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Art Resources

  1. 1. Resources for Art EducationMichael HarmsLIS 704
  2. 2. Purpose of Resource Guide● Provide resources to foster art appreciationamong children and students● Provide resources to instruct students invarious artistic manifestations● Provide resources for educators, public andhomeschool, to foster art appreciation andunderstanding among students● Provide resources for students for studentsto understand art as an integral aspect ofhistory
  3. 3. Circulating ResourcesArt Appreciation
  4. 4. Heine, Florian. 13 Paintings Children ShouldKnow. New York: Prestel, 2012.This title offers biographies of 13 important painters with full-color reproductions of their paintings. The painters include someof the obvious choices, like Rembrandt, but also includes somelesser known artists such as Hieronymus Bosch. The biographiesare put into context with a timeline which highlights worldevents. This title is accessible to it’s intended audience, fourththrough eighth grade, while still being informative to readers ofany age.(Booklist, Nov. 15, 2012 (Vol. 109, No. 6))
  5. 5. Essential Artists by David SpenceEach volume of this series offers a biography of an influentialartist intended for ages 11 through 15. What sets this series apartis that instead of only giving a biography and some reproductionof the artist’s work, the author includes a discussion of variousinterpretations of the art works. This is a resource to help studentspractice in art criticism.(VOYA, August 2011 (Vol. 34, No. 3)
  6. 6. Art and Culture of the Prehistoric World byBeatrice BrookeArt and Culture of the Prehistoric World offers readers an insightinto a little known era of artistic expression. The language in thistitle is very well suited for readers ages 9 through 12. It willappeal to students interested in art and history. This resourceoffers a bibliography for further reading, an index, and a glossaryof defined words which is especially helpful for students whenlearning about prehistoric eras.(Midwest Book Review (Childrens Bookwatch, January 2010))
  7. 7. Pop Art by Richard SpilsburyPop Art is intended for students in 5th through 8th grade. Withdefined vocabulary words, suggested reading, and clear languagethis title explains the art movement through the 1950s and1960s. This title would be a good resource for parents who werehomeschooling their children and want to expose them tosomewhat modern art.(Booklist, Jan. 1, 2009 (Vol. 105, No. 9))
  8. 8. !Women Art Revolution from Zeitgeist FilmsWhile men tend to dominate discussions of western art, !WomenArt Revolution portrays the feminist art movement over the lastfour decades. It chronicles the rejection of the first wave offeminist art to the actions of the Guerilla Girls. This filmincorporates interviews from art critics and curators, feministartists, and experpts from performance pieces. Although notintended for children, this film would be suitable for maturestudents and could easily be used in an art or modern americanhistory classroom or lesson plan.
  9. 9. Circuating ResourcesArt Instruction
  10. 10. Inkblot: Drip, Splat, and Squish Your Way toCreativity by Margaret PeotThis title represents a very underrepresented art form. Peotoffers clear, step-by-step instructions for users to createtheir own inkblot art. This title is useful for parents andteachers who want to introduce children to an uncommonand fun form of art. The real appeal behind this title lies inthat it can appeal to students who feel they have no artistictalent because inkblots are more abstract and rely lareglyon interpretation.(Kirkus Reviews, February 15, 2011 (Vol. 79, No. 4))
  11. 11. Cartoons and Manga by Des TaylorThis title will not have universal appeal, but it will have greatappeal to children and students who are interested in comicbooks, graphic novels, manga, and anime. This title is uniqueamong cartooning books because it explains the drawing aspectalong with digital illustration and animation. Boldfaced wordsfound throughout the text are defined in the glossary and the textis littered with facts about famous animators and manga artists.(Booklist, Dec. 15, 2011 (Col. 108, No. 8)
  12. 12. Learn to Draw Princesses by CatherineMcCaffertyAlthough this does not seem at first glance to be a good title torefer a budding artist to, this title (with specialized appeal,admittedly) is a great resource to help children practice the detailsof sharp lines, shape, and color while keeping some interested incharacters the already know like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.Besides only instructing students on how to draw a particularfigure, the text also takes another approach and tells the studentwhat does not work in drawing.(Booklist, Mar. 15, 2011 (Vol. 107, No. 14))
  13. 13. Art in Action by Matja PitamicThis title takes 12 masterpieces and gives step-by-stepinstructions for two related projects on each masterpiece. Thistitle exposes students to many different schools of art like pop artand cubism. The related projects go beyond simple drawings, butinclude building theme boxes and making prints out of rubberbands. With some parental or teacher guidance children can learnabout famous artists and artistic methods while exploring theirown creativity through various mediums.
