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Manifestation of Existence


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Michael Mamas discusses the manifestation of existence. To learn more, visit

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Manifestation of Existence

  1. 1. Manifestation of Existence
  2. 2. Many modern physicists tell us that the one thing out of which all things emerge is Pure Consciousness, Oneness, the Unified Field.
  3. 3. Prior to existence (when there was nothing) what could consciousness (the Unified Field) be conscious of?
  4. 4. It became conscious of itself, perceiving it as other. Like when you are brushing your teeth and catch your own reflection in the mirror – for a moment it is as if two people are there.
  5. 5. Duality is born when Oneness (Consciousness) perceives itself as other. Consciousness becomes aware of those two things and then a third thing is born, and then a fourth, fifth, and so on to infinity.
  6. 6. As Oneness, Pure Consciousness, interacts with itself, multiplicity emerges with a very precise mathematical structure – perfectly geometric.
  7. 7. The geometric, crystalline structure born of Pure Consciousness is expressed in Physics as the relationship between sub atomic particles, the building blocks of creation.
  8. 8. The structure underlying creation is like the notes of the musical scale. But it is the music that gives it meaning – the Song of Life.
  9. 9. Like the crystalline structure of a kaleidoscope, limitless patterns are seen within the crystalline structure of the Unified Field. It is called Veda.
  10. 10. The structure of the Veda – the musical notes of the Unified Field – is the Science of Life. The song it sings is the Soul of Life. Its meaning is the personified values that people experience as God.
  11. 11. The various patterns pulled out of the kaleidoscope structure of the Veda, yantras, are the different mathematical operators contained in the Unified Field. Their personified correlates can be viewed as the many faces of the one God.
  12. 12. When Einstein was asked if a sunset could be explained in terms of pure physics, he said, yes, but it would lose its meaning. To know the Science of Existence is excellent.   To know the Soul of Existence gives it meaning.
  13. 13. Look Deeper Live Better with Dr. Michael Mamas