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Marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes

  1. 1. Michael D. McArter
  2. 2. Conventional treatment anddrugs are expensive Some as much as $10,000 per dose Radiation treatment can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars Hospitalization can reach hundreds of thousand’s of dollars
  3. 3. The illegality of marijuanareduces the desire to use it. Marijuana use can result in your loss of freedom Your civil rights can be taken from you You could be saddled with a criminal record
  4. 4. The effects on the legal system The legalization of marijuana can produce a revenue base of 7.7 billion dollars annually A saving’s of hundreds of millions of dollars Due to reduction of criminal cases brought before the judicial system Police would be able to spend more of the budget on pursuing more serious crimes
  5. 5. Medication for sufferer’s ofserious illnesses  Use for relief of pain  Cancer ,Aids, Major depression  Less toxic than prescribed therapy’s  Appetite enhancer
  6. 6. Economical effects of legalizingmarijuana Hemp related products Paper,rope,lotions,clothing,oil Startup of new businesses Tax revenue (by most estimations ,we would see an increase of at least seven hundred and fifty million dollars annually)
  7. 7. Quality of life issues Current patients living better lives Eating a decent meal and keeping it down Playing with the children and grandchildren Going out to see a movie and enjoying it
  8. 8. Comfort for family andfriends For every sufferer of a debilitating disease there are at least 65 family and friends involved with the process Patients seem to be more accepting of their fate The relief of not worrying about being arrested for violating the law
  9. 9. Steps that can be taken to getthe current prohibition lifted Contact your Senators Contact your Representatives Contact local and state officials Go to pro-legalization websites and write a letter (most sites have a form letter you can send in)
  10. 10. When the prohibition is lifted  There will be no fear of legal repercussions  Patients will have a better quality of life  The lack of need for pain medications and appetite stimulant prescriptions will decrease costs for patients