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Emotify!: The Power of the Human Element in Game-Based Learning, Serious Games and Experiential Education


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Many solutions exist for the introduction and application of Game-Based Learning (GBL), specifically in terms of serious games, simulations and experiential education. In order for GBL to be successful on so many levels, a high capacity and capability for stimulating emotional intelligence is necessary. The authors propose an actionable workplan based on tried and tested research—something many of you might not currently possess. You are wondering: How do I begin? What should I be doing? In what sequence can I logically approach and manage this challenge? What is my quest?

Begin with this book. You will not get onto this bronking horse without being thrown off a few times. Wear your bruises and scrapes as symbols of honour and get back onto the horse. The rodeo awaits your participation. And, guess what, it will also be FUN.

The book is segmented into a logical sequence of foundational concepts, activities, and vocabulary associated with GBL. Once the overall concepts are embedded, we provide practical and pragmatic approaches to marketing and building consensus in your institution for experimenting and exploring across this emergent field. The Table of Contents outlines an overview of each chapter and should help set the context for your quest in applying GBL in the workplace or classroom.

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Emotify!: The Power of the Human Element in Game-Based Learning, Serious Games and Experiential Education

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  2. 2. I thought you might wish to learn about our new, co‐authored book. We would be in your karmic debt if  you could publish a review on your blog, university, or corporate website.  You may find the following links of interest:  ‐lecture‐michael‐sutton‐phd‐cmc‐fbei‐mit/  ‐book‐emotify‐dynamics‐of‐successful.html  THE DEATH OF THE LECTURE  How Disruptive Educators, Dr. Michael Sutton and Kevin Allen, are Winning the Digital Revolution  PRESS RELEASE  We are at the forefront of a new era. The eye‐roll inducing response from over‐stimulated millennial  students, when the mere suggestion of sitting through a lecture is mentioned, is what inspired authors  Kevin Allen and Dr. Michael J. D. Sutton to pioneer a fun approach that takes their students from  listening to learning by doing. Co‐Author Michael Sutton observed.   “The time‐honored method teaching isn’t disappearing any time soon, but it requires new tools,  to add stimulation, engagement and well, perhaps a bit of fun, to transform a deadly lecture  into a hotbed of discussion, enthusiasm and student engagement.”  Allen and Sutton set out to combine their knowledge, research and experience, using their knowledge of  Emotional Intelligence Engagement (EIE) and game‐based learning to design an approach that has had a  great impact on their students and fellow educators. Their discoveries and lessons are outlined in their  new book, Emotify! The Power of the Human Element in Game‐Based Learning, Serious Games and  Experiential Education, now available on Amazon.  The unlikely yet highly successful collaboration of two very different, yet equally passionate educators,  brings a multi‐faceted perspective from the inscrutable yet playful Professor, Dr. Michael Sutton, and  the intuitive Ad Man, Kevin Allen, to the reader.  Co Author, and “Ad man” Kevin Allen noted:   “We must always remember that this is all a human game, and the power of storytelling and  human emotion are the mighty tools of engagement. It takes static material and makes it all  come alive, with the student in the middle of it!”  As a teenager, Dr. Sutton marched to his own drummer, regularly seen in the public library where he  voraciously read about the game of GO and Chess. He subsequently found folks like himself who played  games like Risk, Stratego, and Diplomacy. Fast forward to 2007, Dr. Sutton earned a PhD in Knowledge  Management from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, after a career of 35 years in management and  information systems consulting, and corporate executive management. In recent years, Dr. Sutton  established an emergent reputation as a Game‐Based Learning Innovator, Architect, and Educator. He  successfully integrated serious games, simulations, and effective learning solutions into his problem‐ solving courses as a corporate trainer and instructor. For many decades, Dr. Sutton has made it his life's  purpose to guide his readers and pupils into the “league of enlightenment” through the power of  gaming. He is the author of “Game Based Learning ‐Language of the Future for Overcoming Complexity.” 
  3. 3. Co Author, and “Ad Man” Kevin Allen is an expert in leading organizations to achieve their business  goals. Allen champions the power of emotional intelligence, a practice he pioneered at the top of the  world’s largest advertising agencies, McCann‐WorldGroup, Interpublic Group, and Lowe Worldwide.  Named the Billion Dollar Man by his colleagues, he is probably best known for working with such brands  as MasterCard, leading the development of the globally famous "Priceless" campaign. He is the author  of Wall Street Journal Best Seller, The Hidden Agenda, A Proven Way to Win Business and Create a  Following and The Case of the Missing Cutlery, A Leadership Course for the Rising Star.  He is Founder and CEO of multi award‐winning E.I. Games LLC (, a game‐ based learning pioneer counting Arizona State, Ball State, The Forbes School at Ashford University,  Google, Expedia and Oracle as clients. The story‐based construct and Emotional Intelligence  underpinning across a wide array of business topics like Leadership and Diversity have captivated  thousands of professors and students alike.  Readers of Emotify! The Power of the Human Element in Game‐Based Learning, Serious Games and  Experiential Education, will discover how the authors “encompass how to successfully identify,  research, sell, deploy, and assess game‐based learning within your workspace.” They promise that the  reader will “acquire enough knowledge and practical advice to launch their own game‐based learning  initiative.”  Preview the first Chapter   or head over to to purchase the Paperback or Kindle version at   or AMAZON UK:   or order a PDF version directly from  Please contact me at with any questions, comments, or constructive  criticism. Post comments or suggestions to this blog.   If you are so inclined, a simple 2‐sentence post to our Amazon book page will help raise our visibility to  best seller status within Amazon.  Have fun reading!