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Okafitu Bikes, Outapi


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Okafitu Bikes, Outapi

  1. 1. Okafitu Bikes Outapi
  2. 2.  Independent local non-profit.  Franchise of our 1st project, Okafitu bike shop, Okathitu  Received shipping container from B4H, Santa Rosa  Self-funded start-up costs through earnings from first shop  Several spin-off enterprises  Support local orphans with funds and bicycles for transport
  3. 3. Okafitu Bikes have supported dozens of local orphans with free bicycles, ongoing maintenance and financial support for education.
  4. 4. Hilya Ekandjo (left), manager of Okafitu Bikes, with Michael Linke from BEN Namibia (Centre) and her father, Lazarus Ekandjo.
  5. 5. A shipping container donated by Bicycles for Humanity Santa Rosa (US) provides essential storage for the shop.