AIESEC Romania 12-13 Application Booklet


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AIESEC Romania 12-13 Application Booklet

  1. 1. APPLICATION BOOKLETGeneral questionsThis part is comprised of 5 questions and your answers should not be longer than 5 pages in minimum font size 10.1. Why have you decided to stand for AIESEC Romania? What will be your contribution to the MC team and what do you expect to learn from the experience?2. Create a proposal for AIESEC Romania 2012-2013 strategy that should cover the next points (a,b and c):a. Make a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threads) of AIESEC in Romania. The points above have to be evident in the plan you create and the correlation between them too.b. The 3 main priorities for your area(s) based on the general SWOT analysis. What strategies would you propose for each one and what results would you like to see in each of those priorities at the end of your term.c. The external opportunities you can capitalize from your position to get the vision you propose in point (b).3. What is the role of MC? What should be the role of MC? What actions can you take as an MC team to fill the gap?4. What strategies does AIESEC Romania need to follow to increase performance for the ELD programs? Please specify at least 3 strategies for Domestic Programs (TMP&TLP) and 3 strategies for the International Programs (GIP&GCDP).5. What are the competitive advantages that AIESEC Romania has in the international network? What can we do to maintain and/or increase them?Specific questionsThis part is comprised of a section dedicated to the positions opened in this round of elections. Please answer to all the questionsunder the section(s) that indicate the position(s) you want to apply. Your answers should not exceed 6 pages (per position youare applying) in a minimum font size 10.
  2. 2. PRESIDENT1. What does AIESEC give to Romania today?2. The term 2011-2012 was a piloting term for AIESEC Romania. Please present a 3 year strategic plan that should consolidate and continue on the bases of this term. (refer to strategic directions, action plan, structures and organizational culture definition)3. In the context of the 12 13 term, rank in order of importance the key responsibilities of the MCP (team management, MC financial sustainability, governance and accountability, managing the LCP team, national strategy and external representation) and explain the reasons for your ranking.4. Based on the current state of AIESEC in Ireland and the way of working implemented in the term 2012 2013, propose 3 main directions of working with Ireland as official extension which you think will bring performance and benefits for both entities.5. As MCP you have to manage both your MC and LCP team. Make a timeline outlining the activities you are going to take in order to synchronize and synergize national vision and plans with local ones. Take into consideration internal communication and touch points that you have with the country as an MC.6. What do you perceive as being the culture of AIESEC Romania at this point? What should be the culture in AIESEC Romania in 2012 2013 in order to push the country forward in terms of performance?7. What is the role of the MCP in shaping behaviors in AIESEC Romania from the perspectives of the different layers of membership? (LCs, EBs, LCPs, MC)
  3. 3. VICE PRESIDENT TALENT DEVELOPMENT1. Where will you bring innovation and where are you going to leverage on thework of your predecessors to ensure sustainable growth on Talent Developmentarea? Mention 3 initiatives that should be continued from previous terms and 3 initiatives you would change.2. Please present a GANTT chart of all the Talent Development activities during your MC VP term, 2012-2013.3. How will you manage the communication strategy of AIESEC Romania on TMP and TLP taking into consideration the local and national recruitment campaigns, projects, initiatives and other campaigns?4. How will you work on implementing the new structure and what other measures will you take in order to allign AIESEC Romania to the 2015 vision on Talent Development area or on any others?5. Please present your working methodology with the 3 on-line teams you will have to manage (VP’s, NST and NTT).6. Please present the Educational plan for AIESEC Romania for the next term.7. Please present the Recruitment plan for AIESEC Romania for the next term.
  4. 4. VICE PRESIDENT FINANCE1. Please mention your priorities, as MCVP Finance, for each quarter of the term, mention the KPI for each priority and the main action steps.2. Critically evaluate the financial situation of the MC of AIESEC Romania and propose an implementable strategy for building financial sustainability of the organization.3. How do you see the role of the Finance Support Team (FINeST) in the following year?4. How do you think the MCVP Finance can ensure financial sustainability in Local Committees?5. What kind of support do you think should be provided by MCVP Finance to LCVP Finance? Please describe at least three directions for support.6. What do you think will change on finance area, taking into consideration the structure changes developed in AIESEC Romania this year.7. Imagine that at some moment during your term as MCVP Finance, everything on finance area is going perfectly. Please tell us what is happening in the country and in the MC in finance related matters, the causes for this state of things and the effectis it will have on the future development of the organization.
  5. 5. VICE PRESIDENT CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT1. Please present the current situation on the InComing GIP and ER areas in AIESEC Romania. Emphasize on the GCPs and new initiatives taken in the LCs.2. Taking into consideration the small realization rate of the TNs Raised in the LCs this year, please mention 5 initiatives that you would propose as an MCVP Corporate Development as a solution for this challenge.3. Present your FADs (functional area drivers) for the next year and find 3 KPIs for each of them. Give a brief description of each FAD presented.4. Taking into consideration the new proposed organizational structure and the planning process in the LCs, please present your priorities for each quarter on this area. What are your strategies for increasing the Corporate Development results that the LCs have? (No. of enablers and supporters, TN Takers, Content Partners, Financial Partners etc.)5. Taking into account the current situation of Romania as a country, please describe your strategy to contribute in achieving AIESEC Romania’s budget? Please refer also to your product development strategy.6. As an MCVP Corporate Development, I am responsible to ensure the financial sustainability of the country together with the MCVP Sales, MCVP Finance, MCVP TD, MCVP International Internships, MCVP Alumni Development and the MCVP Comm. Please give us 5 concrete actions that you would take in order to support this statement.7. How do you think your workload, responsibility and strategy will gather with the ones from MCVP Sales?
