent Bracket -25 Degree Wall Fixture
  4. 4. FLAGBANNER S I Z E C O M PA R I S O N 20 15 Lantern Banner Sail Banner Paddle Banner Surf Banner SMALL MEDIUM LARGE X - LARGE SMALL LARGE SMAL L M MEDIU SMALL 5 LARGE LARGE 10
  5. 5. Feather Banner Wing Banner Teardrop Banner IUM MED LL SMA SMALL MEDIUM L ARGE XL SM ALL M E D IU M LA RG E XL LAR GE 20 15 10 5
  6. 6. WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM PAGE 3 M FLAGBANNERS All of our banners are fantastic advertising mediums to promote your brand or message at an affordable price. These banners can be effectively used individually or in clusters. We also print replacement fabrics to keep your brand or message current and looking crisp as your needs change. These products are ideal for: outdoor events, marathons, triathlons, sporting events, golf days, exhibitions, store openings, and trade shows. Base Options Available: Flag Banner Features and Benefits: Units include: full digital printing, carry case, and base Single or double-sided printing Lightweight, portable, and durable Commercial grade fiberglass poles Interchangeable fabrics UV Resistant coating No tools required – assembles in under a minute Fabrics can be washed and ironed Horizontal Spindle Standard Ground Stake 45 LB Water Bag Folding Base Square Rubber Base
  7. 7. WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM PAGE 4 FLAGBANNERS 31.5” Wing Banner 31.5” Wing Banners, sometimes referred to as shark fins or blade banners, are a fantastic advertising medium to promote your brand or message. This style is also available in our value line of products for infrequent or annual events. 26” 19’9” 25” MEDIUM 7.9 LBS 5 LBS 8’2” 5 LBS SMALL LARGE 11’2” XL LARGE 15’5” 4.4 LBS 11’ LL SMA 15’ 30” MED IUM LAR Teardrop Banners are great for indoor and outdoor use. The innovative design of the Teardrop Banner ensures they cut through the wind, rain, and snow to promote your message in all types of elements. This style is also available in our value line of products for infrequent or annual events. M 38” GE Teardrop Banner ARGE 37” XL 7’ 24” 28” Feather Banner 28” 28” 15’ Base Options Available: Horizontal Spindle Standard Ground Stake Folding Base 45 LB Water Bag Square Rubber Base MEDIUM LARGE 10’ 7’ SMALL 19’8” XL Feather Banners are great for displaying block style logos and stacked text. Our fabrics have small rods built into the bottom of the fabric, so there is no need for the wind to blow to clearly display your message. This style is also available in our value line of products for infrequent or annual events.
  8. 8. WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM PAGE 5 phone: 303-738-3200 30” 30” Surf Banner The unique design of the Surf Banner captures the feel of the surf and is designed to flap in the wind to help capture attention in outdoor settings. 30” MEDIUM LARGE X - LARGE 15.5’ 11.2’ 7.8’ SMALL 30” 17’ 27.6” This simple design is a blend of our Teardrop and Feather banner products. This product offers maximum visibility and can be used both vertically or horizontally as an effective advertising medium. M XL LARGE Paddle Banner 21.6” 7’3” SMALL LARGE 9’10” 3.9’ Sail Banner 2.95’ 2.46’ M Base Options Available: Horizontal Spindle Standard Ground Stake Folding Base 45 LB Water Bag L 7.5’ Square Rubber Base SMAL 10.2’ MEDIU 11.5’ LARGE This design provides a very large print area complimented with a nautical theme. A solid rod at the bottom of the banner ensures your message will remain open and visible.. Additionally, the rod prevents the fabric from ‘whipping’, thereby extending the life of the fabric.
