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Lumoid x Brevite


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Organized my Michael Henry & Brevite

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Lumoid x Brevite

  1. 1. Lumoid X Brevite Giveaway
  2. 2. Summary Lumoid & Brevite Designs teamed up to giveaway a DJI Mavic Pro Drone and Brevite Rucksack ($1165 value) via Instagram Each brand had their “own campaign” live on their website - an iFrame plugin of the the Gleam giveaway platform. Contest entrants were incentivized to follow each brand across all social channels in order to gain more entries into the contest, as well as share their “unique link” to get more entries Each brand posted organically across owned social channels and announced via email sub list, while independently handling paid posts with large feature accounts across Instagram.
  3. 3. Results • 22,220 emails gathered for Lumoid • 3,544 Lumoid Instagram followers added • 5,493 Lumoid Twitter followers gained (2X overall following) • 3,661 Lumoid Facebook followers gained
  4. 4. Cost Breakdown
  5. 5. Brand Post Examples (asking users to like the photo was more effective due to Instagram's Algorithm - it was served to more people)
  6. 6. Paid Post Accounts $300 for a single post $300 for a single post
  7. 7. Paid Post Accounts $400 for a single post Slightly overpaid for this $20 for a single post cheap but not effective
  8. 8. Paid Post Accounts $50 for a single post cheap but not effective
  9. 9. Lumoid’s Campaign Timeline Giveaway announced on Lumoid’s social @Way2ill paid post @agameoftones paid post Lumoid emails existing email subscribers @moodygrams post/final push on Lumoid social
  10. 10. Lumoid’s Campaign User Actions
  11. 11. Brevite Campaign Timeline
  12. 12. Brevite Campaign User Actions
  13. 13. Learnings • Activating an email list is key to starting the Giveaway off strong (Brevite did this, Lumoid didn’t and it showed in the numbers). SO email audience early and prompt them to refer their friends • Large Instagram will often give huge prices for single posts or campaigns but will easily be talked down if you have a turn key post (Lumoid’s largest paid posts were talked down from $800 to $300 for a single post…) • Don’t make the “requirements to enter” lengthy on the paid posts. Have users “Enter via URL in BIO and link this photo” instead of tagging friends, commenting etc. If the ask is easy more people will do it and then fall into the viral loop of following across all of social