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  • -Take a deep breath -This is what Jackie got to see during her vacation
  • -Cooperative Library Instruction Project -Collaborative project between WOU, Chem, OSU, and Willamette -
  • -Create reusable, remixable content -Get feedback and ideas from user community
  • Results are from first academic year of use -Next: explore all of the CLIP resources
  • -Current site for all CLIP resources
  • -Walk through what a tutorial looks like -Navigation bar, Closed Captioning, unified design -Point out URL -Point out Source Files -Brief summary of each tutorial -Demonstrate Embed code by [clicking on Embed Code link]
  • -Toggle to HTML editor -Paste code from “embed code” window
  • -Toggle the HTML button again (or click OK or SAVE, depending on system)
  • -And now the tutorial is there. So easy!
  • -Let’s talk about quizzes -[CLICK PICTURE to link] -Password protected. This is the password, it’ll appear at the end of the presentation as well. -Each tutorial has an associated quiz. 4 questions per quiz. Use as you will: remix, reuse, etc
  • -New tool added to the toolbox -Still very rough, in draft form -Give instructors a tool to discuss main concepts in tutorials in class / discussion boards
  • -Variety of ways to work tutorials in -Remix a tutorial for your own purposes [click thumbnail for EXAMPLE] -List tutorial links on your own website [click for example] -Integrate into course guides, LibGuides, Library a la Carte [click for LibGuides example] -Integrate into Blackboard, Moodle, or whatever system you use [click for Moodle example] -Make part of regular assigned readings/coursework
  • -How to adapt to tutorials -SCAFFOLDING -Jing is free. Easy to use. -Capture video or screenshots -Great pre- or post- CLIP tutorial tool
  • -Students need to be motivated. -Like vegetables, they won’t do it just because -Many students think they’re already information literate, will not even look at material
  • -Tutorials mapped to JBAC’s mandated IL outcomes -Outcomes are generic enough to apply to all disciplines -Tutorials are discipline neutral
  • -All of these ideas (with the exception of Jing) are located here. -Just ask me. I’m happy to help in any way. Brainstorming. Tech help. Whatever.
  • -Virtual -Technology training (how to edit/create CLIP-like tutorials, use Jing) -Updates/changes to CLIP materials -Share how being used, give feedback
  • clip @ kcc

    1. 1. Michael Baird
    2. 2. Michael Baird CLIP Coordinator [email_address] Western Oregon University @ KCC
    3. 3. Michael Baird Overall Project Goals address IL outcomes (AA/OT requirements) embed IL into class curricula flexible, relevant interest , community of support, sustainability
    4. 4. Michael Baird CLIP Tutorial Visits 2009-2010 Academic Year 3,591 visits in US 1,366 visits in Oregon 384 visits internationally WA: 295 CA: 245 MI: 178 NY: 145 TX: 123 Oregon, 09/21/09 – 06/11/10 by geography:
    5. 5. Michael Baird
    6. 6. Michael Baird
    7. 7. Michael Baird
    8. 8. Michael Baird
    9. 9. Michael Baird
    10. 10. Michael Baird clip1nf0lit
    11. 11. Michael Baird Discuss
    12. 12. Michael Baird Uses What is a library database? Websites Course guides, LibGuides LMS Class assignment
    13. 13. Michael Baird Expanding on CLIP
    14. 14. Michael Baird Make it count
    15. 15. What is a library database? Evaluating Internet Sources Michael Baird IL outcome mapping
    16. 16. Michael Baird Future Help
    17. 17. Michael Baird Future: CLIP workshops
    18. 18. / Michael Baird [email_address] Presentation available at: Michael Baird 503.838.8657 All images used within copyright compliance through a General Public License (GNU) agreement, Creative Commons, or Wikimedia Commons. clip1nf0lit