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Spacewell interiors is a multi-faceted interior design and furnishing firm that specializes in offering intelligent solutions for the corporate sector.
Our vision is to combine our professional expertise with cutting-edge technology and an out-of-the-box approach to make working more comfortable, productive and joyous.

Promoted and managed by a team of young professionals from the field of Architecture / Construction, Project Management and Information Technology.
We understand the design, fit out and furnishing process in its totality. With wide exposure to the latest international standards and trends.
We successfully address the office requirement of the new, emerging breed of global professionals.

Our core competency is the ability to understand and meet the needs of these professionals through candid discussions, innovative concepts and of course, design services and products of the highest quality.
Our objective is to provide complete professional services (turn-key interior design, fit-out and furnishing works) to our business partners in terms of quality products, workmanship, competitive prices, timely completion, and above all, reliable post-fit out services.

“At Spacewell, we‘re focused on creating offices that you can be proud of working in….”

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Profile Spacewell Interiors

  1. 1. Profile / Pre-Qualification Document Design for work...
  2. 2. Contents Preface 3 Corporate overview and corporate philosophy 4 Spacewell - Responsibility 7 Spacewell team structure 12 Process chart 14 Our services 15 Our brands 17 Corporate client listing and project data sheet 19 Contact us 27
  3. 3. Preface… The journey has Transparency in approach “Our Basic approach remains the same, just begun... however our working model is customiza- Sharing our knowledge and expertise, tion with consideration across the Spacewell was at the same time learn from others - board: in product, services, interior es t a b l i s he d in be open to new ideas and sugges- design proposals, and project manage- April 2007 with a ment”… tions. burning ambition to succeed. We Accepting mistakes gracefully, and When I look back, it gives me immense knew very well pleasure and pride to note that we have that the odds were taking appropriate and timely correc- achieved amazing results – having won heavily stacked tive measures. and executed many prestigious projects against us. With for blue-chip corporates, signed dealership limited resources, Remain committed prior and during a agreements with the world’s mostwe knew that we could not beat the com- project, and most importantly during renowned manufacturers and above all,petition in terms of products, prices or the post-completion period. retained and expanded our most impor-other shows of force or clout. tant asset – our human resources! All of this Taking responsibility for the entire process. was only possible due to our adherence toWith a never-say-die spirit along with com- the aforementioned policies… Policies weplete confidence in Dubai, the modern era’s Understanding and accepting the will continue to operate with, as long as we“land of opportunities”; we were convinced philosophy that in the race for perfec- exist in business...that we could strengthen our position in the tion there cannot be a finish line-there ismarket through our superior services and always room for improvement..high level of customer satisfaction by: R. Kumar Managing Director
  4. 4. Corporate
  5. 5. Corporate OverviewSpacewell Interiors is a multi-faceted interior “At Spacewell, we‘re focused on creat- With over 150 completed projects in UAE,fit-out and furnishing specialist in workspace ing offices that you can be proud of varying in sizes from 100 sq m to 5000 sq m,design and creation. working in...” we offer a comprehensive range of profes- sional services that extends from – turnkeyOur team of consultants has in-depth knowl- Much of our success has stemmed from our interior design, fit-out and furnishingedge and extensive experience on how a ability to clearly understand our client’s solutions.thoughtfully designed and finely executed business, their core competence and theworkspace can help attract and retain the team of people who work talents, enhance your brand as well assubstantially improve your overall business From the onset of any project, our highlyperformance. experienced workspace consultants will study your hierarchy, business and the space in the finest detail, in order to assess the way in which they work together. Before drawing any conclusions on how the project should be carried forward, they will probe your work flow, energy and efficiency levels, observe your clients and your corporate culture in general. Only then can they sit down with the architects/designers and the project team to plan the optimum solutions for you.
