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Imex12 citizenship smart_business


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Imex12 citizenship smart_business

  1. 1. Green With EnvyFirst Class, Sustainable Events Corporate Citizenship isNancy J. Zavada, CMP Smart BusinessCo-Founder, Green Meeting Industry CouncilPrincipal, MeetGreen Michael Luehrs Sustainability Advisor President, GMIC
  2. 2. Welcome
  3. 3. The role of business in society?NEW YORK, Sep. 28 /CSRwire/ - Desperateto avoid paying a $19 billion environmentaljudgment from Ecuador, Chevron haslaunched a retaliation campaign by trying togain access to ….private email accountsof 101 people who have some connection tothe lawsuit – including about 15 summerinterns who worked on the case years ago
  4. 4. Overview• What• Why• How• Share
  5. 5. What?
  6. 6. What?Businesses creating higherstandards of living andquality of life in thecommunities in which theyoperate, while stillpreserving profitability forstakeholders
  7. 7. Why?- Employees at green companies are 16% more productive- IBM: “We reap a 3:1 return on our investment in Corporate Citizenship’
  8. 8. ROI at IBM• Talent• Investments• Technology innovation• Brand• New market entry
  9. 9. Business Case• Brand value• Market visibility• Risk Reduction• Competitive Advantage• Employee Retention
  10. 10. Purpose: Profitability or Prosperity?
  11. 11. What?Businesses creating higherstandards of living andquality of life in thecommunities in which theyoperate, while stillpreserving profitability forstakeholders
  12. 12. Citizenship as good business Sales Brand Influence
  13. 13. Risk Reduction
  14. 14. Employee Retention80% of US workers want to work for an organization which makes the environment a priority. National Geographic Survey
  15. 15. Practical approach WhoWhy What When How
  16. 16. PlanWho are we and what are we trying to do? Who Why
  17. 17. Do• What are the right NGOs for us?• What help do they need?• What can we accomplish over the long term? What
  18. 18. Act• Create a project map• Allocate resources• Delegate and follow up How When
  19. 19. Examples from our industry?
  20. 20. IMEX• Badge back• Maisha’s Sewing Project (Frankfurt)• Shade Tree• Opportunity Village• Clean the World
  21. 21. IAS• UN Global Compact• CSR criteria in RFPs• CO2 offsetting thru Saambou Sewing Cooperative• Messaging at every session
  22. 22. McDonald’s• Ronald McDonald House• 8 different NGO’s directly benefit from 2012 event• Supplier Collaboration• Exhibitor incentives
  23. 23. So, What’s the Return?• USGBC: Companies w green buildings save $58 billion a year in reduced sick days• 180 billion in increased productivity• Telus: decreased attrition, increased sales• 2012 Neilsen survey: 66% customers prefer to buy from companies that give back to society -62% want to work for these companies -59% want to invest in these companies
  24. 24. What’s important to the public?
  25. 25. Is your company a role model?Do you give back to the community?Do you have a list of NGO’sWith whom you partner?How do you measure?
  26. 26. Does Legacy Matter? “In 2000, CSR-oriented activities were unheard of. In this year’s survey, 35 percent of respondents included a charitable activity during their trips." "2011 Incentive Trends Survey,”Corporate Meetings & Incentives Magazine.
  27. 27. Pro Tip Document!• Policies• Request for proposals• Contracts• Reports
  28. 28. Tell Your Story• Measure and report to key stakeholders• Articles for industry publications• Apply for awards
  29. 29. Resources•MeetGreen®•Green Meeting Industry Council•Convention Industry Council
  30. 30. Thank You!