  14. 14. Art Skills by Stephanie TurnbullArt Skills is a resource which shows users how to create artthrough various forms such as drip painting, watercolor, makingprints with fruit, body painting, and collage. Teachers and parentswill be able to find many fun projects to do with childrenthroughout this book. Also, this book includes a discussion oncareers in the arts. There is included lists of art-related websitesand a glossary defining the terms used throughout the text.
  15. 15. African Americans in the Visual Arts by StevenOtfinkskiAfrican Americans in the Visual Arts contains biographies ofAfrican American artists who worked with various mediums suchas performance art, sculpting, and installation art. Each biographyoffers a bibliography with websites for users to view the artistswork. This is an informative resource for students to begin theirresearch into the visual arts or for students researching an AfricanAmerican artist.(American Reference Books Annual 2012)
  16. 16. Non-circulating Resources
  17. 17. American Folk Art by Kristin CongdonIt is often easier for students to find biographical information onwell-known artists like Picasso than folk artists. This referencetitle catalogs American folk artists who the author deems asinnovative in the way they produced art. This title is wellorganized with indexes in the front which lists artists by media,region, and alphabetically. There is included a glossary,bibliography, and a list of American museums which exhibitAmerican folk art.(American Resource Books Annual 2013)
  18. 18. America: A History in Art by W.G. SchellerThis reference resource offers users a glimpse of history throughthe eyes of art. It is separated into general periods like "FirstAmericans" and "The Gilded Age". It shows what forms of artdominated America at certain times - from painting in thebeginning, to photography, to utilitarian architecture. Thisresource is unique in that in chronologically shows the evolutionof American art as American history unfolded. The title offersphotographs of many art works along with a description, where itis housed, and how the work was created. This resource isvaluable to students interested in art or American history.(American Reference Books Annual 2009)
  19. 19. Atlas of Egyptian Art by Prisse eAvennesThis is a very valuable resource for public and school libraries asmany students, at one point or another, do some project on Egypt.This resource chronicles trips to Egypt from French artist PrisseeAvennes and the photographs he took of the pyramids andtombs in the 1860s along with his notes. Many of thephotographs include descriptions and cross-references makingthis an informative and enjoyable resource for students interestedin ancient Egypt.(American Reference Annual 2009)
  20. 20. The Concise Dictionary of Art Terms byMichael ClarkeThis is a pretty straightforward resource. It is an alphabetical listof about 1,900 art terms with definitions. The terms includetechniques, schools of art, mediums, and eras. Although it is notintended for children, older children in middle school and highschool would be able to understand the definitions making this auseful resource for school projects or for those students whostudy art independently. This is a very informative resource andat a price of under $20 is affordable for just about any library.(American Reference Books Annual 2011)
  21. 21. Arts and Crafts for Favorite Themes by TheMailbox Books StaffThis title has 250 themes commonly used for preschoolersand toddlers along with easy to follow crafts and artprojects. This resource will have great appeal to childrenslibrarians, preschool teachers, and caregivers. It is wellorganized with an index of themes for quick use foreducators to develop simple lesson plans which incorporatehands-on activities for young children.
  22. 22. Icons of Beauty: Art, Culture, and the Image ofWomen by Debra MancoffThis resource provides insight into one of the permeating themesthroughout the history of art - the image of women. The contentspans through different times and cultures and examines how thefemale form was portrayed and its significance in a culturalcontext. This resource is valuable to students who are researchingeither the topic of the female form or are researching given worksof art, or artists, which utilized the female form in their works.Included is an index to names, works, and topics.(American Reference Books Annual 2010)
  23. 23. Art and Architecture of the Worlds Religionsby Leslie RossThis is a very well balanced analysis of the worlds religions,from the prehistoric to the modern, and their artisticmanifestations. Ross provides the same treatment to each religionto maintain fairness. The orign and belief system is outlined withevery religion along with its major artistic and architecturalrepresentations. The balnced nature of this work provides userswith a quick study when researching religions or differentmanifestations of art from different cultures, times, and religions.The price of these volumes may prevent some libraries fromaquiring the titles, but it is a welcome resource to those librarieswith the financial resources.(American Reference Books Annual 2010)
  24. 24. Axis: the Online Resource for ContemporaryArtAxis offers information to over 2,500 contemporary artists andcurators. It needs to be noted, however, that Axis dealsexclusively with art from the United Kingdom and withcontemporary art. However, because it is a completely freeresource which makes it a very valuable resource for anybodyresearching contemporary art. Axis offers users biographies,videos, photographs, art news, and discussions.
  25. 25. Eye on Art SeriesThe Eye on Art Series is specifically written for middle schooland high school students. Each volume deals with a specific formof art, from Egyptian art to manga. Each title explains the roots ofthe form of art and includes many high quality, full colorphotographs and illustrations. Each volume costs around $30.Libraries can either purchase the whole set or specialize theircollection for their population.
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