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Guerin Associates Nov 2011


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Guerin Associates Nov 2011

  2. 2. Contents Section Introduction 1 News 2 Methodology 3 Services 4 Projects 5 Commentary 6 Key Personnel 7 Contact Information 8For information on Mike Guerin, please go to,and search for his profile under “Michael Guerin AIA, PE.” For information on procuring Guerin Associates‟ consulting services through an American Express account, call 908-903-9070 for GA‟s vendor information.NOTICE:This document contains confidential and/or proprietary information from Guerin Associates, Inc.All rights in connection with intellectual property, methodologies, graphics and data are reserved.This material may not be used, published or distributed to other parties without prior writtenpermission from Guerin Associates, Inc. For additional information, please contact GA at 908-903-9070 or
  3. 3. Introduction www.guerinassociates.comOVERVIEWGuerin Associates is a consulting firm specializing in real estate and facilities. GA‟s clients have included many industry leaders, such as: 3Com 3M Advance PCS Altera Corporation Applied Materials BASF BlueCross BlueShield Bristol-Myers Squibb Brocade Chevron Chubb & Son Colliers Dell Computer Dow Corning DuPont Eastman Chemical Harley-Davidson Hewlett-Packard IBM Johnson & Johnson Juniper Networks Lam Research Livermore Research Merck Nabisco Nike Nvidia Palm PeopleSoft Pfizer Pharmacia Rubbermaid Silicon Graphics Telcordia Thrivent Financial United Properties VerisignNote: Additional Fortune 50 clients are not listed due to confidentiality agreements. Over 150 companies have participated in Guerin Associates studies, or utilized GA‟s services in a broad range of areas, such as: Corporate Real Estate Facility Management Corporate Services Energy & Sustainability Project Management Move Management A/E Design Review Capital Projects Employee Services Vendor Cost Review Vendor Evaluation Vendor Selection 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 1-1 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  4. 4. Introduction www.guerinassociates.comFACILITIES FORUM®Guerin Associates conducts conferences on current business issues and challenges.Mike Guerin (second from right) presents Best Performer awards to (from left) Dan Latal ofDow Corning, Robert Papa of Bristol-Myers Squibb and Ray Westervelt of AT&T (far right). BUSINESS LEADERS MEET TO SHARE EXPERIENCES, IDEAS Facility managers from leading companies gathered December 6 to exchange business information and ideas, in a cooperative workshop known as “Facilities Forum.” Hosted by BASF at its North American headquarters in Mount Olive, the session was managed by Guerin Associates, Inc. Representatives from AT&T, BASF, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dow Corning, Lucent Technologies and Sarnoff Corporation met to share data, ideas and experience on a number of current management issues. Guerin Associates presented awards to overall “best performers,” and a number of attendees gave presentations on how their companies have improved performance while lowering costs. From the Bernardsville News, Observer Tribune, Echoes Sentinel, Hunterdon Review, Randolph Reporter, Mt. Olive Chronicle and Roxbury Register, May 24, 2001. (Guerin Associates Photo) 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 1-2 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  5. 5. Introduction www.guerinassociates.comVALUES INSIGHT . . . into successful methods and practices INNOVATION . . . matching external breakthroughs with internal needs INTEGRITY . . . in managing information, and in working with people APPROACH Guerin Associates‟ approach is based on two essential elements:  Clear, professional “apples-to-apples” definitions, data and comparisons  Our unique “Value Methodology,” balancing cost control with service quality Experienced leaders know it takes more than data to improve a business. We compare different companies and industries to identify "best practices." We then recommend strategies to help clients close gaps with "best performers." GA also helps clients implement improvements, by adopting best practices, redesigning business processes, supporting performance management programs. and developing customized facilities scorecards.INFORMATION For more information on Guerin Associates please contact Michael F. Guerin AIA, PE, CEM, CFM, LEED®GA President, Guerin Associates Inc. 908-903-9070 or visit our website: 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 1-3 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  6. 