  9. 9. WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM PAGE 6 28” Lantern Banner LARGE This branding device is a must have for cutting edge displays and events. The aerodynamic design enables the product to spin in the wind and offers branding on all three sides. 6.6’ 20” 45” R Lollipop Signs These simple displays offer double sided printing, making them ideal for mile markers or sponsorship branding at golf tournaments to name a few. The poles can be cut to different lengths to create a stronger visual impact when using them in clusters. Base Options Available: Horizontal Spindle Standard Ground Stake Folding Base 45 LB Water Bag Square Rubber Base 4.9’ R L XL An optional ‘Glo-Lantern’ upgrade allows you to light up your product in dim areas, making this ideal for displaying your brand or message day or night. SMALL 32”
  10. 10. XL Lantern Banner
  11. 11. WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM PAGE 8 POPUPSIGNS These products have remained one of our top selling items for the better part of a decade. Our original A-Frame has been used in sporting events from coast to coast to showcase sponsorship and teams alike. We are proud to announce we have improved the design and are very excited about what the future holds. We’ve made upgrades to the frame by using fiberglass instead of metal, and have also expanded the number of shapes these products are offered in! While we are excited about these new a-frames, we will still continue to offer the metal frames as well. Pop-Up Signs Features and Benefits: Units include: full digital printing, carry case, and stakes Lightweight, portable, and durable Commercial grade fiberglass frame Twist-N-Fold Technology UV Resistant coating No tools required – assembles in under a minute
  12. 12. WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM PAGE 9 POPUPSIGNS Fiberglass A-Frame 5.3 LBS 4.6’ 39” XL 8.2’ 7 LBS 39” LARGE 3.4 LBS 39” 39” 6.6’ 26” SMALL 4.6’ 3 LBS 26” MINI 3.9’ XL Sideline Square-Frame 4’ 5.3 LBS MEDIUM 8.7’ 3 LBS 39” 39” 8 LBS SMALL 6.6’ MEDIUM 3.4 LBS MINI This product is part of our Twist-N-Fold product line, which makes setup and breakdown quick and easy. Our fiberglass a-frames are available in a variety of shapes, while remaining lightweight, portable, and durable for all types of events. The fiberglass frame will not warp from incorrect breakdown. This product is another shape being offered in our Twist-N-Fold product line making setup and breakdowns quick and easy, while remaining lightweight, portable, and durable for all types 4.6’ 3.9’ of events. 4.6’ LARGE 3.9’ SMALL Event Bin Available in square and circular designs, these products are a nice finishing touch to your event signage add a nice finishing touch to your event signage. These products are part of the Twist-N-Fold line up for quick and easy setup and breakdown. These are ideal for recycling areas, giveaways, Single Sided Cylinder Single Sided Cube storage, contests, and much 40” Double Sided Cylinder 40” more. The 360 degree 29.5” printing ensures visibility and brand recognition 40” from any angle. 40” LARGE 29.5” SMALL
  13. 13. PAGE 10 WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM phone: 303-738-3200 Two Sided Pop-Up Tower These towers allow a maximum vertical exposure for your brand or message. Each side is printed independently, allowing multiple messages to be displayed at once. These units utilize a fiberglass frame, and the product setup and breakdown is completed the same as our other Twist-N-Fold products. Two Sided Size Options 6.6’ Size Small - - - - - - - 39”x3.3’ Medium - - - - 39”x4.9’ Large - - - - - - - 39”x6.6’ 39 XL ” Sideline A-Frame SMALL A fiberglass frame, twist-n-fold setup and breakdown, different sizes, and a large printing area are all inherit benefits this product offers. These products are very effective field or court signage, and are 8’ 5” easily transported between events in 6’ 7” their carrying case. 4’ 4” 40” 5” Micro 17” Pop-Up Circles This new design it perfect for golf courses, festivals, mile markers, soccer fields, volleyball courts, and so much more! The fiberglass system makes these durable while keeping them lightweight. With the ability to print different images on each side, you can customize these for your specific branding needs. 20” 28” 47” 55” 80”
