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Ao1 posters

  1. 1. Horror Movie posters
  2. 2. 1920’sThis is a poster of the vampire filmNosferatu. Featuring a not very In comparison to Nosferatu thiscompelling image of the main movie poster of the cabinet ofantagonist of the movie it lacks very dr. Caligari is very stylistic. Usinglittle colour but does use red text to many different colours and aperhaps signify blood. The Borderaround image along with the character very psychological distortion tohead coming out of the inside image everything it certainly sets theadds a small sense of depth. tone of the movie.
  3. 3. 1930’sWith the title spread straight across the Once again this poster of the movemiddle, this separates the main image Frankenstein shares similarities with thefrom two other images on the poster. Dracula poster. With the film name spread across the poster with the monsters face asThe main image shows Dracula about to the main image it is obvious that in thisbite into his next victim – surrounded by decade the main selling point was that of thea sea of red and orange with tagline monster himself. The poster also has aabove. similar tagline layout as Dracula.
  4. 4. 1940’s• The wolfman continues the trend from the 30’s into Cat people take a little more stylistic the 40’s with the name of the movie written in bright approach to the poster but all in all stick letter across the poster. The monster is in a similar position of that of the Frankenstein poster and what with the usual design. The as said before seems to be a recurring feature in the last 2 decades recurring female imagery accompanied by is the presence of females on the poster. the cat in the background suggests a relationship between the two.
  5. 5. 1950’sIn the 50’s it is obvious that the posters Once again the 50’s posters chose towere a lot more chaotic than their become a slight bit more busy thanprevious films. Although surrounded by the decade before. With the return ofJapaneses writing it is obvious that the the female on the postermain antagonist within this movie is the accompanied by a red title. What isgiant lizard destroying the city. The titleis written in a large red font down the new to this poster though is that itleft hand side of the poster. advertises Technicolor which had only just been released.
  6. 6. 1960’sPsycho’s poster takes on a sort of inverted The birds poster is strangely different to moststyle in comparison to previous posters. horror posters. Taking on a yellow and quirkyUsing shadows of a man along with a theme it really doesn’t shout ‘scary’ at thehouse and finally the screaming lady in the audience. Perhaps this was a way of catchingbackground it really does set an eerie tone the audience by surprise. This was alsoto the movie. The title is centered towards another movie to advertise ‘Technicolor’the top of the poster in black to along with Dracula.accompany the contrast of the red lady.
  7. 7. 1970’sThe exorcist really does change the way The Texas chainsaw massacre is in no way similar tomovie posters are shown. Using nothing the exorcist in terms of posters. With a plain whitebut the silhouettes of a character standing background it really helps the text stand out which instead of the title being the first thing that’s read, itson the light of a window it portrays a instead the tagline. The image is of the infamoussomewhat eerie feel. Using purple to leather face with his chainsaw along with a torturedoutline the title keeps the poster dark and victim.complements the shadows.
  8. 8. 1980’sThis poster features just one single image of a woman lying in Alien on the other hand is very different to anybed with her eyes wide open with a very scared expression on other poster. It has definitely grasped the ideaher face. Above her is the monster she is scared of who issporting his razor sharp claws. The tagline written at the top of not revealing their monster too soon. Insteadintroduces the character on the screen which then followsonto the title of the movie. Written in changing fonts the they have a what seems to be an egg with a‘nightmare’ is written in a sort of handwritten way as suggestive looking crack in it. The title is spacedopposed to the rest of the text which is written in a normal out at the top with the famous tagline centeredfont. in the middle for maximum effect.
  9. 9. 1990’sThe 90’s definitely gave a new look to horror posters. It is obviously similar that both the posters I have chosen toGoing for the simplistic and stylistic effect, silence of the analyse share a very similar trait. Both photo’s feature a close up oflambs poster features a close of up of a womans face with a womans face as their main image. The difference between thedevilishly red eyes and a moth on her mouth. Following on two is the expression on their face – on the silence of the lambsfrom aliens ‘don’t reveal the monster’ rule the poster photo the woman looks calm – whereas on this scream poster it isreally does not show a lot about the film. The moth only the exact opposite. The expression on the womans face is of shockbecomes apparent after seeing the film. The red title in and horror –which is exactly what the film looks to create. Thethe center of the poster stands out from the rest of text colours are all washed out barring the eyes of the young woman.but also matches her eyes. The title is stylised to give hints as the ‘M’ has an abnormal point which could signify a dagger or knife of some sorts.
  10. 10. 2000’sThis poster is definitely a very stylistic one. Making This poster features a number of the characters withinmassive use of suggestive colours, for example the the film – this is perhaps one of the only posters I haveassociation between the colour red and danger. This chosen that does this. The reason for this is that theyimmediately sets the tone for the film along with the need to show that it isn’t about ‘who dies’ but whenimportance of blood within the film which also is the and how they die. The image shows all of thecolour red. With a worn out image of London as their characters faces half in shadow and half lit. In thebackground image it is obvious what to expect from the shadow the images are of their bare skulls whichfilm and the bio hazardous symbol behind the white indicates death. The tagline re-enforces the fate of alltexts really does explain the movie. of the characters within the poster.