6. News G U ER IN AS S O CI AT E S HOW YOU CAN IMPROVE –AND PROVE– THE VALUE YOU ADD TO THE BUSINESS Mr. Guerin addressed 200 attendeesMany organizations use cost and performance metrics to at IFMA‟s World Workplace onevaluate and monitor effectiveness vis-à-vis their peers. Excellence in Project Management – Hallmarks of Best Performers.Some acquire data from published sources, others from Mike also addressed Tradeline‟s Leanservice providers. Those using such sources face a challenge: Management Models Conference onAssuring themselves --and others-- that the information is Benchmarks for Capital Projects.accurate, with objective, unbiased recommendations. A VALUE AUDIT is an effective alternative that:  Determines objectively where you stand compared to peers  Quantifies gaps in costs, staffing, productivity and quality  Zeroes in quickly on major savings and improvements  Challenges inertia with objective, external data  Identifies and adapts tested “best practices”  Avoids re-inventing proven solutionsAn evaluation done by an outside third party significantlyreduces management skepticism toward positive findings. Italso lowers internal staff resistance to any negative findings. Itprovides achievable goals, and methods to achieve them. He explained how those responsible for capital programs use analyticalMost participants find that Value Audits reveal unexpected tools to improve performancecost savings, and tested solutions to their service problems. tracking and project results.Best performers know the future is a moving target, and usethis robust, concise data to drive continuous improvement. Mike‟s background includes 10+ years in consulting, 10 years inGuerin Associates can help you acquire this intelligence for facilities management, and 10 years in architecture and construction.your facilities. Contact us for information on Value Audits, orour Facilities Scorecard for ongoing performance tracking. Guerin Associates works with many leading firms to reduce costs and improve performance, by applying Critical Success Factors: their unique “value methodology.”  Use a 3rd party for objectivity & confidentiality GA clients include industry leaders in biotech, pharmaceuticals, financial  Seek actionable, “apples to apples” comparisons services, petrochemicals, consumer  Focus on positive conclusions: products and other sectors.  Proof where costs & services are well-managed  Tested solutions where improvement is needed For additional information, contact: 908-903-9070 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 2-1 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  7. 7. Methodology www.guerinassociates.comOperational Data may be required as part of a service provider‟s contract.These reports may be based only on their own customers, and more importantly,they may not be free of bias. Vendors have an understandable incentive toreport that their costs are reasonable. Conversely, prospective new vendorsmay be tempted to report that your costs are too high, in hopes of obtaining work.National or local trade associations and consortium studies provide excellent,unbiased data. They generally do not customize reports for specific facilities ordifferent operational needs, or scrutinize your data for consistency with others.Because they work with individual firms, third parties such as Guerin Associatescan tailor studies to specific facilities. They also serve a role similar to a fiduciary,where the primary objective is achieving the best interests of the client. Key Question: How do we know our information is accurate, unbiased and reliable? Internal Independent Studies Third Party Studies Vendor ity Consortium bil Studies Studies a Level of Customization n c tio A Local Trade Assn Studies Prospective Vendors National Trade Assn Studies Degree of Objectivity 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 3-1 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  8. 8. Services www.guerinassociates.comEXAMPLES OF SERVICESGA helps clients assess, improve and articulate their Total Value Proposition. Weaccomplish this through an integrated strategy that can address all aspects ofReal Estate and Facilities Management, providing a Total Value Assessment. REAL ESTATE Total Facility Costs Compare global, US, regional & local costs of owning, leasing and operating facilities. Identify hidden overhead, and gain insight into key ratios. Space Utilization Compare 3 key space utilization ratios, and quantify the impact of each on your facilities. See how Alternative Workplaces reduce costs. Strategic Planning Align your portfolio for transition to an optimal, long-term strategic plan. Acquire the data and insight to compare and select best locations. “Value By Design” Optimize environmental and economic goals, through professional peer review of A/E designs, carbon output, space standards and amenities. FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Customer Alignment Evaluate customer satisfaction in key accounts. Analyze gaps between needs and KPI goals, and identify any major service misalignments. Cost Benchmarking Compare costs per SF, per workspace, per person, etc. with similar facilities, through clear definitions and apples-to-apples comparisons. Operations Analysis Go beyond cost benchmarking. Determine your “Value Ratio” by measuring KPIs (key performance indicators), as well as costs. Contractor Selection Analyze costs, staffing and performance of current contractors. Identify alternatives, plan and execute bidding & selection process. 