  14. 14. PAGE 11 WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM Shaker / Wearable Signs 4 LBS 1.5 LBS L Our Shaker Banners are a modification of our other a-frame products. These units include single sided printing, and include a neck strap for those wanting to showcase their brand on a street corner to attract attention to an event, store opening, or other promotion MEDIUM 34” SMALL 28” 4’ 5.7’ A-Frame 11.5 LBS 40” 8.8 LBS 4.6 LBS 34” 32” 5.4 LBS 36” MEDIUM 6.3’ 8.3’ 3.3’ 41” 51” 6.2 LBS LARGE 2.6 LBS VALUE 2.3 LBS 26” SMALL 5.8’ 3.5’ Pop-Up Car Tops These products are a modified A-frame with a strap that allows them to sit either parallel or perpendicular on the roof of your car (these should NOT be used on a moving vehicle). These signs can come with Velcro directional patches to assist you in directing traffic if needed. In our experience, clients have been able to use these to circumvent regulations where traditional banners are not allowed. 6.2 LBS 34” LARGE 6.6’ 5.4 LBS 34” MEDIUM 5.7’ 2.3 LBS 28” SMALL 4.3’ MEDIUM LARGEXL This product has been in constant demand since it was introduced. Lightweight and quick to deploy, A-Frames offer instant visibility and a convenient setup or breakdown. The metal frames allow these 6.6’ to fold up smaller than our fiberglass framed option, and may be ideal if storage space is at a premium. These are offered in horizontal and vertical styles based on your needs. SMALL 4’
  15. 15. A-Frame
  16. 16. WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM PAGE 13 M INDOORDISPLAY These products are intended for all types of indoor use applications and are ideal for retail business owners, tradeshow circuit jockeys, conferences, and all other similar venues. Stand out from the crowd and be recognized with a wide array of hardware shapes and styles finished with dye sublimated printed graphics. Get your brand airborne with our various overhead structures, which can also be custom built based on your unique needs. Indoor Display Features and Benefits: Units typically include: full digital printing, carrying case, and required tools if applicable Full digital dye sublimation printing Lightweight, portable, and durable Interchangeable fabrics Custom framing options based on your individual needs
  17. 17. PAGE 14 WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM INDOORDISPLAY XL Extrusion Frame These are manufactured at our office in Colorado, which allows our clients the flexibility to create custom sizes, shapes, and mounting options based on your specific application. We use a silicon edged gasket fabric for a seamless and professional indoor presentation of your brand, product, or message. Options: Freestanding – Designed for trade shows, presentations, store displays, and indoor step & repeats. Sizes: 3x8, 8x8, 10x8, and custom sizes available upon request. Hanging – Allows you the ability to suspend your frame(s) by cables utilizing eye hooks based on your unique needs. We offer custom sizes and mounting options for these products upon request. Wall Mounted – Affix your frame(s) to walls to showcase your brand. We offer custom sizes and mounting options for these products upon request. Printing Information: Single or double sided full digital printing on a polyester fabric Silicon Edged Gasket fabrics are easily interchangeable Fabric liners are available for an added cost Setup: 3 to 7 minutes for one person based on size Allen wrench tool and setup instructions included Intended for indoor use
  18. 18. WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM PAGE 15 phone: 303-738-3200 Ex Display Our Ex Display line is perfect for trade shows, point of purchase signage, meetings, recruiting events, and any other indoor venue where ease of transport and a fast setup are desired. Available in straight or curved frames, the Ex Display utilizes an accordion frame system allowing for an easy tool-free setup in under 3 minutes. The graphics attach to the frame via Velcro and cover the sides of the unit, allowing for them to be easily swapped as branding needs change. Purchase includes: accordion pop-up frame, full digital printing on a polyester fabric, carrying case. Optional accessories include: 150 watt halogen lights, shipping case. XL Features and Benefits: • Two different frame styles, each available in two different sizes • Quick, easy, and tool free setup and breakdown • Full digital printing for the entire graphic • Printed end caps hide the side of the frame • Replaceable graphics • Large visual display • Optional lights for low light environments Ex Display Curved Available Sizes 10’ wide x 7.5‘ high 9’ wide x 7.5’ high 7’ 5” XL RGE ACCESSORIES FOR ONE FABRIC POP-UP DISPLAYS 10’ Halogen Lights Small Shipping Case Ex Display Straight Available Sizes 10’ wide x 7.5‘ high 9’ wide x 7.5’ high 7’ 5” Halogen Lights Small Shipping Case L XL LARGE ACCESSORIES FOR ONE FABRIC POP-UP DISPLAYS 10’
