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Veda: Vedic Cognition and Human Potential


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Dr. Michael Mamas discusses vedic cognition and human potential. For more, visit

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Veda: Vedic Cognition and Human Potential

  1. 1. Veda Vedic Cognition and Human Potential
  2. 2. The evolution of species culminates in a being capable of embodying all the intelligence, creativity, and harmony underlying all existence.
  3. 3. The underlying essence of all existence is called Veda.  Veda, quite simply, is another word for Nature.
  4. 4. Yet just as a bell encrusted with debris will not ring, a fully evolved species will not express its full glory when encumbered with stresses and strains.
  5. 5. In ancient times, some human beings freed their physiologies of all stresses and strains and thereby fully realized the grandeur of being… pure Being… their being.
  6. 6. Using themselves as an instrument, fully realized beings allowed the underlying essence of existence to well up through their being and out the vocal cords.  This is called “Vedic cognition.”
  7. 7. People heard Vedic cognitions, appreciated them, memorized them, and passed them down from one generation to the next.  Those people are called Vedic pandits.
  8. 8. To hear Vedic cognitions is to awaken you to the depth of your being, the depth of all existence, the sounds of that which underlies all that is… the Veda.
  9. 9. You are blessed with a human physiology… a physiology capable of embodying the grandeur of that which underlies all existence.
  10. 10. Your potential is enormous.
  11. 11. Use time wisely.
  12. 12. Look Deeper Live Better with Dr. Michael Mamas