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 4-1 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  9. 9. Projects www.guerinassociates.comCONTRACTOR SELECTIONClient: U.S. Semiconductor Supplier, Santa Clara, CAWith frequent moves and relocations of internal staff, involving many reconfigurationsand construction, this company sought competitive bids to outsource the entire movemanagement (“churn”) process.GA assisted the prime consultant in defining cost categories and performance criteria,evaluating vendors‟ qualifications and each of their on-site presentations, and inselecting the successful vendor. A multi-year agreement was established, and substantial savings are projected.CONTRACTOR SELECTIONClient: U.S. Life Sciences Company, St. Louis, MOSimilar to the project above, this client had a large, complex campus, with numerous,expensive moves and move-related construction projects occurring annually.GA was retained as a subject matter expert, to assist the client in mapping all of thebusiness processes associated with moves, co-leading a process redesign team (ofclients, staff and vendors), and renegotiating an agreement with the incumbent vendorproviding move planning, design and coordination services. Numerous time and cost saving recommendations were developed and implemented.CONTRACTOR SELECTIONClient: U.S. Pharmaceuticals Company, Central New JerseyThis firm had numerous small- to medium-size renovation and equipment installationprojects requiring extensive documentation of design. Research and production facilitiesrequired rigorous compliance with the FDA and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).The client was dissatisfied with the selection process for architects and engineers, andwith their services, schedules and costs. GA was invited by the prime consultant to assistin the process of identifying, screening, evaluating and selecting candidate design firms.GA developed detailed criteria, and wrote comprehensive bid solicitation documents,used to obtain proposals from 20+/- leading A&E firms in Northern NJ. GA reviewed theextensive A&E packages submitted, listing relevant experience, personnel, costs, etc.GA provided the client with interview questions, agendas, scoring sheets and weightedcriteria, used in selecting the successful design firms for long-term contracts. Multi-year agreements were established, addressing all major criteria and concerns. 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 5-1 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  10. 10. Projects www.guerinassociates.comFACILITIES BENCHMARKINGClient: U.S. Semiconductor CompanyWith significant new mergers and acquisition activity, this company wished to obtaininternal and external benchmark comparisons, clear cost savings and improvementopportunities. GA analyzed data in both the client‟s accounting categories, and GA‟sbenchmarking classifications.Key Performance Indicators were applied in each area, to assess the relative value ofservices versus costs. Workshops were held with staffing groups to evaluate costdifferentials, and review and consider “best practices” to improve performance in eachfunction. Project scope included: Maintenance & Operations Custodial Site Costs & Utilities Space Planning Move Management Project Management Reprographics Security Shuttles Food Service Fitness Centers Retail ServicesEstimated long term costs of ownership and operation were developed, comparing fivemajor metropolitan areas in different regions of the US. Estimated potential savings, based on identified cost gaps, are $2 - $5 Million per year. Early reports indicate expected savings in utilities alone of over $1.0 Million per year.FACILITIES BENCHMARKINGClient: U.S. Semiconductor CompanyThe client had conducted internal benchmarking among six of its major sites, totaling 6million GSF. External cost benchmarks were sought from Guerin Associates tocomplement these efforts, and provide a new perspective on performancemeasurement and “best practices” in facilities management for non-manufacturingareas. The project scope included: Space Utilization Workplace Design Occupancy Strategies CAD/CAFM Systems Relocation Management Design & Construction Maintenance & Ops Custodial & Housekeeping Food Services Mail & Copy Services SecurityA Kickoff Orientation workshop was conducted to review survey forms and answerquestions from the facilities staff. Data collection took place over a three month period.After analysis of the data, a Results Workshop was held at one of the sites. Numerousimprovement and cost saving recommendations were provided for this site, withrepresentatives from the other five sites in attendance. The Final Report provideddetailed analysis for each of the six sites. Numerous improvement and cost saving recommendations were provided for this site, with representatives from the other five sites in attendance. The Final Report provided detailed analysis for each of the six sites. 