  19. 19. WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM PAGE 16 9 Tension Backwall Available in a variety of styles -- wave, straight, and serpentine -- and sizes, these units are lightweight, setup in under 10 minutes, require only one tool (included), and offer a visually stunning back drop for any indoor display purposes. The fabrics come with full digital printing and utilize a pillowcase zipper system, allowing for the majority of the frame to be hidden from sight. Replacement fabrics can be purchased as branding needs change. Purchase includes: aluminum framing system, full digital printing on a polyester fabric, carrying case, setup instructions. Optional accessories include: LED spotlights, shelves, LCD TV mount. Features and Benefits: • Three different frame styles (wave, straight, and serpentine), each available in different sizes • Easy setup and breakdown • Full digital printing for the entire graphic • A zippered pillowcase type fabric hides the majority of the frame • Interchangeable graphics • Optional lights, shelves, or LCD TV mounts are available for further customization 20ft 10ft 9ft 8ft 7.5ft Wave Backwall 20ft 10ft 7.5ft 7.5ft Serpentine Backwall LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM SNAP-LOCK FRAME LED Spotlight Las Vegas Approved Straight Backwall SINGLE OR DOUBLE SIDED GRAPHIC, ZIPPER ON GRAPHIC Aluminum Pipe THIS ULTRA BRIGHT LED LIGHT ONLY USES 5W Aluminum Frame SOFT CANVAS BAG
  20. 20. WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM PAGE 17 phone: 303-738-3200 Exhibitor Display An adjustable frame and a variety of substrate options allows you to make a big impression at your next event at. The Exhibitor Display combines affordability, ease of use, and quality into one convenient package. XL Features and Benefits: • Printing available on fabric or vinyl substrates, attaching to the frame with pole pockets • An adjustable lightweight aluminum frame allows for custom heights and widths • Buy the frame to fit your needs – Available in sizes that adjust from 48” to 144” wide and 36” to 96” high • Frames can come in black or silver Podium Display Ideal for trade shows, conferneces, speaking events, or any other scenario where you need a branded pulpit to promote your company. Portable and professional, the podium display will help your brand stand out at your next event. Features and Benefits • Collapsible counter hardware • Fitted shell case • Branded fabric Tower Displays A unique a versatile display providing customized branding on your choice of three different shapes. The frame is lightweight aluminum and the fabrics enclose the frame by zipping the unit closed at the top. This unit is easy to setup and modify with different accessories based on your unique needs. Accessories Option: 31.5” 31.5” 31.5” Shelf LED Light Curved Frame + Base + Bag SMALL 79.5” MEDIUM Holder 79.5” LARGE 79.5” Angled Frame + Base + Bag Straight Frame + Base + Bag
  21. 21. WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM PAGE 18 Cobra Display This display is ideal for indoor branding events and is sure to garner the attention your brand deserves. The frame is easily setup and lightweight making it ideal for transportation. Slipping the custom printed fabric sleeve over the frame completes the Cobra Display’s look. Additional fabrics can be purchased as your branding needs change. Table Cloths XL Add a professional and personalized touch to your booth at practically any type of event with our custom tablecloth. These units include full digital printing, both standard and custom sizing options availabe, and different finishing methods are all available at a competitive cost. Custom Options Available Standard Sizes: • 4ft • 6ft • 8ft Finishing Options: • Fitted • Loose • Stretchy Non-Retractable Banner Stands Our banner stands are perfect for mobile advertising displays. These units are lightweight and easy to setup and breakdown at any event. These units come with a high quality polyester fabric which is extremely easy to interchange. These products can also be custom shaped and sized based on your specific design to make your product come to life. All units come with a carrying case.