  6. 6. VICE PRESIDENT NON-CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT1. Present the current reality of the incoming exchange non-corporate area in all the LCs that performed in the year 2011.2. Present the initiatives, way of working with the country, difficulties, etc. of the top performing country in each GN on the incoming exchange non-corporate area in maximum 2 pages.3. As you know, the grand majority of your goals are going to be achieved by the local entities. Based on this, how do you plan to manage the LCs talent towards the implementation of the national strategy? (Be clear and specific).4. Present your strategy to increase the quality of GCDP Incoming in AIESEC Romania.5. What is your strategy for driving ICX growth in 2012-2013?6. Taking into consideration the fact that on your term you will have to organize at least one national project, how do you plan to communicate and organize the country in order to implement the project?7. Which are the major challenges and changes you see with regarding the 2015 in AIESEC Romania on the Non Corporate Area?
  7. 7. VICE PRESIDENT INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIPS1. Present your strategy on how to decrease the delivery time and how to increase the realization rate on GIP in AIESEC Romania for the following term?2. Taking into consideration the underperformance on Educational and Technical Traineeships, please create a strategy on how to ensure growth in quality and quantity and LC involvement on ET and TT realizations. In your opinion, what are the elements that limit AIESEC in Romania to be performant on ET and TT and how will you solve these issues?3. Taking into consideration the lack of Outgoing National Projects in AIESEC Romania, how will you ensure the management and change of this situation and the LC engagement in implementing Outgoing National Projects?4. Present the initiatives, way of working with the LCs, difficulties and performance of the TOP AIESEC countries of each GN on GIP and GCDP outgoing in maximum 2 pages.5. How will you ensure as MCVP of AIESEC in Romania that the International Internships LC VPs conduct their attributions on the Student niche on their local markets?6. How will you manage the communication strategy of AIESEC Romania on GIP and GCDP taking into consideration the local and national recruitments campaigns, projects, initiatives and campaigns?7. Analyze the performance on outgoing GIP & GCDP in the last 3 years in AIESEC Romania. How will you ensure a constant growth in quality and quantity on both GCDP and GIP on the following term?
  8. 8. VICE PRESIDENT ALUMNI DEVELOPMENT1. Make the SWOT of the Alumni Development Area covering both the national and the local level.2. Write down the main pillars and their steps of implementation of your Alumni Development Strategy for the year 2012 – 2013 taking into consideration the vision 2015.3. Write down the description and the plan of implementation for minimum 2 new products that the Alumni Development area can deliver in the year to come and generate money.4. Taking into consideration that starting with the next year the Alumni Development will be a strategic position please detail the educational plan that will be delivered to your VPs and specialists. ( content, time of delivery)5. Again, taking into consideration the strategic role of this position and its definition according to the 2015 vision please define its MOS & KPIs to be included/ completing the current SONA.
  9. 9. VICE PRESIDENT SALES1. Taking into account the current situation of Romania as a country, please describe your strategy to achieve AIESEC Romania’s budget?2. In order to financially sustain the MC, please mention 2 new products that you would propose for your term. Please provide us a brief description and concrete steps of implementation.3. Imagine you are in front of a top employer company in Bucharest. Please present him/her the „why?” and „how?” of the reasons he should invest in AIESEC.4. Taking into consideration the evolution our world is facing today regarding social media, online interaction and e-marketing, what changes do you foresee in terms of AIESEC products, market/sector focus, pricing and delivery models?5. Please describe how the quality of delivery that the MC and the LCs are making for partners should look like, and how can we reach this stage?6. How would you ensure the realization of the TNs you Raised in the MC taking into consideration the workload you have?7. How do you think your workload, responsibility and strategy will gather with the ones from MCVP Corporate Development?
  10. 10. VICE PRESIDENT COMMUNICATION1. Please describe the ideal state of Communication area in AIESEC Romania 30th of June 2013. What are your 3 key strategies to get there? Write down how you will work with other areas in order to ensure realization of Organizational Goals.2. What are going to be the key activities you will drive in the country with the purpose of educating the national network on branding and positioning of AIESEC. How you’ll assure that these are going to be implemented?3. How could you use the power of the Internal Communication in order to develop a strong Organizational Culture where every member of AIESEC Romania strives for the same goal? Please define a plan.4. What is your strategy to communicate the Experiential Leadership Development Program to each stakeholder (Alumni, Companies, Students, etc)5. Present a strategy you would use to support the growth on the two markets: Corporate and Non-Corporate.6. What are the minimum benefits in your opinion that a media entity should offer to AIESEC in order to become a National Media Partner, according to its type: print (magazine), online, TV, radio, and what would be the challenges in order to obtain those benefits? Taking into consideration the current MGP (Media Group of Partners) of AIESEC in Romania please refer to what other media partners you see as suitable for AIESEC in Romania and why. (Please attach a draft of the national external communication plan as you see it for the next year)
  11. 11. VICE PRESIDENT ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT1. Analyze the organizational structure and outline the implementation plan for the next year and the evolution plan for the next 3 years. What do you think the organizational structure will bring as a huge change? (name at least 3 major changes)2. Outline your country management and development strategy. Based on what criteria will you cluster LCs and what will you offer to each cluster in terms of organizational development?3. Outline you LC support strategy. Define resources that will be used and desired outcomes of your LC support strategy.4. Define a national and local planning cycle that is adapted to the new structure. Define points of planning and evaluation on both national and local levels taking into consideration the international cycles. Specify cycles for planning activities, planning objectives and long term planning.5. Outline your strategy of driving AIESEC in Romania into becoming a social enterprise. Taking this into consideration, specify new products that we should create and what external benefits do we base them on.6. In your perspective, define at least 1 standard in terms of processes for each MOS. Please specify method of tracking and minimum value.