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 5-2 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  11. 11. Projects www.guerinassociates.comFACILITIES BENCHMARKINGClient: U.S. Computer ManufacturerDue to a large acquisition, this firm managed facilities in several Midwest and West Coastlocations. Guerin Associates coordinated data collection and validation. Mid-year datawas adjusted to achieve a common reporting year. Site & Utilities costs were normalizedto account for regional variations. The project scope included these service areas: Maintenance & Op‟s Custodial Roads & Grounds Utilities Space Planning Move Management Project Management Mail & Express Mail Reprographics Conference Room Mgt. Security Food Service Fitness Centers Retail Services The Final Report was presented on-site to a staff of about twenty-five managers. Estimated potential savings, based on identified cost gaps, equal nearly $3 Million.ENERGY BENCHMARKINGClients: Major Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals CompaniesGuerin Associates launched the EMCS (Energy Management Consortium Study), to allowlarge firms to objectively compare energy costs and practices in a confidential format.Five firms submitted detailed data for 11 US sites, and one each in Switzerland and Brazil.GA‟s “Value Methodology” was applied to report costs relative to service. Fuel costswere compared per SF and per MBTU. Firms with excellent scores in comfort, air quality,budget compliance, waste management, etc. received high service levels (KPIs). Companies demonstrating low utilities costs, high service levels and advanced energy management practices were highlighted as “best performers” of the EMCS project.FACILITY SELECTIONClient: US-Based Chemicals CompanyThe facility selection involved a major new office building in downtown Houston. GAconducted a study of peer firms and facilities, to compare and analyze these areas: Open vs. Closed, Single vs. Shared Spaces Workspace Standard Areas and Footprints Variation by Size, Features and Accessories Assignment by Grade Level and Job Function Assignment by Business Unit, Avg. SF / Person Centralized vs. Dispersed Conference Rooms Conference Sizes and Counts vs. Workspaces Conference Room Mixes by Size, Seats, Type Conference Technologies (AV, etc.) Room Reservation & Enforcement MethodsGA also developed a comprehensive “5-Star” rating system, to be used for comparisonof design features, construction quality and employee amenities. The system is intendedfor use in objectively evaluating the client‟s facilities and worker amenities world-wide. Based on findings, the client finalized and utilized new workspace standards for a major new facility, resulting in senior management support, and ultimately board approval. Based on these findings, the c 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 5-3 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  12. 12. Projects www.guerinassociates.comSPACE MANAGEMENTClient: U. S. Software CompanyThis company had moved from high-growth to a cost-saving mode, and was interestedin evaluating two very different approaches it had adopted to internal space planning.The client needed to evaluate the long-term implications of two radically different spaceplanning approaches for their 800K GSF headquarters facility.GA reviewed and compared space utilization results by building and by floor. Findingsindicated that results of the „enhanced‟ scheme were not as dramatic as expected, dueto circulation requirements. Potential improvements were also identified in workspacesize, occupancy rates, and ratio of conference space to office workspace. Using conservative estimates to occupy and operate the facility, potential equivalent savings from these improvements is over $3.5 Million (minus workplace change costs).SPACE UTILIZATIONClient: European-Based Chemicals CompanyThe facility is a North American corporate headquarters, with approximately 850K GSF.Major wings of the building are linked with a series of building cores and atrium spaces.GA analyzed three major aspects of overall planning: Space Utilization Workspace Design Occupancy StrategySpace and Occupancy results were better than average. (Space Utilization, in fact, wasclose to “best performer” levels.) Workspace Design, however, was found to be wellbeyond average (over 40%) in allocation of building area. Based on these findings, the client created a corporate-wide task force to re-evaluate and potentially redesign workspace standards, with senior management support. If implemented, corporate