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ICDL / ECDL Modules - Concepts of ICT enables candidates to gain an understanding of the different parts of a computer, as well as some of the key concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), such as those relating to networks and security.

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Ict blog4

  1. 1. VISIONS AND TARGETS ICT Training Articulate Clear Training Outcomes Deliver Training ICT Training Programmes Continuous Effort To Improve Programme & Design Training Programmes Deliver
  2. 2. ICT Training For You Objectives Life-Long LearningEnhance Computer Skills Learning is ongoingIncrease productivity in global process. Skills Retentioneconomy and Learner MotivationDemonstrate Digital Flexible TrainingCapabilities Learn at own time toCreate value in knowledge- Recognise Prior Learning ALL Learnersbased economy Engage and motivate learners
  3. 3. Modular Training For Your Digital Competencies ICT Training Modular Training Certified Worldwide Skills Enhancement Increase Productivity Create Job Value Core Modules Spreadsheet Module 4