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  1. 1. Point of differentiation MessageMirror Email Archiving Compliant solution vs. backup solution Does not offer compliant archiving. Offers a write-once solution that facilitates compliance and eases eDiscovery. Compliance: data location MessageMirror is stored on the same server as your email, which is not compliant. Email Archiving stores messages off-site, replicating the data between separate datacenters, to meet compliance regulations. Search No search capabilities apart from basic Outlook search. No way to save searches. Robust search for end-users in their own mailbox & eDiscovery for admins across all mailboxes. Outlook performance Outlook becomes cumbersome with large amounts of data. No impact on Outlook performance, regardless of archiving size. Messages can be deleted MessageMirror does not protect messages from deletion by admins. Email Archiving is tamper-proof, even for admins. Viewing old messages Some admins like MessageMirror because it’s an easy way to get access to employees messages. Email Archiving gives admins robust search tools for better viewing capabilities. Email Archiving vs. MessageMirror Email Archiving MessageMirror Ready to resell Email Archiving? Contact us today. Call us Email us On the web +1.800.379.7729, option 6