treasury estimates 12 year after-tax cash flow of $106 Million.SPACE UTILIZATIONClient: U.S. Pharmaceuticals CompanyA major pharmaceuticals firm needed to reduce operating costs for its NJ headquartersand area facilities. Among its concerns were the amount of office space, the costs ofsatisfying user requirements, and the capital investment entailed in new facilities. Officedemands were rising, and rental space was unavailable in sufficient quantities.Guerin Associates was asked to evaluate approximately 2.3M gross square feet of officespace. Existing plans were compared with four pharmaceutical / medical productscompetitors, and “performance gaps” quantified. The client learned how muchadditional internal capacity was available, and where planning could be improved. Based on this analysis of existing capacities, the client was able to confirm plans to delay over $50 Million in new construction. 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 5-4 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  13. 13. Projects www.guerinassociates.comMOVE MANAGEMENT STUDYClient: U.S. Semiconductor CompanyThis firm has a high internal “churn rate,” with approximately 10,000 internal moves peryear in over fifty buildings. GA was asked to evaluate overall process costs andeffectiveness, to assist the client in major upcoming contract decisions. GA compareddetailed cost breakdowns, cycle times and similar service quality metrics with peercompanies and facilities in its own database. GA also reviewed the organization and itsprocesses, technologies and systems.Numerous Key Performance Indicators were used to develop a “Value Analysis,”balancing service quality with costs. An assessment of existing conditions --including areport of potential cost savings and improvements-- was presented to the fullmanagement staff.In addition to identifying cost saving and performance enhancement opportunities, GAassisted the client with contract scope definition, RFP questions, performance-basedcontract approaches and service level metrics. GA was asked to identify vendorsproviding move coordination and implementation services, and provided a list ofapproximately 15 local and national candidates. Projected annual savings are conservatively estimated at $1.22 Million.REAL ESTATE LOCATION STUDYClient: International Chemicals CompanyThis client retained GA to study locations for a major office facility (300K - 500K GSF). GAdeveloped the general specifications for a building program, and confidentiallycontacted local economic development agencies and development firms. Informationwas also obtained from the US Department of Labor and similar public sources.Analysis included: Land and construction costs Real estate and personal property taxes Local assessed / appraised value ratios Lease costs (using various lease types) Tenant improvement allowances Employment and tax incentives Utilities rates and incentives Historical labor costsEstimated long term costs of ownership and operation were developed, comparing fivemajor metropolitan areas in different regions of the US. GA found differentials of 35%, representing potential 10 year savings of over $40 Million. 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 5-5 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  14. 14. Projects www.guerinassociates.comFACILITIES BENCHMARKINGClient: U.S. Pharmaceuticals CompanyThis client required comprehensive benchmarks for launch of a major new facility. Initialoccupancy is 1,400, with an ultimate population of approximately 5,000. Questionsaddressed in this study included: How can world class service be achieved and maintained from the outset? What are the benchmarks to evaluate cost, performance and customer service? What specific measures reflect first class service? (Examples: % of work order time reported representing wrench time; % of work orders completed on time; % corrective maintenance; % preventive maintenance; etc.) How are other companies organized to deliver service? What are reasonable costs, staffing levels, utilities, etc.? What is the impact of union involvement? What is the extent of outsourcing? Vendor consolidation locally and regionally? What practices and technologies provide superior performance at lower cost?Guerin Associates worked with twenty-five sites from twenty-two leading companies toevaluate management methods, costs and performance. Participants were evaluatedand ranked in fourteen separate categories, including Maintenance & Operations,Custodial, Space Planning, Security, Site Services, etc.“Best performers” in each category were interviewed to validate data and understandreasons for superior results. Results, analysis, recommendations and over 100 integratedcost and performance metrics were presented in a detailed, comprehensive report.Guerin Associates also helped the client contact and arrange visits to best performersites, for more extensive, firsthand observations and learning.FACILITIES BENCHMARKINGClient: U.S. Computer ManufacturerThis project had the same functional scope as the project described above, plusAutomotive Fleet Management. Total facility size was approximately 850,000 SF, withseveral additional buildings in planning. By applying GA‟s methodology to one new building alone, this client improved space utilization by approximately 25,000 SF (almost 10%), deferring future construction and increasing “internal rent” (costs charged to internal users) by $690,000 per year. 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 5-6 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  15. 15. Commentary www.guerinassociates.comTESTIMONIALS - Comments on Guerin Associates projects:“This is very good work, and I really appreciate it. Its very helpful, and well probably beusing it not only to address our own group, but certainly with our CFO and the businessunits, to show the great work were doing to try to control costs." VP, Real Estate & Facility Services, High-Tech Company"Regardless of what the data shows, this is just a great report. Its such clear information,simple and easy to read. Its just great reading. Im really happy with the overall lookand feel of the report. I couldnt be happier with it." Director, Global Real Estate Planning, High-Tech Company"Thanks again for your hard and great work. We really appreciate it." Business Planning Manager, High-Tech Company"There are too many benchmarks out there that are meaningless . . . . This (study) is goingto be the cornerstone of the content for our offsite (budget review) meeting." VP, Real Estate & Facility Services, High-Tech Company"You guys have provided a great service to us. You really have a clear understanding ofthe business beyond the numbers. I look forward to working with you in the future." Director, Worldwide Planning & Design, High-Tech Company"I attended your (IFMA World Workplace 2007) seminar on Project Management. It wasone of the best of the show . . . We currently have 22 projects going, all over the world . .. I find that I am referring to your presentation repeatedly." Facilities Manager, Internet Security Firm"Your study was very instrumental in getting people in the business units to sign off on thedotted line and agree, Yes, were going to move into this building. . . . It was ultimately aboard decision." Project Manager, Chemicals Company"When I saw your (Project Management) presentation (at IFMA World Workplace 2007)I got excited . . . I said, „This is great! This is what I need." Procurement Advisory Professional, High-Tech Company"If youre trying to tell someone they need to change, you need more meat, it has to bemore accurate . . . (like Guerin Associates‟ studies).” Manager of Bank Business Planning, Architectural Consulting Firm 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 6-1 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  16. 16. Commentary www.guerinassociates.comTESTIMONIALS - Comments on Guerin Associates projects:“This is a great start . . . A lot of really good work has gone into this . . . Its leagues aheadof anything anyone else has in the (client) organization.” VP, Real Estate & Facility Services, High-Tech Company“Great stuff! Excellent package. This is going to be very useful and impressive . . . (Its)very exciting stuff.” Business Planning Manager, High-Tech Company“The report . . . and its content exceeded our expectations.” Facility Manager, Biotech Company“I . . . was impressed with the level of quality and rigor in the study.” Senior Construction Project Manager, Pharmaceuticals Firm“We looked around at a lot of options, and kept coming back to you. Im convincedyoure the right person to do this job.” Global Space Planning Manager, Networking Company“You . . . have been a real pleasure to work with . . . very accessible and helpful, withgood camaraderie. (The project) gave us good direction on what we want to look atand change . . . We know a lot more about our operation now than we did before.” Director of Technology Services, Chemicals Company“Overall, your detailed reports were quite good . . . Easy to understand . . . Yourprofessionalism was excellent.” Facilities and Six Sigma Manager, Chemicals Company“Thank you for putting together the final benchmark report with care. It has been apleasure to work with you . . . This report, being first of its kind, will certainly be invaluablein the near future . . .” Project and Six Sigma Manager, Chemicals Company“Youve done a great job for us. The decision board complimented us on what we did,and you were part of that.” Project Manager, Chemicals Company“My reason for asking for the meeting was simple: Ive noted the level of respect theyhave for their Guerin Reports. I aspire for us to have a similar level of respect and trustfrom our customers.” Director of New Business, Facilities Service Provider 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 6-2 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  17. 