  22. 22. WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM PAGE 19 phone: 303-738-3200 Retractable Stands Our reliable and refined retractable banner stands feature a Velcro leader which makes it easy to interchange graphics at any time. Our hardware is available in silver or black, and comes in four different widths. Full digital printing is available on fabric and vinyl based on individual needs. XL Features and Benefits: • High quality aluminum base unit • Telescopic pole for easy height adjustment • Tool free setup in under a minute • Unlimited graphic changes with our Velcro leader • Units include padded carrying case with a strap • Limited lifetime warranty Custom Display Let us help design your own custom, trade show booth! We've got a wide range of options available, and our team is standing by to answer any questions regarding what you're trying to accomplish.
  23. 23. PAGE 20 WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM Hanging Signs Have your company’s brand and location recognized from across the trade show floor with our overhead hanging signs. These large displays command attention and give your brand exposure over the busy crowd. All frames are made of lightweight aluminum and snap together making setup quick and easy. These are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes ranging from 6 feet to 20 feet in length. Each unit comes with a soft carry case to keep all the pieces neatly organized for shipping and storing. Setup Time: • 15 – 45 minutes depending on style and size Purchase Includes: Digitally printed fabric cover, aluminum frame, carrying bag, 100ft of cable, and assembly instructions Available Accessories: • Opacity Liner • Rotation Motor Tapered Circle Hanging Circle Hanging Football Tapered Square Hanging Rectangle Hanging Square Hanging Triangle Tapered Triangle Hanging Pinwheel
  24. 24. WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM PAGE 21 8 phone: 303-738-3200 DAGMagnet Stand-Up Displays These stand-up displays include a slim aluminum frame connected to a weighted base. These are ideal indoor solutions where branding needs to be changed frequently and quickly. DAGMagnet OVERHEAD Displays XL These stand-up displays include a slim aluminum frame connected to a weighted base. These are ideal indoor solutions where branding needs to be changed frequently and quickly.
  25. 25. Hanging Rectangle
  26. 26. Roll-Up Banner Stands
  27. 27. WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM PAGE 25 M OUTDOORDISPLAY Add an extra touch to your next outdoor event with our array of portable outdoor displays. Whether you need a tent for shelter, extra signage outside your storefront, or shade for restaurant patrons, we’ve got you covered! Outdoor Display Features and Benefits: • Units typically include: full digital printing, carrying case, and applicable base • Full digital dye sublimation printing • UV treated fabrics • Portable, durable, and element resistant hardware • Intended for frequent outdoor use • Interchangeable fabrics
  28. 28. WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM PAGE 25 OUTDOORDISPLAY Outdoor Banner Stand These banner stands are perfectly suited for branding in windy conditions. These units have a durable aluminum frame, large feet with rubberized end caps, and a spring loaded center bar to allow your banner to stay upright and functioning. These units can be single or double sided, and the printing can be replaced if branding needs change. Size: • 33.5 inches x 79 inches Carry Bag Swivel Base Lock-in Feet XL Features and Benefits: • Designed for outdoor and indoor use • Can withstand the elements • Lightweight, durable, and portable • Single or double sided printing Double Sided Printing Large Base Spring Flex This product is designed as an outdoor banner stand utilizing vinyl graphics to display your brand or message. The base comes with a large footprint and is spring mounted, allowing the Spring Flex to stand up in windy environments. This product is generally intended to stay set up once it has been assembled, but it can be broken down if needed. Since some assembly is required, this option is geared toward staying assembled instead of being continually broken down and setup again. Features and Benefits: • Designed for outdoor and indoor use • Can withstand the elements • Lightweight and durable