  6. 6. Corporate philosophy Our Mission to position Spacewell as an interna- tional, world class organization regarded as the pre-eminent service provider in interior design and furnishing of corporate offices at affordable prices. To always act with complete integrity and transparency, thereby exceeding customer expectations. Our Vision to help corporate houses in the UAE in creating happier, healthier and more efficient work spaces, by providing sustain- able, functional and aesthetic interior solutions.
  7. 7. Our Responsibility
  8. 8. Spacewell - ResponsibilityHealth and Safety:Spacewell Interiors understand and accept 2. Ensuring safe use, handling, storage,the paramount importance of health and and transport of articles andsafety of employees and all other personnel substances, and appropriate disposal ofthat are affected by the group’s activity.Therefore Spacewell Interiors is determined establish a working culture in which the Provide and maintain adequatepositive aspects of health and safety areencouraged and developed. quantity of fire extinguishers,In order to achieve the same, we prac- Proper allocation of storage space. Use of state-of-the art toolstice a strict safety regime, inclusive of the Non-stacking of materials beyond afollowing: from internationally recog- height of 150 cm. nized corporate organizations.1. Providing and maintaining plant and No-smoking in the offices/work-sites All Sites are assigned with a systems of work that are safe and and site staff accommodation foreman and a site engineer. without risk to health. Maintain general cleanliness/ Prompt use of hard hats, safety hygiene in the premises. 4. Ensure a safe working environment, boots, hand-gloves, safety goggles with an appropriate level of welfare Collection and disposal of waste, in and harnesses by all performing the facilities. a very orderly manner. relevant works. Avoid fatigue by ensuring that all Strictly follow the safety rules on the personnel have adequate rest, as 3. Provide information, training and super- well as recreational facilities. usage of scaffoldings, ladders, vision as is necessary to achieve compe- power tools, etc. Adequate assignment of personnel tency in their role. Always use fused plugs/sockets for based on the size and difficulty level Annual product training with respect of the task to be carried out. power. to the brands that we represent.
  9. 9. Spacewell - Responsibility - Contd... 5. Adherence to all legal requirements related to its activity. Qualify all site personnel with the minimum safety regulations on each zone by participating in trainings and related seminars. 6. Employees are encouraged to assist and participate in initiatives to improve their working environment and the com- pany will ensure that training in health and safety matters is included wherever necessary. 7. Continued compliance is achieved Furthermore, we believe that a successful through the use of up-to-date health health and safety culture is dependent upon effective collaboration between the and safety management systems in line company and its clients. with internationally accepted safety management standards. These policies It must be noted that by strictly following will be kept up-to-date, particularly as the safety regime, we have just com- pleted a zero incident period of 24 the business changes and develops. To months, as on 31st December 2010. this end the policy and the way in which it is operated will be reviewed every year.
  10. 10. Spacewell - Responsibility - Contd...Spacewell and the Environment: Quality assurance: Aside from official routes, we undertake a personal responsibility to provide our clients with sustainable solutions in theWith the goal of advancing sustainable Spacewell Interiors is committed to the following areas:practices for protecting the environment goal of achieving ISO accreditation andand the mission to spread awareness for thus maintain global standards in the qual- Use of energy saving lights as aour environment. Spacewell Interiors aim to ity of our work/ products that we represent standard.obtain official LEED accreditation by 2012. and ensure the highest level of efficiencyNevertheless, Spacewell Interiors imple- and satisfaction of our clients. Use of recyclable materials andments the guidelines set down by the U.S. promote the reuse of materials whereGreen Building Council’s Leadership in The intention is also to look for continualEnergy and Environmental Design (LEED) improvement within the organization, but ever suitable.wherever possible. also with the vendors that are associated Use of LEED certified products (carpets, with Spacewell Interiors. Our vendors“A small step, but a step in the right undergo a prequalification process to ceiling tiles and furniture).direction” ensure that they meet Spacewell Interiors Minimize the usage of real wood by standards both in terms of quality as well as the health and safety standards. using medium density fiber treated with veneer. Use material with stipulated VOc content to reduce environmental and health impact. Professional memberships