17. Key Personnel www.guerinassociates.comKEY PERSONNEL MICHAEL F. GUERIN AIA, PE, CEM, CFM, LEED®GA A competent professional with 30+ years‟ experience in design, facilities management and business consulting. A capable leader with strong analytical abilities, who keeps the "big picture" in focus. Well-balanced technical and personal skills, with an emphasis on quality, integrity and good judgment. Mike has a proven track record on a broad range of different projects, and has spoken frequently at national conferences.EXPERIENCE GUERIN ASSOCIATES, INC. Millington, NJ1996 – Present President Consults with Fortune 500 companies, primarily in the high-tech, life sciences, consumer products and chemicals industries. Helps clients build comprehensive cost and performance improvement programs, focusing on key metrics and executive dashboards. Representative achievements:  Analyzed space utilization at the headquarters of a leading chemicals company, identifying gaps of 40% in critical space standards. Corporate treasury estimated potential twelve-year after-tax positive cash flow of $106M (Million).  Identified differentials of 35% in costs of land, construction, taxes, utilities and operating costs in a detailed location study for a major prospective new facility (300-500K SF). Potential ten-year cost advantages of recommended site exceed $43M.  Implemented the global manufacturing benchmarking program for a major consumer products company, with first year savings of over $5M, and long-term savings for 40+ plants estimated at over $20M.  Analyzed operating costs and performance at dozens of corporate facilities, consistently identifying millions in potential annual savings, typically ten to twenty times project fees. 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 7-1 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  18. 18. Key Personnel SPEAKING EXPERIENCE MICHAEL F. GUERIN Excellence in Project Management – Hallmarks of Best Performers IFMA World Workplace in New Orleans, LA, and in Dallas, TX Operational Benchmarking – A Streamlined Approach Society of American Military Engineers, Philadelphia, PA Benchmark the Leanness of Your Capital Project Management Tradeline, Inc. Conference in St. Petersburg, FL Benchmarking – How to Demonstrate Value Mid-Atlantic Plant Engineering and FM Conference, Somerset, NJ Using Metrics to Demonstrate the Value of Facilities Services Northern NJ Plant Engineering Show in Edison, NJ Evidence Based Facilities Management – New Directions in Benchmarking IFMA World Workplace Conference in Philadelphia, PA How to Demonstrate Value with Key Costs and Metrics NJ IFMA Professional Development Conference, Bridgewater, NJ Translating Corporate Objectives Into an Accountable Design Program for Architects and Engineers IFMA World Workplace Conference in Salt Lake City, UT A Quantitative Tool For Translating Management Objectives Into Enforceable Project Criteria Tradeline, Inc. Conference in Scottsdale, AZ Benchmarking Facilities For Performance MN IFMA Program Panel Discussion, St. Paul, MN Using Key Metrics to Demonstrate Value IFMA World Workplace Conference in Toronto, Ontario Benchmarking and Process Improvement Tradeline, Inc. Conference in San Diego, CA Successful Cross-Industry Benchmarking IFMA World Workplace Conference in New Orleans, LA Space Planning and Performance Measurement Executive Forum in Basking Ridge, NJ World Class Space Management IDRC World Congress in Baltimore, MD 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 7-2 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  19. 19. Key Personnel PERSONAL DATA MICHAEL F. GUERINEDUCATION Princeton University Master of Architecture, 1977 University of Pennsylvania Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, 1973PROFESSIONAL LEED® Green Associate, 2009CERTIFICATIONS & Certified Facility Manager, 2009REGISTRATIONS Certified Energy Manager, 2007 National Council of Arch Registration Boards, 1992-2008 Professional Engineer, NJ, since 1989 Registered Architect, NJ, since 1982PROFESSIONAL American Institute of ArchitectsAFFILIATIONS New Jersey Society of Architects International Facility Management Association Association of Energy Engineers US Green Building CouncilCOMMUNITY Honorary Chairman, NJ Business Advisory CouncilRECOGNITION Recipient, BAC National Leadership Award Recipient, BAC 2003 “Businessman of the Year” Award 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 7-3 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070
  20. 20. Contact Information Thank you for your interest in Guerin Associates. For more information please contact: Michael F. Guerin AIA, PE, CEM, CFM, LEED®GA President, Guerin Associates Inc. 908-903-9070 or visit Guerin Associates’ website: 2011 Guerin Associates, Inc. 8-1 Confidential InformationAll Rights Reserved 908-903-9070