  29. 29. PAGE 26 8 WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM phone: 303-738-3200 Market Umbrellas Our branded Market Umbrellas are perfect for restaurants, bar, café, beach clubs, and other similar settings. These units are durable, easy to setup and breakdown, and expose clients to your brand while providing shelter from the sun. SMALL SMALL L XL MEDIUM 6’ 3” Features and Benefits: • UV resistant for longer lasting color (up to 3 times longer) • A strong and flexible frame withstands heavy winds • Available with, or without, a 6’ 3” printed valance • Washable fabrics 12.4 LBS XL Beach Umbrella A cousin to our Market Umbrellas, these units are ideal for volleyball, surf and many other outdoor events. These branded parasols offer protection from the sun and serve as a platform for your brand’s voice. Printed on a treated polyester via dye sublimation, these units come with poles, a breach stake, and a carry bag. Star Tent The Start Tent comes in two different sizes, providing a massive canvas for eye-catching branding and a large amount of shelter. Festivals, sporting events, and outdoor events are all great venues for this product to be utilized in. Product Advantages • Portable – folds into a 1’ x 4’10” bag • Assembles in 10 – 20 minutes with two or more people • Replaceable polyester canopy top
  30. 30. PAGE 27 8 WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM Pop-Up Tent These units are practically a must have for any portable event branding. Our 10 x 10 tents have two frame styles and come with full digital printing on the entire fabric. If you want to add extra branding to your customized tent, we also print full walls and half walls. Frame Options: Premium Aluminum Frame: This frame weighs 45lbs, is made from a high strength commercial grade frame, and has hex-shaped legs with metal feet for added durability. Steel Value Frame: This frame is the little brother to our premium frame model. We recommend this frame if clients plan to use their tent infrequently. Size Options: 10x10 and 10x20 Available Accessories: full walls and half walls Peak Protection High Strength Aluminum Frame XL Corner Protection Side Fabric Protection Internal Side Frame Metal Feet Central Spring Frame Features and Benefits: • High strength aluminum frame • Large metal feet for added stability • Simple handling with pull pin slider action and telescoping • • • legs for quick set-up and take down Central spring and webbing decreases wear and tear on joints No tools required Replacement parts if needed Pull Pin Fabric Features and Benefits: • Tent tops are: UV protected, water resistant, and fire retardant • Extra material is sewn in the corners, sides, and peak for added fabric durability • The latest fabric printing technology and quality inks produce brilliant colors and graphics • Easy to maintain and replace Purchase includes: Ground stakes and a heavy duty bag with wheels (our value bag does not have wheels)
  31. 31. Market Umbrellas
  32. 32. PAGE 29 WWW.DAGMARBRANDING.COM M INFLATABLES Blow up your brand using our array of inflatable products! From massive shelters to floating signs, our inflatable products can be used in a variety of environments to give your brand the impact it deserves in a fun and innovative way at your next event. These products are easily inflated and deflated on site and are sealed so they do not require a power source to stay inflated. Inflatable Display features and benefits: • Heavy duty PVC material • Setup and breakdown in 5 – 20 minutes • No need for a constant power source
  33. 33. PAGE 30 INFLATABLES X-Gloo We are an official vendor for the X-Gloo! The German engineered X-Gloo was developed as an aerodynamically formed, inflatable lightweight tent with optional accessories. These units are perfectly suited for promotional or event use, or as innovative trade show structures. The high tech material of this tent can be used in any weather conditions and designed according to the corporate guidelines of any client. Unlimited Color Options Lots of Branding Area Mobile, Lightwight, and Flexible Numerous Options
  34. 34. PAGE 31 8 phone: 303-738-3200 Cube Inflatables XL Our promotional custom printed inflatables cubes may be the added touch for advertising your company branding. These units secure with D-rings and tie downs. Totem Up to 360° communication medium, the inflatable totem fits all types of uses: POS advertising in exhibition halls, signage on exhibitions rooms, parking lot, beaches, mountains, glaciers, or in the water! Features and Benefits: • Original and customizable design • Waterproof, self-supporting structure without permanent wind tunnel • No electricity needed • Transportable in a backpack (less than 5kg) • Stands up extreme conditions • Can Float Sizes Available • 80" x 40" • 120" x 40" • 80" x 20" • 120" x 40"
  35. 35. PAGE 32 8 Arch Inflatables The Inflatable Arch is the ideal start or finish line marker for your next sporting event. It is a highly portable and durable product that’s extremely easy to assemble. Our inflatable arches suffer no air loss once inflated, giving you the peace of mind you need when running a reputable sporting event. The Inflatable Arch comes in four different shapes and sizes, along with a selection of different base colors, to accent your event branding. With the option to purchase and interchange different branded patches for these units, our inflatable arches are a simple and cost effective marketing tool that can be tailored to your event requirements. Our inflatable arches come complete with tie downs, sand bag weights and a pump. Colors 45 Degree Square Options 45 Degree Options XL Square Size Small - - - - - - - 13’h x12’w - - - - - - - - Weight - 49 LBS Mdium- - - - - - 20’h x 16.6’w - - - - - - -Weight - 79 LBS Large - - - - - - -26’h x 18’w - - - - - - - - Weight - 120 LBS Extra Large- - -33’h x 21’w- - - - - - - - Weight - 176 LBS Size Small - - - - - - - 13’h x12’w - - - - - - - - Weight - 46 LBS Mdium- - - - - - 20’h x 16.3’w - - - - - - -Weight - 69 LBS Large - - - - - - -26’h x 18’w - - - - - - - - Weight - 99 LBS Extra Large- - -33’h x 21’w- - - - - - - - Weight - 148 LBS Arch Arch Options Size Double 45 Degree Doube 45 Degree Options Small - - - - - - - 13’h x12’w - - - - - - - - Weight - 42 LBS Mdium- - - - - - 20’h x 16.6’w - - - - - - -Weight - 64 LBS Large - - - - - - -26’h x 18’w - - - - - - - - Weight - 96 LBS Extra Large- - -33’h x 21’w- - - - - - - - Weight - 140 LBS Size Small - - - - - - - 13’h x12’w - - - - - - - - Weight - 46 LBS Mdium- - - - - - 20’h x 16.3’w - - - - - - -Weight - 69 LBS Large - - - - - - -26’h x 18’w - - - - - - - - Weight - 99 LBS Extra Large- - -33’h x 21’w- - - - - - - - Weight - 148 LBS
  36. 36. PAGE 33 8 phone: 303-738-3200 FUGU Inflatable Furniture FUGU Inflatable Illuminated Furniture is perfect for indoor and outdoor events by combining simplicity, quality and design. They are highly versatile and can quickly transform into comfortable seating. All models are sold with a wide range of colors combinations and acrylic plates to create a dynamic and fresh design aesthetic. All of the different models of furniture can use air or water to ensure stability while still being easily transportable. Product Branding Options: • Sublimation printing • Embroidering • Colored covers • Colored acrylic plates • Silkscreen or engraving plates Brick Sofa Hamak Deckchair Donut Fuju Rocking Chair Kuki Sofa Ying Chair Maki Table Yang Chair
  37. 37. PAGE 34 3 BARRIERS&FENCING Snap Fit A-Frame This product has an external aluminum frame that is designed for indoor or outdoor use. These units also provides the ability to easily swap out fabrics as branding needs change. Standard sizes are available, and we can also create custom sizes based on our client’s needs. Purchase Includes: • Lightweight aluminum frame • Fabric or vinyl graphics with full digital printing • Carrying case OPTIONS 40” LARGE Size 6’6” x 40” 10’ x 40” 13’ x 40” 13’ 15.9 LBS Barricade Banners These units are an ideal branding solution for crowd control or area segmentation . Quick to set up and with the ability to replace the graphics, this product has proven very versatile. Printing is offered on both vinyl and fabric based on specific needs and intended use. Fabric Fencing This products is ideal for course fencing, ski slopes, festivals, and any other areas where a branded demarcation is needed.
  38. 38. PAGE 35 3 BASEOPTIONS Standard Ground Stake (Sandard with all Flag Banners) 7 LB Folding Base XL (must be weighed down if used outside) Horizontal Spindle (can be mounted to roof or asphalt) Square Rubber Base 45 LB Water Bag Vertical Wall Fixture All Flag Banners come complete with a ground stake. For a small additional fee, you can swap the ground stake for other base options. 25° Wall Fixture Tent Bracket
  39. 39. 5690 Logan St. Ste A, Denver, CO 80216 Tel: 303-738-3200 Fax: 303-738-3208