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Michael Mamas shares some insight into the fascinating realm of fascination. Look deeper, live better:

Published in: Spiritual


  1. 1. Fascination
  2. 2. Fascination… my favorite emotion.
  3. 3. Love is fascination.
  4. 4. Oneness looked upon itself, was fascinated… and the universe was born.
  5. 5. Fascination births the notion of other, births the stars and galaxies, and compels them to dance around one another.  Fascination makes the world go ‘round.
  6. 6. Fascination compels Oneness to take a step back and see its reflection. Duality is born and the universe is manifested. Fascination also draws things together, creating gravity.  Thus, universes are born from, and returned to, Oneness.
  7. 7. Fascination is longing… the longing to see, the longing to explore, the longing to embrace, the longing to merge.
  8. 8. From within the forest, a deer peeks out over the meadow and is fascinated by what she sees.  And what does she see?  Herself.
  9. 9. To discover your life’s purpose, follow what fascinates you most.
  10. 10. The deeper you look, the more fascinating things become.
  11. 11. Everything is fascinating.
  12. 12. Look Deeper Live Better with Dr. Michael Mamas