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LiveHelpNow presentation


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Quick overview of the LiveHelpNow Help Desk Suite of products

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LiveHelpNow presentation

  1. 1. Help Desk Software Suite Intelligently Integrated Suite of Help Desk Systems. Live Chat, SMS, Ticket Management, Call Management, Knowledge Base and Enterprise Level Analytics Patent #: US 9,178,950 B2
  2. 2. It’s No Mystery: LiveHelpNow Can Help Your Business Succeed • It’s no mystery. At LiveHelpNow, providing the tools you need to create a great customer service experience is what we’re all about. • We can help you meet new customers, offer dramatically improved customer service, and boost your profits. • Just like your business, ours is built on creating great relationships with our customers. We love helping you to support your customers — and to build a more profitable business.
  3. 3. LiveHelpNow: A Cause for Celebration • LiveHelpNow has been successfully helping our customers support their customers since 2005 – which is why we’re trusted by more than 8,000 large and small companies, including the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, Barracuda Networks, Dell, HP, AARP, Samsung, AAA Mid Atlantic, and many others. • It’s also why we’ve made the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies list for 2 years in a row and been ranked the #1 Live Chat Software by TopTenREVIEWS for 6 years in a row. • As you can see, our success makes us very happy. But we’re even happier when we can help your company or organization succeed – and celebrate – just like us.
  4. 4. What is the LiveHelpNow solution? We’re glad you asked. • LiveHelpNow is a powerful, scalable web-based customer service suite that turns your static site into a powerful and dynamic resource for helping new and existing customers. • Simply put, LiveHelpNow is the most comprehensive, integrated customer service solution on the market today. What is the LiveHelpNow Solution? Comprehensive and unmatched suite of products! Real time visitor tracking and intelligent engagement, live chat, email ticket system, integrated knowledge base, integrated SMS, real time dashboards and much more…
  5. 5. What’s In It For You? • Superb multi branding abilities that enable a call center of any size to easily support multiple brands. • Live Chat that features advanced queuing and routing, visitor/chat triggers and automations, sentiment analysis, automatic real-time translation and spellcheck services, and much more. • Highly secure and reliable with 99.9% uptime. Check out just a few of the many features and benefits that LiveHelpNow offers:
  6. 6. What’s In It For You? (cont.) • Closely integrated Ticketing, Call and Knowledge base systems enable agents to:  See previous chat and email history for the chatting/calling/emailing customer  Provide quick responses via knowledge base lookup  Enable self-service so customers can help themselves. • Call back management system enables customers to schedule phone calls with customer service agent. • Analytics system is built for enterprise, featuring more than 80 comprehensive reports ranging from website statistics to agent productivity. LiveHelpNow offers unique, seamless integration between our Live Chat, SMS, Ticket, Call, and Knowledge (FAQ) capabilities. It’s the best of all worlds.
  7. 7. What Makes LiveHelpNow Different? • Operator console design supports easy multitasking so operators can simultaneously chat, respond to tickets/phone calls, and search the knowledge base • Dedicated US-based 24/7 support • Real-time agent coaching, monitoring and grading • Financial grade security • Live Chat via SMS • State-of-the-art inquiry tagging system • Instant language translation • Social media integration • Effortless support for unlimited brands • Integrated customer surveys • Integrates with any CRM, including SalesForce, HubSpot, Agile, and many more Everyone says they’re different. LiveHelpNow really is – and here are some of the many reasons why:
  8. 8. What Makes LiveHelpNow Different? (cont.) • Targeted customer engagement • Customer satisfaction scorecard • Exportable dynamic enterprise level reports • Skill-based routing and queuing • Agent permissions and restrictions • Whisper technology • File transfer • Automated tagging • Integrated secure forms for HIPAA / PCI compliant data collection • And so much more… Make a difference now with LiveHelpNow. LiveHelpNow isn’t just different – we also believe in making a difference for our clients with:
  9. 9. Live Chat System • Our live chat system offers a completely customizable chat window and chat buttons • Instant language translation allowing agents to chat with customers all over the world • Patented whisper technology allowing real-time agent coaching • Tagging system • File transfer capability • Customizable pre/post chat surveys ▫ Secure forms allowing secure, HIPAA and PCI compliant collection of confidential data • State-of-the-art Enterprise level reporting tools Nothing is more important than communicating with your customers. And nobody does it better – or more responsively – than LiveHelpNow:
  10. 10. Live Chat System (cont.) • Real-time visitor tracking with triggers and automation supports engaging or routing customers via previously defined workflows • Out-of-the-box integration with SalesForce and many other platforms as well as the ability to integrate with any external system by using Webhooks • 5 year storage for enterprise accounts (90 days for others) • Department routing, agent restrictions, and canned responses • SMS chat capability enables customers to simply text your number for support • Support for all browsers and all platforms, including Windows, Mac, and mobile With the LiveHelpNow chat system, it’s almost like talking in person – only better.
  11. 11. SMS Chat • Offer support to your customers via text. • All you need is the phone number you already use to support your customers. • Shipping products to consumers? Include your phone number on the package and ask the customer to text you with any issues. • Want to see how SMS Chat works? Just text 877-548-3001 (the LiveHelpNow 800 number) to find out. With LiveHelpNow’s revolutionary SMS chat capability, mobile customers can get immediate help just by texting.
  12. 12. Secure Forms • Enables you to create any form to collect any information on the fly • You can securely receive loan applications, visa applications, credit card information and much more from customers – from right within your chat • Or you can email customers a link to LiveHelpNow powered secure – PCI and HIPAA-compliant— form to collect private information Secure Forms is a unique feature of LiveHelpNow that helps protect your customer information even better than a guard dog: Patent #: US 9,178,950 B2
  13. 13. Chat Sentiment Analysis • Automatically notifies managers when a customer is unhappy about their interaction with a customer service representative. • There’s no need for the customer to fill out a survey or file a compliant. • Using fuzzy logic, Sentiment Analysis reads the tone of a conversation between a service representative and customer –automatically alerting managers when an interaction is less than favorable. Want to know whether your customers are happy with a chat exchange? LiveHelpNow’s Sentiment Analysis feature can tell you.
  14. 14. Instant Translations and Whisper We've harnessed the power of translation to provide you with real-time language translation in a chat session. LiveHelpNow simplifies and improves communication with your customers. Here’s how: Want to improve how your chat agents interact with your customers? Our patented Whisper Technology enables you to silently connect to any chat session and coach your agents in real time. Patent #: US 9,178,950 B2
  15. 15. Take the LiveHelpNow Challenge • The LiveHelpNow Challenge compiles and pushes your real- world customer service results and feedback to your dashboard daily. • Each month the Challenge ranks the top 100 companies providing excellent customer service. If your company ranks from a field of more than 10,000, you get bragging rights. • Our agent challenge grades individual agents based on the same metrics so you can recognize the superstars on your team – and find out who needs more training. Wouldn’t you like to receive monthly feedback on the quality and quantity of your customer service with exact instructions on how to improve it? Now you can use gamification to do just that —with no added cost or work.
  16. 16. Reports With LiveHelpNow, you benefit from our unique, powerful reporting capability. You can simply and easily view a wide range of detailed reports. You can even drill down to the actual chat transcript or email to view the satisfaction score card for every agent – and the exact chats and emails that affected a poor or good rating.
  17. 17. Reports (cont.) Executive Reports • Main Overview • Marketing Overview • Content Overview Marketing Reports • Referrers • Referrer URLs • Search Engines • Search Terms • Landing Pages Contact List (pre-chat window) Chat System Reports • Operator time clock • Daily Live Chat Statistics • Daily Live Chat Breakdown • Chat Transcripts • Chat Transcripts (Bulk Print) • Survey statistics • Survey statistics by Operator • Chat sentiment analysis new • Chat Tag Statistics • Chat Launch URLs Website Visitors Reports • Daily Visitors • Visits vs. Pageviews • New vs. Returning • Visitors by ISP • Visitors by Country • Visitor Languages • Hourly Visitors • Top Content • Top Exit Points • Browser Versions • Platform Versions • Browser / Platform Combo • Screen Resolutions • Screen Colors • Java Enabled • Raw Visitor Data Here are just some of LiveHelpNow Reports available at your fingertips:
  18. 18. Reports (cont.) • Operator timeclock shows which agents were online for which department and their utilization % • Daily live chat and ticket statistics provides an overview of chats/emails per day, hour, and department • Breakdown shows chat/emails by agent and department • Chat transcripts enables you to view actual transcripts • Survey statistics show post chat/email survey statistics for the account, department, and operator • Chat sentiment analysis show how many chats have positive, neutral and negative sentiments. • Tag statistics categorize chats and emails a by tag • Secure forms data shows form submissions by agents or customers With LiveHelpNow, reports are simple to locate and use. Here is just some of the awesome information delivered by LiveHelpNow reports:
  19. 19. Security • IP Restrictions that allow only certain IPs to login to your account • 256 bit encryption • Strict password policy and lockout mechanism • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) • HIPAA and PCI compliant • Tested weekly for vulnerabilities • DDoS protection • Two data centers (Active Texas/Passive Virginia) • Data may be purged hourly, daily, or right upon chat/email resolution. At LiveHelpNow, we take security very seriously. That’s why we offer the most secure live chat and email communications on the market today, with 99.9 percent uptime. Just a few of our security features include:
  20. 20. Why wait to start taking advantage of the most comprehensive, integrated customer service solution available today? Start your free 30-day trial today. Have more questions? No problem! Chat with us at, email us at, call or text us at 877-548-3001.