Lambton County Fuels Project Stakeholder Pres Oct 09


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High level presentation on waste to liquid fuels project planned for Lambton County, Ontario, Canada

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Lambton County Fuels Project Stakeholder Pres Oct 09

  1. 1. “When Waste is No Longer Waste!” Blue Water Sustainability Presentation November 2009
  2. 2. Alternative Fuels Corporation Process “Nature’s multi-million year crude oil production cycle reduced to hours…and a better end product!”
  3. 3. Each year North Americans landfill more than 1,300,000,000 tons of municipal waste… Each ton of waste can be converted into 75 gallons of the world’s greenest fuels and petrochemicals
  4. 4. The truth about landfills • 56% of what we throw out still ends up in landfill • Landfills are our largest source of methane, accounting for 37% of our annual emissions • Solid waste contains on a tonne for tonne basis 50% of the energy of coal • Only 2% of the energy potential in waste is used
  5. 5. Waste is a distributed energy resource… AFC is transforming the way we view and use waste. Instead Transformation of a liability to be disposed of, waste should be seen as a Energy Recovery domestic, distributed energy source. Reuse/Recycle Incineration/Fuel Disposal Prevention/Minimization
  6. 6. Waste-to-Liquid fuels CO2 Process Feed - Product Carbon rich waste
  7. 7. Feedstocks – Engineered Pellets • Municipal waste • Scrap tires • Auto shredder residue • Refinery sludge
  8. 8. Remote Waste Transformation Engineered Fuel Pellets No need for pre-sorting of waste Sterile Inert Odorless 80% volume Reduction Consistent energy value Resistant to water No methane from landfill No leachate from landfill
  9. 9. Fuels Manufacturing Temp > 10,0000C breaks chemical bonds No emissions No incineration 90% efficiency Syngas (H2 and CO) Excess heat Technology license for the Americas
  10. 10. Green Products… • Fuels – Gasoline and Diesel • Oils • Waxes • Electricity •Sustainable •Clean, no Sox, Nox, particulates •Affordable •Complements existing refining and distribution infrastructure •Aligned with social policy © 2009 Alternative Fuels Corporation | Restricted and Confidential 10
  11. 11. Product Mix (COMPS High or Low Temperature Process) Property High Temp Low Temp Crude Oil Fischer Tropsch Fischer Tropsch Paraffins >10% major product major product Naphthenes <1% <1% major product Olefins major product >10% none Aromatics 5–10% <1% major product Oxygenates 5–15% 5–15% <1% O (heavy) Sulfur species none none 0.1–5% S Nitrogen species none none <1% N Water major by-product major by-product 0–2% Confidential
  12. 12. Product Distribution
  13. 13. Customer traction • Worldwide market for sustainable chemicals growing at CAGR 38% • Value chain © 2009 Alternative Fuels Corporation | Restricted and Confidential 13
  14. 14. The Business Plan… Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 170 BBL/Day 1700 BBL/Day Demonstration Worldwide Commercial Plant Expansion Plant Goal: Become a worldwide leader in the production of sustainable fuels and chemical feedstocks
  15. 15. Environmental Footprint No emissions No effluent Carbon advantage • 16 million tonnes CO2 over 25 years Ultra-clean fuels Fewer trucks on the road transporting waste Zero landfill © 2009 Alternative Fuels Corporation | Restricted and Confidential 15
  16. 16. Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas Research
  17. 17. Proprietary 2nd Generation Fischer Tropsch Technology Agreement with Centre of Materials and Process Synthesis (COMPS) situated at The University of Witwatersrand. Exclusive rights to the process for the Americas Non-exclusive rights for rest of world New IP to be developed for each plant will be owned by AFC Technology licensing fee to be paid based on plant capex Running royalty to be paid on expected plant performance
  18. 18. COMPS Concept • Modular concept • Once through process • No air separation • No air reforming • Produces both syncrude Electricity and electricity Generation CO2 and S Gas Products, unconverted CO and H2 Gas Gasification FT Synthesis Clean Up Liquid Products
  19. 19. Pilot Plants - Successfully Producing Liquids… 1.) Linc Energy Australia 2.) Golden Nest, China © 2008 Alternative Fuels Corporation | Restricted and Confidential 19
  20. 20. Multiple revenue streams on $44 million investment for Phase 1 Total Potential Revenue = $37,565,826 CAD
  21. 21. Feedstock and Output Market is Global • 336 cities worldwide with more than 1,000,000 people (1 to 1 relationship between tires and people) • Mandates for percentage of fuel from renewables Ontario Minnesota Oregon Washington Pennsylvania New Mexico Louisiana • Market for bio-renewable chemicals forecast CAGR 17.0%
  22. 22. Competition - Fuels Waste to Alternative Electricity Fuels Corp Bio-diesel Cellulosic Ethanol Ethanol from Syntroleum Crops Rentech Clean Technology Conventional Fossil Fuels 1st Gen Fischer Tropsch Capital intensity
  23. 23. Alternative Fuels Corporation Competitive Overview – Waste Processing AFC InEnTec Enerkem Coskata Plasco Ze-gen Proven technology Up-front waste processing No landfill or effluent Does not require subsidy Uses existing fuels refining infrastructure Profitable at $70 oil Multiple revenue streams Scalable/ modular BOOM business model Feedstock independent
  24. 24. Benefits to Region • 200-400 quality green jobs • Inject > $100,000,000 per year into local economy • World first for molecular level recycling • Every thing we make can be sold in Sarnia • Everything we need can be found in Sarnia • No local waste to landfill • Reduced cost of recycling and waste handling
  25. 25. Timeline • Incorporation 2008 August • Off-take agreement 2010 February • Site selection 2010 February • Private Placement 2010 April • Detailed Engineering 2010 September • Spin-off/IPO 2010 November
  26. 26. AFC Milestones Alternative Fuels Corp’s proprietary waste transformation process reduces the multimillion year crude production cycle to a few hours and produces a better end product. Milestones achieved Exclusive technology license 1st site selected Industry support Political support Feedstock secured Demand > Capacity Canadian Government funding proposal ready Advocacy project
  27. 27. About Alternative Fuels Corporation • Subsidiary of G4G Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: GXG) • Production of ultraclean/green fuels and sustainable chemicals from: Waste and biomass. • Exclusive supplier for COMPS 2nd generation Fischer Tropsch technology for the Americas 2 operating pilot plants (China, Australia). Commercial scale technology 15 years + comprehensive technology development. Numerous patents within FT process Trainers of Sasol engineers • Cost competitive process: Not dependant on subsidies or peak commodity cycles Capital costs 20-30% per barrel below traditional Fischer Tropsch • Scalable & modular process • Ability to be in production within 3 years © 2009 Alternative Fuels Corporation | Restricted and Confidential 27
  28. 28. Contact Information Michael Hepworth, VP Business Development +1.416.204.0352 © 2009 Alternative Fuels Corporation | Restricted and Confidential 28