  11. 11. Spacewell - Responsibility - Contd...Corporate social responsibilityWe understand, accept and appreciateour responsibility to the society in which weare operating and humanity in general. Inthis respect, we already have a policy inplace, which is inclusive of: Refuse to deal with organizations/ Absolute transparency and clarity in all persons who do not respect human our dealings with all the stakeholders rights. (clients, suppliers, sub-contractors and Cause minimum damage to the employees). environment, by sustainable business Zero tolerance towards corruption in practices especially in the fit-out process. any form. Always abide by the laws and regula- tions of the land Our values/work ethics Participate in charity activities, espe- Trust and personal responsibility in all cially those sponsored by the public Equal opportunity and respect to all dealings authorities. employees. Work relentlessly towards every client’s Constantly train, motivate and remind Provide and maintain the best possible success the employees about the safety regu- work and living facilities to staff and workers Match words with action, always. lations, including road safety/driving manners. No discrimination against race, gender, religion or nationality.
  12. 12. Team Structure
  13. 13. Team Structure R. Kumar Managing Director Najid Nazir ABU DHABI General Manager Chris Graham Branch Manager Sofie Vanvyckel Design Architect ADMIN & FINANCE SALES DESIGN OPERATIONS WAREHOUSE Srilal Maneesh C. K. A. Bhattacharya Bathusha Mohideen OPERATIONS Controller Sales Manager Lead Architect Project Manager Vinod Kumar Arshad Hussain Kern Parangan Sunish M Anil Kumar Anil Michael O’ Leary Josephine Pinlac Project Engineer Mohana Kumar S. Lukos Charlotte C Anirban Damodaran Polly Vincent Benson Sequeira Shibu Shahudeen Project Engineer Renato Sanchez Sajesh Amit K. Madhu Kumar SKILLED WORKFORCE 65 Nos.
  14. 14. Process ChartTransparency in the approach to work has “Clarity produces efficiency”been the key factor to our efficiency. This hasbeen achieved by maintaining the chain of With this in mind, we feel that it is importantcommunication to a minimum. Therefore our that our clients understand the standard work-clients will interact with only one person – flow process at an early stage of the project to strengthen the communication.“Project consultant”Preliminary Pre-construction Construction Post-Construction Project Brief Finishes and detailed Site mobilization As built and drawing/render approval other documentation Concept Design Execution of work Preparation of technical After sales registration Design and Cost Approval Project completion and drawings Develop Program Closeout formalities Statutory approval and documentation Constant Client Interface
  15. 15. Our Services
  16. 16. Our servicesOur client portfolio is extensive and diverse, Turn-key corporate interior solutionswhich demonstrates our ability to satisfy avast range of needs and requirements. This (Design, Statutory Approvals, Fit-outstatement is endorsed by the amount ofrepeat interior and refurbishment opportuni- and Furnishing)ties we obtain through clients references. Space Audits and Budget AnalysisOur business has built an enviable reputa- Infrastructure Analysistion for delivering office interior fit outs ontime; every time and all our delivery Contract Furnishingsteams follow the companys ethos ofbeing service driven. This ensures that our Project Managementclients get the very best that the interiorconstruction industry can offer.
  17. 17. Our Brands
  18. 18. Our Clients
  19. 19. List of our recent projects Sumitomo Corporation ME FZE Bit Logistic & Transportation Neuron Mercedes-Benz Bayer Middle East Flaktwoods Medecins Sans Frontieres Vantage Driller III Company Hockway Geze M.E Schwing GmbH McKinsey & Company Intersystems Trouvay & Cauvin Tecnomen Brasil Food Chrysler Middle East Nabors Drilling International MGM Mirage Schneider Electric Bureau Veritas Minerva Ingram & Partners Enoc Hyundai Motor Company Hanmi Parsons Halliburton Control Risks Motorolla ABCN (Alliance Business Centre) Emitac Mobile Solutions Mediahub Brabus Middle East ToS Middle East Samsung Engineering Royal Bank of Canada
  20. 20. . our clients .
  21. 21. Contact Us Corporate Office & Showroom: Level 20, Al Shafar Tower, TECOM Dubai, United Arab Emirates P.O.Box: 125783 Tel: +971 4 4477301 Fax: +971 4 4477302 Email: Branch Office: Level 01, Crystal Tower, Hamdan Street Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 2 6780395 Fax: +971 2 6430785 Email: