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Personal Agency on the IoT


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Published in: Internet
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Personal Agency on the IoT

  1. 1. Personal Agency on the IoT ● SSN, O&M, and IoT ontologies will connect things to things and define situations and context ● FOAT ontology will connect people to things ● Concepts to enable individual authority through graph based identity and granular resource access control
  2. 2. Personal Object: Personal Agency on the IoT ● Resource access control based on connecting the social graph to the physical graph ● The Friend Of A Friend ontology (FOAF) connects people to people with concepts describing interpersonal relationships ● Personal Object is a locus of control based on user identity, which is derived from user's verifiable social and physical graph connections ● Users control access to to their resources through semantic links
  3. 3. Open Source Platform for the Internet of Things ● Smart Object API ● Universal Gateways ● Personal Object ● Personal Cloud